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  1. Any update on this?
  2. I have achieved this on vita even after the ending.It has to be 40 units in 5 seconds.
  3. Finally beat the 3rd on HTA. Spent 30 hours... My time is 4:11:14 Sword Jump succeed rate was less than 5% to me, so i have used this youtube guide. Hope this helps And another great video. I luckily had same head spot as him, so I have finished head part with one full stamina.
  4. I have tried my best to avoid hackers and It was impossible to do that even I play in "invite only" sessions. I have played "Heist missions" around 2 weeks so far with my friends from Greece, Mexico, and USA. I have kicked out at least 5 times before we could even start the heist session due to connectivity issues everyday. After failing to start the session, I automatically have moved to either public lobby or stay in the invite only lobby. (around 50%/50% chance) Even during the loading screen to the public lobby, the hackers place the bounties on the players or dropping money before you even noticed. Please see the below image that we have encountered on 4/17/2018. A player has placed bounties on all the players in the lobby. I do not know about the hacked lobby, however this was happened on a normal public lobby. This image is from my friend from Mexico
  5. Thank you for your reply. Rockstar has restored my original level and I am also able to delete (or not synced) the level trophies. I am at level 15 now. I've been doing capture job with my alt. Yes, I hope Rockstar soon have patch for the bounty feature for GTA5 ps3. Yes, I was surprised they has responded and resolved the issue in a day.
  6. Thank you for the confirmation, MMDE. And I have received the response from Rockstar Support. Please see the below. MARCH 27, 2018 Hi Ellieeeeeaeeeeee, Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support. We have investigated your account and see that your character is at Rank 13 which seems a legit rank for your character. If you have any questions on this, please let us know. Regarding the trophies. Unfortunately, we don't have an option to remove the trophies from our end. However, You can try the below steps that might help resolving this issue: Unlink and Re-Link your Social Club Account Log into http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/ Select Settings in the top right drop down menu Select Linked Accounts Unlink the Gamertag you have linked to this Social Club Account Re-Link the Gamertag you want to have linked to this Social Club Account Hope to hear you soon! Best regards, Allie S. Rockstar Support
  7. If you can tell me who do i need to contact to, it will be appreciated. I would like to confirm this matter from one of mods for the future reference. As you know, it can be happned to any players who currently playing gta5 online with ps3s. Thank you in advance. I am not sure about this. If one of mods from psnprofile can confirm this, it will be very helpful.
  8. Thanks, i have submitted a ticket to Rockstar support. Here is the link http://support.rockstargames.com/hc/requests/12125784 Any advise to avoid the hackers? Thank you! I will wait until Rockstar's response.
  9. Thank you for the comments. I have submitted a ticket to Rockstart support to restore my status back to original and deleted my main user profile from my ps3. I also have re-created my main profile and confirmed that three level trophies are not on my trophy list. Save data from GTA5 is gone now, but the data from GTA5 is still on my ps3. Do I need to delete this data and reintall all the updates? Or i can play gta5 online now? I am also surprised that even playing in "invite only - public" is not safe enough from the hackers. What other options do we have to avoid the hackers? Thank you all in advance.
  10. Can I delete my account from Rockstar Social Club? Will it be resolved by that?
  11. Luckily, I did not renew my psn+ this month.
  12. Hello, Me and my boosting partner were playing the capture mission for leveling up in "Public - Invite only" session My boosting partner got disconnected due to the connectivity issue. I was moved to the public lobby (without my will), two or three trophies poped, and at the same time the level had started to increased from 13. I have turned it off my ps3 at level 32 and I haven't turned back on my ps3 since this incident. My phone was next to me and I have recorded the scene. And the below link is my rockstar social club. Unfortunately, I see the three trophies from social club. https://ko.socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/ellieeeeeaeeeeee Here is my question, I haven't sync my trophies from ps3. Can I still delete my GTA5 online account as well as my psn id not to sync the trophies on psnprofile? And most important thing, i will be banned from psnprofile? Ps. I have hided GTA5(2 trophies except the level trophies) along with AC unity(1%), RDR(40%), and Rachet and Clank(20%) to make my psnprofile looks clean. The mission we were using: http://rsg.ms/2a8f88d
  13. Thank you for the clarification. I have finished my first run on ps3 and wanted to try this method, but I have found there is no NG+ option like ps4 version has. Is there any easy way to achieve max HP / Stamina other than play around 3-4 entire runs?