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  1. Yeah hard isn't that bad honestly, though I guess I wouldn't call it mindless either. It feels about perfect to me. Been going for S ranks on hard as well and it's a lot of fun. But even if you're just aiming for the trophy I think there is a lot of room for cheese since so many different things give you iframes in this game. Like firestorm for example has iframes the entire casting animation and that animation is like 3 seconds long, it's kinda dumb. I actually used it as a defensive skill a lot early in the game before I had more defensive options unlocked. Soul burst (I think it's called, basically UTs from Ninja Gaiden) have iframes the entire animation as well.
  2. I am sure they just don't want to rock the digital ownership boat. Cause eventually one of these platforms is going to implode at such a level that the government gets involved which none of these companies want.
  3. Curious about the S rank ones as I did the shorter demo side quest a few times and only ended up with an A rank every attempt, playing on hard difficulty. Wasn't taking very much damage either (I think one of the attempts I was only hit like twice) so the scoring seemed really tight. Though, being a RPG I assume you can over level a lot of the quests and come back to crush them, like in the demo you don't even have the NPC summons outside of the tutorial so it's hard to keep your combo count high since they seem crucial for that.
  4. Yeah seems like you can't buffer the input for healing at all, have to wait until you're completely out of an animation. I resorted to just mashing the button until it happened. Overall the game is pretty dang fun, the spirit meter is a unique twist on a guard break/stagger system and way more engaging than the usual stuff you see. Understanding how to balance it at any given time seems really important if you want to kill anything in a timely manner. My first impression of the game was actually negative tbh since I was expecting something closer to Nioh. But once I got past that and played the game how it wanted to be played I had a lot of fun.
  5. Just to throw a wrench into the whole thing I got the Royalist ending last night and I flooded the gunpowder at the bastille. You can see on my trophy list I have Royalist but don't have Traces of powder. I did choose to protect La Fayette in Glory and Dishonor though (I got Apprentice journalist by save scumming) so my guess is there is more nuance when it comes to the requirements for each ending. Don't really feel like testing it though. I really enjoyed the game but I am not gonna bother to play it more until they fix Fashion victim so the plat is actually possible.
  6. I absolutely love Theatrhythm but really curious how it will feel to play on PS4 since I only ever played with the touch screen and stylus on 3DS.
  7. Yeah this is the main thing that needs to be pointed out for anyone looking to start the game now. The plat can potentially take longer than what the original powerpyx guide said (which was around 25 hours) because you have to grind sieges for mats and sieges can appear in the season 2 content. If it's a week where the active siege is in the season 2 levels you have to play through the entire season 2 story to gain access to them, and the s2 story is like half as long as the base game story iirc? My PS5 says it took me 49 hours to do, but, my router was dying at the time and I was constantly getting disconnected so I'd say 40 hours is probably more realistic lol. But! It should potentially be faster if it's a week where one of the base game sieges is active, since you should be able to do those without having to do the s2 content first. The post says they're going to add events and stuff in the coming months so maybe they'll increase the drop rate of materials and such to cut down on the grind.
  8. As an update to my own post, I figured it out. I had not gone to the Bastille yet since the NPC in the mine was saying I could never come back, thought it was the point of no return as I had been playing blind until last night. So I went in and had the quest track properly and am continuing it despite the fact I've already progressed through Necker's quest. So if you were like me and had done the Necker quest before Maribeau's it's still worth seeing if you can continue with Maribeau anyway, cause it might not bug out.
  9. You can actually still pick up the quest. I had this exact same problem but after I killed one of the titan bosses I was able to talk to Mirabeau about the crumpled letter while he was at the convent. I can not remember which boss it was now but I think it might have been the one the posters above me are talking about where you're automatically teleported back to the convent if you choose to escort the NPC back. I however have the other problem where the quest location does not appear on my map or compass. I know people are saying if you do the Necker quest it can mess with Mirabeau's quest, but, his quest never actually appeared on the map at all for me even before I did Necker's quest. I've been trying to figure out where his mother (the Countess of Covet) is, but, haven't been able to figure it out even looking at the few guides out there as the descriptions aren't all that detailed. If someone could give me a good guide on where she is I'd like to test if I can continue the quest.
  10. Shadow Fall is still in my backlog, have never touched it. I would be interested in the plat but I don't really care about the full 100%. Do I need to play now to make sure I can get the plat or can I just do it at my leisure? I ask because I see people talk about there being bots and you can do the plat solo these days, but I am not 100% sure how it all works.
  11. For as buggy as the trophy pass system was I really loved it, got a lot of free PSN credit just playing games as I normally do. I was pretty sad when they killed it. Hopefully this brings some of that fun back. And actually works properly since I never got any credit for like the last 6 months the service was active.
  12. I've actually been playing through the GB series recently (since they're so cheap on the 3DS eshop and it's closing soon) and I am surprised at how much fun they are. Boss design in the first game was pretty bad, but the actual level design itself was really good. Second game fixed the bosses and I've just been having a lot of fun going through them. Honestly not sure if Capcom would do a collection just with those 5 games, but I'd totally buy it if they did tbh.
  13. Been really hoping we'd see this collection! I only ever played the original game as a kid, but I absolutely loved it. Happy I'll be able to own them all now.
  14. Gunstar Heroes, Costume Quest, Noby Noby Boy, DMC4, inFamous: Festival of Blood are what come to mind immediately. Festival of Blood is actually my favorite inFamous game tbh, I wish the Halloween theme was expanded into a full game. I guess none of those are really arcade titles though. If I had to pick one I'd probably go with Final Fight: Double Impact. I think it's one of the few ways to play Magic Sword on a somewhat modern machine. That is the arcade game I have the most nostalgia for as they had a machine in a diner I went to a lot as a kid.
  15. DD is my favorite game of all time so I've been waiting for this day for a long time lol. I would also love a PS5 version of Dark Arisen so I could plat the game for a third time.