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  1. Hah was just in the middle of typing this. Comments on the page say it's a Steam key because devs can generate infinite amounts of Steam keys for free which they can't do on PSN/eshop. Dunno if that's true but it'd explain why they're doing it this way. I am pretty conflicted on the whole thing myself, hate waiting another 2 months to play the game as I've been looking forward to it but at the same time I really don't have much interest in playing it on PC for a million different reasons.
  2. Honestly I think the battle system is really great in this game simply because threads like this prove how much room for skill there is with it. I played completely blind, only game over'd 1 time on hard mode. Nothing is cheap and there is 100% no "luck" required when it comes to the game like OP claims. Those bullet points are almost all completely wrong: No boss has too much HP if you're actually playing the game correctly. I mean simply looking for each bosses weakness (and I don't mean their elemental weakness) and taking advantage of it. Stagger is a big part of that but enemies in FF7R are designed in a way where it's more about learning when you should stagger them unlike FF13 where your sole focus was to stagger as much as possible. Also making sure you are micro-managing each party member. On boss fights you should never been in control of 1 single party member for more than a few seconds at a time unless you are trying to do something very specific such as bait enemies into Cloud's counter-stance or take on a long range enemy. There is a reason this game has tons of attacks with lengthy animations, they are there so you can swap to other NPCs during that time and build up their ATB. Also don't just blow ATB as soon as you can, ATB is multiplicative in the sense that having multiple characters use their ATB in tandem is significantly more effective than only having 1 character use ATB commands at a time. The pressure system really exemplifies this, if you pressure an enemy with 1 character but your other party members have no ATB ready to take advantage of that you've completely wasted your time, ATB, MP, and possibly the chance to stagger an enemy at all. It's punishing for sure, but in a good way as it rewards strategic play. Not a single boss has access to an actual 1 hit kill move (though the final boss has something close but it's heavily telegraphed.) You need to just properly use all your skills. The game gives you 2 elemental materias which means 2 party members can always be immune to certain magic elements (useful on tons of bosses.) Barrier/manaward are massive damage reductions (dunno the exact percent but I think it's like 50%.) Every character can easily have close to 9999 HP, and any chapter with Barret is a complete cake walk because of all of those things combined with steel skin + life saver. That last one can't be stressed enough, Barret in my opinion is legitimately overpowered, stacking normal buffs combined with steel skin and life saver is completely ridiculous. It's very easy for Barret to reach 9999 HP as well, use Big Bertha and a couple HP ups (or 1 completely maxed + Big Bertha will put him close to HP cap.) All you have to do is keep him topped up and you can almost mindlessly mash your way through encounters even on hard. Also, the game has a built in aggro system where enemies tend to favor whatever character you're controlling. No idea if it was meant to be a mechanic for you to manipulate but you can easily use it to your advantage in soooooo many ways, it feels like unintentional cheating some times. Oh and it's such a basic part of the game I almost forgot to mention it, but simple guarding massively lowers damage you take, combined with barrier some attacks do next to nothing even on hard mode. If you get one shot from something that isn't a Tonberry, you're doing something wrong. The only time bosses cancel your actions (outside of hitstun) is on phase transitions or with crowd control attacks. On hard mode you should know where all of these are and plan around them. I do think this aspect (phase transitions) of the game is annoying but it's really not a big deal. But specifically on hard mode it's not something you should complain about because the whole point of hard mode is that you've done the fights and know when everything happens and you can play around it. The only bosses that can turn invincible do it either because of phase transitions (already talked about this) or because it's a specific battle mechanic you're supposed to deal with such as Hell House. This is literally just a thing that you're supposed to learn and play around. Like on Hell House you use that time to build up ATB and then when the shield drops you nuke him and go for a stagger. Complaining about this one seems especially weird because it sounds like you want the combat dumbed down with less strategy. Someone already mentioned debuffs but this is just 100% wrong. Not every boss is immune to every status debuff regardless of what the bestiary says. Almost every non-mech boss can be poisoned, most can be slowed (though I never felt slow was that great.) Kinda like FF13 poison is pretty strong in this game, just completely free damage that requires 1 ATB bar and it lasts a ridiculously long time. Very few of the bosses call in adds to fight you and the ones that do are balanced in a way where they have lots of down time. The bosses with minions tend to be the most simplistic ones. Bosses as padding argument is just confusing honestly, RPGs have lots of boss fights and people would have complained if the game did not have very many. In fact that was one of the biggest complaints of FF15, one people still like to bring up today. You can tell they took it to heart in FF7R because they spent a lot of time making these bosses very mechanically dense, entirely focused on you learning each phase and figuring out the best way to approach it. Hell House is personally my favorite boss in the game and it's a great example of that, the first time I fought it (on normal) the fight was like 10 minutes and I was doing horribly, probably could have won but I was just embarrassed by how bad I was playing and quit to the title screen. Went back, changed around my equipment/materia setups and went back in and completely and utterly destroyed him. I didn't even need to use a heal other than regen. It was so freaking satisfying to do. If anything the boss fights are the absolute best part of FF7R, normal enemy fights on the other hand wildly vary in quality. Too many that die to a simple Braver or -a level spell and require no strategy. The best normal enemies are the more mini-boss styled ones where pressure/stagger is worth using or when you can break body parts (like sweepers.) When I see people say the game is cheap it just sounds like they aren't bothering to learn how the battle system works on a completely basic level. I mean really, just go watch some youtube videos of people doing speed clears or something. You'll see that absolutely none of these complaints are really close to the truth. Honestly it makes me really happy as it's been quite a long while since I played a JRPG that actually had a combat system that was this reliant on skill and strategy. It's such a neglected aspect of so many games in this genre over the past decade. Oh and lastly, Gotterdammerung exists. It's not game breaking but it gives you a massive handicap on every fight in the game, especially boss fights, and you can get it before even doing hard mode if you really want.
