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  1. With my time online, played mostly in cross play servers, I havnt noticed anyone "hacking" at all. The car name appearing different at the start of a lobby, and then showing as the same car that you're driving after the race is just a visual bug that's been present in this game all along. And the cars flying past you is more than likely just lag, as I've had similar stuff happen such as other people crashing (on my screen) only to see them just fly right past me seconds later because in their game they didnt actually crash. And people using Ferraris in B tier isn't hacking, just a scummy way to get around the broken vehicle rating system to get easy wins so they can feel good about themselves. It sucks, but its not a hack. Just a huge oversight on Criterion's part that they have still yet to fix for some reason.
  2. With challenge 8 my car spun into the wall back first and I just got going again in 5th place, made a mistake in turn 4 and lost a few spots that I had gained and then just passed the rest of the cars and won it on my first try. All assists were off. Challenge 11 is a pain because that track seems to have just awful physics and the AI don't acknowledge you being there so they just ram their way through. I did all assists off except stability help was turned on to 15 and then I was finally able to win it. And the leaders aren't supposed to wreck on this challenge, you're supposed to just pass them. Challenge 15 I did with all assists off and on my first try, had no problems at all.
  3. 51 hours to reach 75%, all on one hard-core playthrough. The grind was getting real boring towards the end, but all in all a great game
  4. Fair enough lol if they didn't have 200 wins or 10 seasons it wouldn't be too bad imo. The rest of the trophies you can get pretty naturally
  5. I'm most likely going to get this game at some point as it looks really fun, however, I am so sick of seeing and completing these trophy lists for any game developed by Monster Games. They are almost all identical and it gets so monotonous. Win 200 races. Win a championship in each series. Start a team. Have a fully staffed team. Complete 10 career seasons. Win 10 online races... I know it's something silly to complain about, but it'd be nice to have a different and unique trophy list for these type of games. I got so sick of grinding out 200 wins on each of their games that I just stopped buying them lol
  6. Yea I got the trophy a couple days after posting, I just didn't want to have to replay like 40 more events online in Daily Race B or C lol My trophy popped after 52 events online
  7. I sure hope that's not the case, as that's most of the races I've done. Daily Race A has the most fun races, the other two are typically boring Gr 3 and 4 races.
  8. Can't get all air drops, must have been a recent patch that changed the map boundaries because the one air drop at the south of the map in the sunken city is out of map boundaries so I get pushed back whenever I go near it. That, and the nightrunner trials trophy is glitched as well because I've completed all 10 with at least bronze and no trophy popped. This game is a joke and an utter mess. The devs seem to want to add in pointless little missions and update Dying Light 1 rather than actually fixing this game which is a broken mess. Safe to say I'll never purchase a techland product again.
  9. I don't think that's the case. It probably became glitched after a recent patch, which this game is becoming very known for at this point. Should have waited a couple years before playing this one...
  10. I turned on my PS5 to download the GT7 update, and to my surprise Descenders had an update pop up. Sure enough, finish my first run and all trophies i was missing popped. So glad they fixed it. The game had left a sour taste in my mouth due to the glitched trophies, but now all is well haha
  11. Just earned this trophy, and can confirm a few things: This counts any online rally stage/quick race rally stage/v-rally mode rally stage that you FINISHED. Meaning you crossed the finish line and didn't DNF or abort race. The counter in your profile isn't accurate as it counts every race entered. So if you DNF or abort an event, it will still add to the counter but not count towards the trophy. You can go into quick race, find a short rally stage, and finish it/press square to restart rather than having to go back through the menus and loading screens. This cuts down the time needed by a lot thankfully. The counter for your "most popular vehicles" IS CORRECT. If it shows, for instance, you've completed 347 events in the Lancia Delta, then you know you've at least completed 347 Rally stages because that counter doesn't go up when you restart or abort an event, only when you finish an event in said car. This does not have to be 500 rally stages in one car, I got the trophy after completing 484 rally stages in the Lancia Delta, meaning I completed 16 rally stages with other vehicles as well. And of course this does not need to be 500 DIFFERENT rally stages. I replayed the same one about 300 times and earned this trophy. Hopefully this helps clear this trophy up a bit for anyone curious, as there's been many different things being said about this trophy being glitched or what works/doesn't work. I can 100% confirm that these statements I made are true for this trophy.
  12. I tried this countless times and could not get it to work, however, I always use the ultra spin (tapping the buttons to get purple spin). The first time I tried it by holding the buttons (getting blue spin) it worked and the trophy popped. If anyone's having trouble try this
  13. Yea I've noticed that too. But it's odd, cause when the game first came out I could have sworn it was displayed correctly. I would go from Slicks to inters and the crew would be holding the treaded inter tires to put on the car. I feel like an update messed this up (much like how the dirt tires were switched to racing tires on certain missions and licenses after a certain update accidentally)
  14. I'm pretty sure those trophies count both your online mileage (as well as the others you are racing against in those races) and your single player mileage as well. The trophy descriptions are just a bit odd is all.
  15. Best advice I can give is stick to your strategy and run your own race. Either go fast and pit often, or go slow and pit as little as possible. I went for the latter option, stuck to my guns, and won by a lap. I put my fuel map to 5 and used medium tires, pitted around 37 minutes to go, rain came for a bit but while most pitted to put on Intermediate tires I held out on my Mediums and pitted again around 23 minutes to go when the rain really started coming down and put on IM. AI pitted an extra time to go to Heavy Wet tires, then again later to go onto IM again. Then the last 6-10 minutes the track dried up and everyone pitted for Racing Slicks again. Im not sure how random the weather is, but it seems like a 2 or 3 stop is the way to go. I did 3 stops and kept my fuel map at 5 for majority of the race except for the very end where I went up to 2. Hope this helps!