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  1. Most recent patch has fixed this
  2. It is definitely a matter of time spent. 3,000 player kills is nothing to scoff at. On top of that, you need to unlock vehicles that will let you perform in Rank 4 for 5 different countries, and then actually win several matches on each.
  3. Director's Cut DLC delayed to April 8th now
  4. You are able to change factions each time you do the 'Power Restart' / prestige mechanic. Also from my experience you don't need to save 1000 faction points in one run, it appears to be accumulative.
  5. The guide is incorrect. You don't need to destroy the skulls. You need to set off the trap and survive it. This may have changed with patch 2.0, but that is what I needed to do to get the trophy. Elite's and Bosses I didn't have issues with.
  6. Can confirm. This was also the exact mission I needed to complete in order to complete Watson. It seems to be a follow-up mission from one of the crimes in Watson.
  7. I'd make a point to go through all the shards that you've collected. Occasionally there will be a shard at the Police Scanner points that leads to another part of the Gig, and I don't believe it is automatic.
  8. The game is quite accessible on the default settings as you mentioned, but there are also two combat difficulties above that. If you're finding the game too easy you could always tick your way up to Beserkr or Drengr. Assassin's Creed games have had the same basic formula for a long time, so if you're used to Dark Souls-esque difficulty I'm not surprised to hear you're not finding it here.
  9. I'm pretty sure what we're seeing is that they didn't actually 'fix' NG+, they just made it so that the trophy pops if you click the "Start NG+" button
  10. A recent patch has been applied to the game and this trophy now appears to be obtainable. I see one person actually has the Platinum now.
  11. While somewhat grindy, it doesn't look nearly as grindy as the original. Looking forward to this as I didn't realize it was so close to release
  12. Just finished the story and went to boot up New Game + after the credits. Brought to the beginning of the game back at level 1 with Vinny yapping at me. Quick search shows this was also a problem with a XB1 port of the game and sounds like it has never been resolved. At this point in time the Platinum should be considered impossible >_>
  13. You can shoot a coin into the recycling machine that you need resources from and it'll pop out 10 of that resource.
  14. I'd say the annoying part is that both of these games are available through PS Now
  15. 19,342 unearned hahaha... Only really got into trophy hunting harder in the past few years and have a wee bit of the gamer ADD