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  1. I've had about 4 crashes now I believe. Always happens near the end of a run and same story as everyone else, when I load it back up it's as if I never did that run. Didn't think about it until reading this thread but I think my crashes have all happened after I had been playing for a long stretch of time as well.
  2. Trophy wise I've found the Castlevania collections so far to be a bit of a let down. Anniversary is self explanatory and for Requiem I feel like both games are meaty enough they could have each had their own plat instead of a shared one. So not getting my hopes up about trophies for this. BUT, don't get me wrong, that is just the trophy collector side of me venting a little. As far as new game announcements/leaks go this is seriously one of the most exciting ones of the year for me. Never played these and I've really been wanting to.
  3. This is how it is for me as well. I buy almost all multiplat games on Playstation but if the Switch had an achievement system there are games I'd get there instead. Mainly ones I consider fun for handheld play like RPGs with grinding or games with lots of reading like Ace Attorney. I just like account based achievement systems in general, I have 70k gamerscore on Xbox as well but I tend to only buy console exclusives on Xbox so that number has been fairly stagnant these past few years.
  4. I got all the achievements on the xbox version, absolutely not a "walking simulator" compared to something like Gone Home or Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. Most of the game is structured in a way where you'll go to an area where you need to figure out 1 big elaborate puzzle to progress and you do that by solving other smaller puzzles to make the big one available or give you the knowledge you need to solve it. My main advice for trophies is that while the game does have a chapter select, unless it's changed for this version of the game you can only start from the beginning of the chapter. So if you've missed something for your notebook that is at the very end of the chapter it means you'll have to play the whole thing to get that one entry. Not too big of a deal for the first 3 chapters, but chapters 4 and 5 in particular are pretty long. My advice is once you've finished the first big puzzle of those chapters (very obvious as they will open a new pathway for you to leave the current area you're in) just make a save file you can come back to later. The game gives you like 4 save slots iirc? Notebook progress is not based on the individual save so you can jump around freely. I went into the game blind and even with chapter select pretty much had to play through the whole game twice to get everything I missed.
  5. I am sure most people are interested in the easy plats but a few of them just look like interesting games to me. Checked the reviews on Steam for those ones and shockingly all of them had "positive" or higher ratings so I think I am gonna pick them up. Metropolis in particular looks wild, some sort of R rated visual novel/match 3 puzzle quest type thing? I need to play that for myself lol.
  6. Yeah, really wish they would allow for sales again. I know I am in the minority or whatever but I was buying PS3/PSP/Vita games on sale all the way up until the point they stopped going on sale in early 2020. Vita especially because a lot of those games are still full priced normally.
  7. If you're worried of spoiling story content, don't be. SaGa games do not have much story, they're very gameplay driven RPGs. There is only enough story to give context as to why you're running around the world building a party and murdering dudes. But even if it's the gameplay experience you don't wanna spoil, well, each character's story is fairly short so a replay isn't too big a deal. Even going in 100% blind you'll likely finish with your first character in less then 10 hours. Doing a replay is significantly faster since you'll know exactly where to go. Plus they're adding in various NG+ features into this remaster and a double game speed option.
  8. For people interested in MGR (or heck even people who aren't but may be eventually) remember that the Sam and Wolf dlc are free depending on your region, so you just need to go claim them. So as far as trophies are concerned the only one you have to buy is the VR missions which is $3 USD. Personally I don't care about 100% or anything, just grabbing dlc I actually want. Only gonna spend about $30 I think.
  9. Story seems kinda fishy to me as well so I am not gonna freak out or anything until there is official word. While the store closing down would really suck I think the worst part would be losing all the PS1 and PS2 classics. The PS3 is only place to legally buy a lot of those games for reasonable prices. I mean you have your extreme examples like Suikoden II costing hundreds of dollars for a copy but there are lots of games that are like $50-$100 for an original copy but only $5-$10 on the PS3 store. I've bought a lot of the ones I want but not all of them yet. Need to take a night just looking at all the games available and picking up the ones I still want.
