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  1. Im just give u the link for the Wikipedia Site Hope that helped u
  2. Well , you should think about your life i guess? :xd:
  3. im done too. i did 800k strums in two days legit. my arm is hurting so much... and im so happy i got the trophy right on time
  4. no really knows..... did u get the trophy ? im at 700k hope to get it in time
  5. one thing i dont really get... There are servers BUT all the statistics strumming etc are saved local ? Why ?
  6. My problem is i dont have a saw and my Handmixer is overheading and that scares me so i just strum normal. Im now 500k i also need 500k until Tomorrow night im not sure about the time... Yeah im asking myself the same question....
  7. do you guys think i can get 600.000 today and tomorrow
  8. Its because the game was already dead when it came out... Just a Few Days ago i watched an Review and its seems ok but a team racer with no other Online Player...
  9. was there ever something like that ? I dont think they will do that But boii i would be pissed
  10. okay thank u i try to learn it I think the start is the hardest part. with the rest of the song i dont hane any problems...
  11. i always fail at the start i dont know what is my problem but i dont get the notes where u only have to strum without a button any one got some tips for me ?
  12. I did it with some randoms a minute ago. But boy that was a lot of work 😁
  13. KH is one of my favs so i love to play it often I will also get the PS4 version and im hype for KH3
  14. i did the 100% in the run before So dont have to go to Atalantica again haha Okay ty i give him a try later
  15. im level 46 right know i skipped Atlantica because i dont really get along well with that underwater controlles