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  1. No autopop, most likely due to the fact that there's no save transfer between PS4 and PS5. The devs did say they were looking into possibilities of ways to add a save transfer but I'm not sure if it will come or not. There's always a chance they'll add it in later through an update though.
  2. I really wish this game had more trophies, and more difficult ones too because this game is really fun. As someone who usually doesn't enjoy this style of game, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. I would have loved some more time consuming trophies in this list just to keep me playing for longer while going towards something. Highly recommend, especially for the low price point its got.
  3. Played the game for a few hours tonight and it doesn't appear like it's feasible to boost. You can't create any lobbies, and you can invite people to a party but it only allows team games if you're in a party. So I guess you COULD boost it if you're able to create a 16 player party, but im not sure if the game has a party limit or not.
  4. This game has mostly dead servers unfortunately :/ most people I've seen in a lobby was 5/8 players, but 3 of them quit before the race actually started. Seems like anytime I get into a lobby everyone quits after 1-3 events. Quite frustrating that they gave the remaster online (and online trophies) when seemingly no one plays it. Edit: I forgot this game has cross play, so thats about the only way you'll find any games*
  5. I was having problems, this trophy wouldn't unlock. I got gold carrying player 2 on 3 different trials and it still wouldn't pop. I did a search online and found one website said to keep holding R2 through the scoreboard section and it should unlock. Sure enough, first try it worked. So after you finish just keep holding down R2 and the trophy should pop
  6. F this game. After over 10 hours of playtime, my save data got corrupted after the most recent crash (which has probably been my 15th+ crash I've experienced while playing this horrendous game). I'll probably not go back on it for quite a while. What a waste of $60. Absolute horse shit. Definitely wait until a patch is released to attempt playing this game on PS5... whenever the hell that decides to get released.
  7. I'm gonna go ahead and assume every trophy with 0 achievers in this list is glitched. I know for a fact I've done more than 10 clean laps, and after playing only a couple hours I've already earned over $500,000 so I'm sure others have earned a million without obtaining that trophy. Which doesn't surprise me, seeing as Codemasters seemingly decided to give up on making properly working games. Speaking of which, the game itself is full of glitches and game crashes and huge framerate drops (even on PS5). Pretty frustrating. Anyone hear anything about them fixing these issues?
  8. I'm surprised the list is revealed this early, considering we're still more than a month out from release. Also, the list is disappointing to me. I was expecting a fun list like every other game in the series. This one is basically complete career, reach max level and then 10,000 miles and thats about it. Still super stoked for the game to come out. Lookin amazing!
  9. So I've come across this glitch in the Narco Road DLC (not the one where the 3rd area mission won't spawn) but one where I can't complete the mission "Word of the Prophet". I bugged the shrines, but the part where I need to go to the church to defend Arturo keeps failing me for no reason. Hes not dying, I'm not dying, but it always fails me between 1-2 minutes left of defending him. I've left the mission and done other stuff and came back but the glitch keeps happening. I've also tried deleting and reinstalling the game and DLC but it fails me every single time. Anyone else have this glitch or know of a workaround or fix? I'd hate to have wasted my time on this awful DLC to not be able to get the remaining trophies. *update* literally the first try after posting this, the mission worked properly. Don't ask how cause I literally did the exact same thing I did the other 20+ times where it failed me for no reason.* This game is a broken mess...
  10. I agree about the weapons and skins. Those are over priced for sure. But the levels are far from basic and boring lol. The dlc levels are as good and better than most of the main game's levels. And as I said, levels are only short if you're butt rushing through them just to earn the trophy.
  11. The price for the DLC is fair. Yes it's one level, but they take multiple hours to complete and find all the hidden secrets in. Sure you can rush it just to earn a bronze trophy but wheres the fun in that? And I get this is a trophy hunting forum. I just dont see the big deal. I highly doubt any devs actually look on this site, because their goal isnt to give out trophies. And of course I'd like them to make more trophies for each DLC. Like finding each collectible, maybe solving a secret or earning gold ratings and doing the challenges. That would be really sweet. But thinking from the developers point of view, it makes no difference to them.
  12. Lol, people complaing because devs are releasing DLCs with a few trophies? The point of them releasing DLCs is not to appease trophy hunters. If you dont want to buy it, then simply dont but it and quit complaining. I for one love this game and will be buying all DLC it gets, as well as earning 100%. Rebellion is a fantastic dev team and it's amazing to see them supporting such a great game, they just announced that ZA4 will have a 2nd and 3rd season also. Good on them!
  13. Yea I'm having large framerates drops too. Not during Apex predators, just in locations with lots of humans and stuff in the world and sometimes in large fights with hunters. It's a bit annoying but it hasn't bugged the game out or anything yet for me.
  14. The main problem I have isnt even the mass amount of glitches. It's the physics engine is so broken, and maybe it's just a controller thing, but the cars literally struggle to drive in a straight line. Going around corners feels totally random weather the car will understeer or oversteer and you cant control it (especially evident in RWD cars). I tinkered around with all the assists and nothing really helped much at all. All I can say is I'm glad to have finally got this painful platinum, and I'll never ever buy another car racing game made by Milestone. Like it feels like the cars weigh about 50lbs, and to 'simulate' the feeling of driving on dirt they just got rid of about 25% of the friction between the tires and the road. It's a really weird feeling to say the least and it's nearly impossible to enjoy this game especially considering it's supposed to be a rally simulator lol
  15. This game is so bad. It's an easy trophy list, but time consuming for what it is. Not worth even attempting if you want to keep your sanity. I roped myself into it by blindly buying this game when it was on sale for really cheap. Wish I could erase this game from my memory. By far the worst racing game I've ever played (Anarchy Rush Hour is more realistic of a game than this ever could be). If you have a wheel, it might be better. But on a controller it's the worst gaming experience I've ever had.