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  1. I've been playing it on PS5. When I play disconnected from the internet, the game works better, but still crashes every 4 or 5 races, which is better than every single race I suppose lol
  2. Must be because of a recent update then. I didn't have crashes while playing through the Senna DLC, but the regular game crashes constantly. It's quite infuriating.
  3. This game would be great, unfortunately though, it suffers from constant crashes almost every other loading screen. If you're thinking about playing this game, expect extremely frequent crashes during loading and boot up screens.
  4. My favourite cars are Power Rocket and Street Creeper STH. Power Rocket is fast and has 6 boosts, Street Creeper only has 3 but is fast and corners really well
  5. Hmmm, could be the case as well. If my pro tour challenge bugs out I'll also add it in here. I tried messaging them on Instagram (cause I don't use discord or twitter) but havnt heard back from them :/
  6. The ragesquid amateur tour is bugged as well for those who don't have the 50 items trophy already, as having 50 items in game is one of the requirements for that trophy. It popped for a friend of mine who already had the 50 items trophy, but it won't pop for me and I have roughly 100 items unlocked
  7. Unfortunately, 7 trophies (8 including DLC) are currently bugged on version 1.21. The 3 rep related trophies, the 3 item related trophies, and the 10 mini-boss jumps are all bugged and unobtainable for the time being (unless you have a disc version and can therefore reinstall on V1.00). Hopefully a patch will be released soon to fix these issues as the game is a lot of fun🤞
  8. On update 1.21 now, didn't earn the trophy for 10,000 rep although I have 46,000. Looks like this is turning into an impossible to obtain plat 🙄
  9. The trophy list looks pretty good to me. Glad there isn't 200 wins trophy as stated above, that's always just a grindy chore to get. Unfortunately, the game looks like ass in its current state so I'll most likely skip this one (as I did with the last 2 Heat games). Hopefully they end up fixing this game after launch
  10. Has to be one of the best games out there. Hope it gets a physical release soon 🤞
  11. I read somewhere that this is possibly going to be the last year for updates of this game, so they may end it after 2021. I believe Killing Floor 3 may be in the works, but I don't think it's quite been confirmed directly yet. I could be wrong though, and I won't mind if they keep giving us a free new map and trophy every few months. This game rocks and is a blast to get back into every so often.
  12. Thanks for responding guys, looks like this will be another game with DLC I will not end up doing 😑
  13. I ask this because apparently you can, so I went on the PS3 and in game pressed L2 to my character and world to upload them, but when I go onto the PS4 version there's literally nowhere to download them? Was this removed for some random reason?
  14. I kinda figured they'd be making coins and gears easier to obtain once the seasonal event type stuff starts up. Hopefully it's something sorta like how CTR and Wreckfest are where they release free content each month to be earned by spending in game coins
  15. I'm wondering if anyone else who beat the game on Master had this slight issue, for me I just started a new save on Master Difficutly, however, when I view my saves and go to load my game it says it's set to 'normal' for some reason. With the amount of damage I take, it's definitely on Master, but I don't wanna get too far or finish the game (if I'm even skilled enough to do so lol) and risk not having the trophy pop because it says it's set to a lower difficulty. Any info is appreciated! Thanks