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  1. Its out on the US store as of today February 26, 2021 everybody. The bundle with 1 and 2 costs $29.99
  2. I didn't look through everything in this post but I'm probably going to be going with some odd choices. Siren blood curse (incredible survival horror game which unfortunately does not have any trophies and when I bought it years ago the onjy way to get a physical copy was the Asian version:mine was hong Kong) Legendary (very very underrated FPS. Where you opened Pandora's box and had to fight Griffins and other mythological creatures. Again with the no trophies. Lastly I would say deadly premonition. ( I bought it on PS3 before the actual deadly premonition version released so I have the Japanese version called red seeds profile. I knew legit nothing about the game when I bought it but when I was able to follow the game as the voices were English but Japanese text. I found it to be an absolute fucking masterpiece of a game. This game has just 2 sides. Hate or love. No in between. People consider it to be one of the best games ever or worst). Max Payne 3 all the way. Would love to plat it again!
  3. Thanks. Got it a few days ago Just been busy with work so haven't been back in here. I just knocked everybody out in Caspian and Volga and Did forest child in taiga. So no issues. Can confirm though if people were unsure like I was at first Moscow has no effect.
  4. Yea Im starting through reader now on chapter select to try to finish tidyman before the ranger HC. Thanks though man if this Volga run doesnt do it and I'm going to kill nobody not even bandits. Then I know it'll be Moscow that screwed me and I'll post here
  5. Thanks. I just needed to clarify I did a hardcore run to get more used to ranger hc. But got the bad ending and just said oh well. So doing a good run from Volga to the end. As Moscow doesn't matter does it? I heard it does but only from 1 place
  6. You can kill the bandits as long as they aren't surrendering right? I.e the bandits where you get the nvg key. And the guitar on volga
  7. Sign me up for legend. Got all five but just actually found the thread again for it.
  8. You can honestly go about it without a guide. Most trophies are quests so if you get stuck just look it up. At a certain point save as the story branches off into Mr House, Yes Man, NCR, & the legion. So that's basically it.
  9. Crimson, i might have them all available on my save & i could host & do them all besides the vocals as my mic is lost, hope this helps bud
  10. Could be talking about Post-hardcore (one of my favorites). I'm late here too, so I'll just list off a few genres and then bands to go with them. Post-hardcore( A Skylit drive, Pierce the veil, Isles & Glaciers) Metalcore( Issues, ADTR, We came as romans, blessthefall) Deathcore (Carnifex, Suicide Silence, early BMTH) Symphonic Death metal (septicflesh, woods of ypres) That's about it for my genres for the most part, i know mostly newish stuff but i appreciate some good 80's thrash.
  11. Demon's is the hardest ive plat all three too. & want difficultly do a SL1 run, or just (off topic) play The Evil Within on Akumu.
  12. Working on The Evil Within, damn Akumu Mode. Then back to rank 3 all Dark Souls 2 covenants. & Pipe i miss you bro
  13. No Anti, i tried doing that, & i was doing a no upgrade Akumu run, gave up on that on Chp 10. so im like 5 chapters from Akumu, then no upgrades, then 3 chapter for collectibles.
  14. Yea, it uses both and you do get nervous like Jack just stated. I'm on my Akumu playthrough (going for first 50 to plat). I'm on chapter 7, & i agree huge RE4 & TLoU feels, also slight Alone in the Dark imo. It's a great game though, i'm on chapter 10 3rd playthrough (NG++) to finish collectibles, upgrades & keys. I recommend playing on Survival (normal) first time as casual makes it less eerie & nerve racking as you can spray like TLoU on easy. Survival supplies are limited but not like TLoU on hard or higher. Akumu is a huge pain but suspenseful, you die in 1 hit, more enemies then Survival, supplies so far just as common. Also without spoiling it you meet an annoying enemy on chapter 3 on Akumu while on Survival it's like chapter 11ish. Sorry for any grammatical errors, it's 3AM right meow. Hope this helped with the scare element & tips.
  15. Yea they are. Some PS3 user had plat The evil within in 6 years, like his first trophy was 2008. Idk if we are talking about those cheaters but yea. He got removed from it.