  10. SMUP + AADV with a plane (I used the green space ship) and normal stoneblade is the setup I used, so you're def doing it correctly. WZL0FW is the exact mash I used if you want to try that. If it doesn't work it's probably glitching for you. The trophies in general seem to be very glitchy so it wouldn't surprise me.
  11. I don't really care about anything but milestones and that is only a very recent thing, sometime last year. I decided to start planning specific games for my milestones because looking back a lot of mine are for games I don't care that much about. The thing that pushed me over the edge is some random HZD trophy being my 6k milestone, not a very interesting trophy and I don't even like HZD that much honestly. Going forward I want all my milestones to be for games I really like, most will probably be for an action game as that is my favorite genre. I am coming up on my 8k milestone and gonna make that one P5 Strikers, after that is 150 plats which I am giving to Muramasa Rebirth as I finally went back after nearly 7 years and completed Fury mode lol. Also not exactly a milestone but I am looking for a fun rare platinum to go after. Really tired of my rarest trophy being for the PS4 version of Transformers Devastation because it's such a hilariously easy plat that is only rare due to the game being given away on PS+. I want my rarest to be something actually worthy of being rare.
  12. I wasn't maxed out all, which is kinda my point. I was playing blind with no eye to whatever the meta was. I know people love the time bubble hammer (which is getting nerfed in the new patch so RIP) though in all honesty I didn't really use it all that much. Most of my gear, including both weapons, was only upgraded to level 2 or 3 since I didn't really want to grind orbs for higher levels. I also was not very well itemized with only 19% crit and less than 200% weakpoint and critical damage. Just used what I had. As a result the run actually did take me much longer then 3 hours (I think it took me about 5) but since the only way to fail is to die 3 times (on hard - not sure how it works on other difficulties) yeah it really is an endurance battle. But I didn't really find it to be that challenging, hence why I'd say it's more like a 4/10. I mainly just wanted to offer another opinion since so few people have finished the tower currently. I don't want to get people's hopes up too much if they're looking for a good challenging plat to go after.
  13. I've been playing the game completely blind and just finished the tower trophy last night and now just need 2 grind trophies to get my plat. I wouldn't get your hopes up too much about the difficulty. The ascended tower is really not all that challenging once you have an understanding of all the combat mechanics and how to handle each specific enemy. You can't fight any of the main story bosses in the tower which are the only really challenging enemies in the game. Or well if they can show up I've literally never seen one after clearing around 200 floors total across multiple runs. Honestly I'd give the plat like a 4/10. It's not brain dead easy, but you're not really going to get stuck for long periods of time trying to do stuff. I finished the tower on my 4th try and one of those "failures" is because the game is fairly buggy and I knocked an enemy through the floor and had no way to kill him so I just had to restart the whole run. Thankfully it happened on like floor 4 so I didn't lose much progress. Also the game offers easy/normal/hard modes for each mission you do separate from the ever increasing difficulty of the game (you fight harder versions of enemies after finishing the story) and I am pretty sure you can just do everything on easy if you want. I played on hard the whole time cause it was just the most fun and it says enemies drop more loot, but you don't have to.
  14. I am. I have literally hundreds of PS4 games in my backlog (and still hundreds more I want to buy) and I play on a PS4 Slim. Would rather play those games on the PS5 with better performance and access to PS4 Pro modes in games that have them available. I am also happy with the launch lineup so that extra motivated me to get one. And yeah games going up to $70 sucks but I don't buy very many games brand new anyway so it's not too big a deal for me personally. Games drop in price stupidly fast, especially physical games thanks to ridiculous clearance deals at places like walmart/target and obviously used games. I just wait until I see a good deal on something I want to play and get it, I am in no rush for 99% of games.
  15. You know what, I totally blocked this out of my mind. Golf bingo took me a few hours, was pretty annoying. Not as bad as any of the annoying stuff from the first game though of course, but still worth pointing out.