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  1. Gta5. The game is fun but the plat is hell.
  2. I have Borderlands 2 GOTY edition (physical) for PS3. Accepting reasonable offers and trades, just PM me.
  3. Do you think I only tame lions?
  4. Full of steamy
  5. Thanks for posting! I'll probobpy pick up zone of the enders. Havent heard of any of the others though. Overall not a good start to the year, but its not the worst month we've had.
  6. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite Christmas memory is watching The Polar Express with my entire culdesac and sipping on hot chocolate throughout the entire duration of the film back in 2008. Was probobly the most "Christmasy" holiday I've ever had.
  7. I'll take it if you're offering 😀
  8. Gunna squeeze in here right before it ends! (hopefully that's lucky) I'm going to go with: 1. Remember Me 2 2. The Darkness 3
  9. Finally got Rogue Warrior!
  10. I'm not disagreeing with you, but its hard to deny that there were not nearly as many people actively on the "Screw EA" bandwagon before the release of Battlefront 2, and each subsequent release has garnered more and more hate towards the greed that the company practices.
  11. Nope but I would like to! Have you ever failed an exam?
  12. They've garnered a (well deserved) horrible reputation from their last couple of releases. I would say that Battlefield 5 is the main cause but it certainly did not help.
  13. This place is great to get people to play even the most occult ps3 games. If you can't find anyone here you could try ps3trophies or playstationtrophies although I've had limited success with both.
  14. If Last of Us 2 plays like the trailer they showed at E3 I have no doubt that it will be better than RDR2. They've definitely got their work cut out for them though.
  15. I watched Stein's Gate recently after playing the game all the way through and would give it an 8/10.
  16. NBA 2K11. I played the game before I started trophy hunting when my friend came over. Online servers have been closed for a while, and I'm horrible at basketball games lol.
  17. I feel like the ps3 servers are going to stay up until Sony releases a new console. At that point the number of players online for the PS3 will be minimal and they'll have no reason to keep them open any longer.
  18. I feel like besides the really easy games (Telltale) and really hard games (Super Meat Boy SF4 etc.) the rating scale really isn't useful to begin with. For example even the easiest racing game to me is an 8/10 because I simply am bad at racing games while it may be a 3/10 or a 4/10 for the average racing game fanatic. I really don't trust ratings I see on guides or forums unless it is really easy or really hard, and the game's notoriety usually takes care of that for me anyway. The # of hours to complete kind of falls in the same ballpark.
  19. Raging blast. All ruined was the death of me for around 2 weeks. Great game though!
  20. Thanks so much!
  21. Is there an efficient way to buy dlc for this game? Does it go on sale often? I find that its ridiculous to pay a crapton of money for dlc for a game 10 years old.
  22. Two words: Orc Slayer
  23. Banned for not platting Persona 3 yet.
  24. Mine was Street Fighter 5, although I wish it wasn't.