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  1. You can shoot a coin into the recycling machine that you need resources from and it'll pop out 10 of that resource.
  2. I'd say the annoying part is that both of these games are available through PS Now
  3. 19,342 unearned hahaha... Only really got into trophy hunting harder in the past few years and have a wee bit of the gamer ADD
  4. For God of Caffeine You can get the missing artwork when you're working on the God of Caffeine trophy. Make sure to
  5. Good afternoon everyone, I just wanted to put a warning out here that the Monopoly trophy appears to be glitched at this time. I'll try to update if this gets resolved
  6. Finish up some roads in Central and you'll be golden haha. I'm at about 146k Likes in Chapter 3.
  7. This video (more so the description) says that it's coming out on November 12th
  8. Is it possible that you updated the stats to track Acres while you were changing it to Dollars and Miles Per Hour etc? 100 Acres = ~40 Hectares. I've got a 20 hour save file and have only managed to 'work' 58.85 hectares Harvesting I've only managed 12.56
  9. Good afternoon everyone, Just wanted to share a little experience I had and a potential way to avoid some frustration. I had seen the trophy for fishing with dynamite, and after getting my hands on some I found a fishing hole (can't be done in town) and decided to add the dynamite item to my skill bar. Upon doing so, the game crashed. This happened multiple times, likely cause this item is not intended to work this way. Instead start fishing at the fishing hole as you normally would, and then hit Square in order to use the dynamite in your inventory. Boom boom, trophy get and no crash.
  10. I didn't really time my game play but I would put it in the 20 - 40 hour range probably. Took 275 in-game days, though those are sped up by sleeping
  11. Thank you Fishing: I saved the 200 Fish Achievement for one of the last I did. There is a point during the Astrologer's quest line where you need to give him a book, wait a week, give him another book, wait another week, so plenty of time there. I used the top quality rod at the waterfall and just aimed for the first zone. Would farm about 50 catches and then head back and save just in case. I'd suggest getting the 15 different fish and Gold Fish achievements earlier because that will cut some of the grind out towards the end. Blue Tech: 100% agree with Hokupe here with researching body parts and tombstone stuff. Towards the end of the game I would unlock a batch of tombstones, make them, research them, and then have enough points to unlock the next batch and rinse and repeat. The Cake and the Grape Pies share the same research buff, and you can buy a Bronze Grape Pie from the Inn Keeper for ~60 Copper. I'd suggest this over the cake for cost purposes. Blue Books I wouldn't suggest until after you have the Aristocrat Papers (They're 12 Gold after all). Additional things you can do to grind for blue tech include: Writing Notes and Chapters at the Desk in the Church Basement (I had a ton of stories saved by the end game), carving stone and marble, and making tombstones. Once you're at the point that you can focus on it entirely you can - Make Tombstones -> Break Down Tombstones -> Make Tombstones to stretch out your resources. Let me know if you guys have any other questions
  12. If you're using the Wiki at all with this game, don't let yourself be scared when Ideal Song doesn't pop immediately after the cut-scene as it seems to imply the achievement would. I had a lot of anxiety about a potentially bugged trophy late in the game haha. The platinum took me 275 In-Game days to complete. I'd guess somewhere in the 20 - 40 hours range. Your biggest grinds are likely to be 3,000 Blue Tech exp and catching 200 total fish. I really enjoyed like the first 80% of this game and then it just became a push to get through to the end. Edit: Also be aware that the ability to use Zombie workers is locked behind the $5 paid DLC paywall. I was able to play just fine without, but was a little upset to hear they received this as a free content update on PC but we're expected to pay for it. I've also heard it can be buggy if you buy the DLC later in the game, so be warned
  13. I would guess that the 0.01% completion rate for the Platinum is simply from the developers, but I could certainly be wrong. Been chipping away at this one but yeah, it's going to take quite a while.
  14. Well that would be garbage. I've made a post on the Reddit to see if we can get any answers from the devs. I feel like something is not working as intended, cause I'm not dropping money to get the plat
  15. I unlocked Gromma today as well, and did not receive the A New Recruit trophy either