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  1. This is exactly the example I was going to bring up as well. Based on wikipedia so might not be 100% accurate but for Pokemon they've made $64 billion off the merch compared to only $17 bil from all the games. That's also not including the card game which is another $10 bil, so more like $74 bil total. It's a completely titanic gap between the games vs merch.
  2. I really like Heart & Slash as well (got the plat in it and everything) but I don't think I'd actually recommend it to anyone unless you're really dying for a 3D action rogue-lite. Game has a lot of simple design problems that I think will turn off anyone who doesn't really want this specific game. That said if you have always wanted a game like this (which I did personally) it's certainly worth picking up, as to my knowledge it's the only one of it's kind.
  3. Yep, this is 100% true. I thought getting the crowns would be a pain but once I sat down and started "grinding" for the problematic ones (Diablos family, elder dragons) it did not actually take that long. People have made really good guides on how to check sizes before you ever even fight a monster. I put grinding in quotes as well because the grind is just the cycle of aborting the quest and starting up the new one, there is no fighting involved until you find one that looks the correct size. Personally I am really excited for this, I was just expecting a few boring dlc trophies like most games get. Having a whole new list gets me super pumped.