  3. Seen people complain about the side quests a few times and can't say I really understand it personally. About to finish chapter 14 at around 25 hours played and all the side quests so far have amounted to only like 1, maybe 2 if I am being generous, hours of gameplay. If this was like FF15 where the majority of the game's content was side quests I'd get it, but it's a very small part of FF7R. Plus a good chunk of them lead to a unique mini-boss fight which is good as the combat is really dang fun once you adjust to it. My only real complaint is the technical aspects of the game, too much texture pop in/really bad textures in general (I assume everyone has seen the apartment door by now) and tons of objects in the game have very low poly models. It kind of takes me out of the experience when I see these insanely amazing character models interacting with objects that look like they came from a PS3 game. Hope the next game being on PS5 will help with that stuff.
  4. You can fight them as much as you want, it'll update your score each time.
  5. Oh. I didn't realize you were just purely speculating is the thing, because I was not. I guess that is where the confusion comes from. The PS4 version of the game (which is the only version to ever be on a "free game" service) is the only one where the trophies are so rare, PS3, 360, Xbox one, and Steam all have percentages that you would expect from a game not given away for free. It's pretty obvious PS+ had a major impact on the rarity in this case. Not really up for debate.
  6. I agree it's not the end of the world if we're talking about the whole game from start to end, but there are specific spots that are really dang bad. And I say that as someone who played the PS3 version first. The performance in the final real level (the skyscraper) legit made my jaw drop at the part where you have to run up the wall (across the magic platforms that disappear.) It felt borderline unplayable honestly, like I could not believe how bad it was.
  7. ???? Feels like you missed the point I was making with that paragraph man. I was simply talking about how a game hitting PS+ can completely screw up its unlock percentages and how that didn't really happen to Vanquish. Despite being a PS+ game it still has a roughly 1 in 3 clear rate for finishing the game. I brought up Transformers because it is a real example of a game with horribly skewed statistics because of being on PS+.
  8. Pretty much. It doesn't matter if it's not the hardest trophy of all time or whatever but people shouldn't pretend it's a walk in the park. It's still a harder plat than like 95% of other games out there. That said it's the good kind of hard, all skill based and very predictable you just have to learn the mechanics of the game and keep practicing until you have it down. Was one of my favorite platinums to get. Also the idea that the plat is only rare because it was a PS+ game is kind of silly if you actually look at the stats of the game. The trophy for beating the story on any difficulty has a 31% unlock rate on PSN (40% on this site specifically), completing the game on hard mode is 5%! Those numbers are surprisingly high for a game that was on PS+. Lots of examples of games with far more skewed stats, stuff like Transformers Devastation only has a 10% unlock rate for beating the game despite being incredibly short and easy.
  9. You can just cheese the space harrier trophy by using the lollipop that makes you invulnerable, wasn't too bad. I actually think Bayonetta is a pretty easy platinum to be honest, you really only have to finish the game on the hardest difficulty as opposed to something like DMC4/5 where you need to S rank everything on every difficulty. Trophy-wise you only need 10 platinum medals which is super easy to get. The god awful framerate on PS3 totally did make it harder at times though, and 20 fps is generous. Pretty sure it dropped into single digits sometimes.
  10. Something to note is that once you beat Yozora you actually unlock both ez codes and pro codes on that specific save file. Meaning technically you don't have do any additional playthroughs if you don't want to. Now that said It's not really recommended for risk-taker because you have to do pretty much every data battle + Yozora with all pro codes on, but, for all-rounder it's actually easier to do it on that save file than making a fresh one. Only takes an hour or two tops to get all-rounder done on an endgame save file.
  11. I just finished up Risk-taker and have to echo this. You can stumble your way through the bosses by doing them on a lower difficulty or just using Ariel as a crutch but you can't get all the trophies in the dlc doing that. Even if you start a new save file to earn merit points for all the story bosses you still have to do around half(?) of the data battles with pro codes on. That's also assuming you have every pro code enabled for every story boss which I don't recommend personally. I did my Risk-taker run on beginner and honestly the data battles felt harder than when I did them on critical, largely because you don't have leaf bracer cures or Ariel to fall back on if you mess up during a boss desperation move. I've read that stat boosting items aren't effected by pro codes so I guess technically you could grind to max str/defense to give yourself a large edge, but I have to imagine grinding that many materials would take a pretty long time.
  12. This is exactly the example I was going to bring up as well. Based on wikipedia so might not be 100% accurate but for Pokemon they've made $64 billion off the merch compared to only $17 bil from all the games. That's also not including the card game which is another $10 bil, so more like $74 bil total. It's a completely titanic gap between the games vs merch.
  13. I really like Heart & Slash as well (got the plat in it and everything) but I don't think I'd actually recommend it to anyone unless you're really dying for a 3D action rogue-lite. Game has a lot of simple design problems that I think will turn off anyone who doesn't really want this specific game. That said if you have always wanted a game like this (which I did personally) it's certainly worth picking up, as to my knowledge it's the only one of it's kind.
  14. Yep, this is 100% true. I thought getting the crowns would be a pain but once I sat down and started "grinding" for the problematic ones (Diablos family, elder dragons) it did not actually take that long. People have made really good guides on how to check sizes before you ever even fight a monster. I put grinding in quotes as well because the grind is just the cycle of aborting the quest and starting up the new one, there is no fighting involved until you find one that looks the correct size. Personally I am really excited for this, I was just expecting a few boring dlc trophies like most games get. Having a whole new list gets me super pumped.