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  1. I just wait 12 hours and redo their miscellaneous ones. Do you know where else to find orders for them?
  2. I completed ng+4 and found each ng+ easier than the previous one. Obviously it could be that I'm getting better, but then I went back to ng and struggled in the beginning.
  3. Yikes the last few skill points are going to take me a long time because I also need to get to 135. I'm on ng++ stuck on Isshin, the rest of ng++ was no trouble at all, I beat almost every boss on the first try. I'll grind out skill points in ng+++.
  4. I think going into ng+ might be a better idea because you already have to for all bosses and all upgrades. Plus, your second play through may only take around 5 hours to beat.
  5. Yes mostly because the skill point grind seems insane. I’m on ng++ and still very far away from all skills.
  6. I have this same issue. I’ve read that the boss at the serpent shine is sometimes not dropping the bead, but only a coin purse.