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  1. I made it to 415.98m with a default character. Thank you all for the head up!
  2. Thank you for the information!
  3. I have a stupid question. I have played 2x main episodes and I can access the daily challenge, but not weekly challenge. And I need 2x awesomeness to access the weekly challenge. How to get 2x awesomeness?
  4. Hi, I installed the game now and what do I need to unlock weekly challenge?
  5. GTA trilogy for PS4 has removed from NA Store https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1004-CUSA03506_00-GTATRILBUNDLEPS4/
  6. Here is a link for the bundle: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1004-CUSA03506_00-GTATRILBUNDLEPS4/ It is $35
  7. I did all three chapters with randoms. For chapter2, a pro player could carry the newbies. Mic was required.
  8. Thanks! Yeah, I know lol I just rushed those 9 attempts to get at least 15 mins by Chapter10. Just killed by doing speedrun. BTW, I had a really rare glitch on my final run. From Becker's fight, the police car wont exploded, the last enemies was enable to kill with the dual pistols, Becker throwed 4th grenade, and this enemy throwed the grenade without animation. I thought I had to restart, but luckily I killed him with another weapon on the ground. Weird and scared lol
  9. I made it!!! I just made it! I was so nervous after chapter 11. So I took a day break for each Chapter12, 13, and 14. (While taking breaks, I practiced at least 5x times on regular New York Minute with my another PS3 right before I started the chapter12, 13, and 14) I found that the glitch/freeze happens when I speedrun it(even with offline and golden gun turned off) on Chapter7, 11, and 13. So I paused during game(start button) and waited about 10 mins on APC and LMG guy. First Day Attempt1 - Chapter 11: Last stand from last yacht fight and could not find the guy Second Day Attempt2 - Chapter 4-1: Last stand and too much smoke to find the guy Attempt3 - Chapter5: Grenade on my face Attempt4 - Chapter3: Last stand from one of IT tower guys and he was behind the stairs Attempt5 - Chapter 10: Game did not load property and killed by first two snipers Attempt6 - Chapter 9: Too nervous on QTE and press L2 twice Attemp7 - Chapter3: Left Passo and killed Attempt8 - Chapter5: Grenade on my face again Attempt9 - Chapter 10: Glitch I guess. Kill cam activated on the first fight inside of Bus Depot, there was another guy behind me and killed by him Attempt10 - Chapter7: Game Froze at the last fight Third Day Attempt11 - Made it! Good luck everyone
  10. It seems it is closed...
  11. I have completed by repeating ch4-1. Well it ain't gonna be a warm cup of milk and a blowjob...
  12. I guess we will have some chances when Ubisoft announces server closure.
  13. Attempt 1: Chapter11: Last stand while moving up to the second platform of the yacht. Could not find the guy...
  14. Yes, you can select the chapter you want to play.
  15. It is chapter by chapter mode.