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  1. I got all 6 x ps3s for $40 per each from Facebook Marketplace. 5 of them are slim and 1 is super slim. People posts ps3 for $100 or more, I just pinged all of them that I want it for $30, negotiated, and picked it up at $40.
  2. I have confirmed the servers are stable and active as of 3/22/2020. You can actually play "Manhunt" mode without boosting.
  3. Manhunt and wanted are active, others no
  4. I have confirmed the server is active and stable. No issues found. You can also play with randoms. On the weekends, I have found at least 3-4 users playing.
  5. I have verified the server is stable and active. This game has more users than brotherhood and it is a way easier to get all the mp trophies (including dlc mp trophies) than brotherhood. I had self-boosted with 4 x ps3s and had no issues.
  6. I've been trying to get all mp trophies on AC series. I have verified brotherhood, blackflag, and revelations on ps3 are still available as well as AC liberations on vita. Hope this helps.
  7. Confirmed the servers are up and very stable as of 3/8/2020. I got all mp trophies now. While self-boosting by myself, I found zero random players, tho.
  8. This method works really well. Thank you for the tip!
  9. I have played normal, hard, and crushing. After walkthroughs, I only needed 2 bounties in chapter 2&3. Took me around 10 mins to get those.
  10. I have verified the server is up and stable, but no users.
  11. Confirmed it is still doable. I got all three mp trophies on 2/10/2020. And it took around 3-4 hours.
  12. Any update on this?
  13. I have achieved this on vita even after the ending.It has to be 40 units in 5 seconds.