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  1. Im just give u the link for the Wikipedia Site Hope that helped u
  2. Well , you should think about your life i guess? :xd:
  3. im done too. i did 800k strums in two days legit. my arm is hurting so much... and im so happy i got the trophy right on time
  4. no really knows..... did u get the trophy ? im at 700k hope to get it in time
  5. one thing i dont really get... There are servers BUT all the statistics strumming etc are saved local ? Why ?
  6. My problem is i dont have a saw and my Handmixer is overheading and that scares me so i just strum normal. Im now 500k i also need 500k until Tomorrow night im not sure about the time... Yeah im asking myself the same question....
  7. do you guys think i can get 600.000 today and tomorrow
  8. Its because the game was already dead when it came out... Just a Few Days ago i watched an Review and its seems ok but a team racer with no other Online Player...
  9. was there ever something like that ? I dont think they will do that But boii i would be pissed
  10. okay thank u i try to learn it I think the start is the hardest part. with the rest of the song i dont hane any problems...
  11. i always fail at the start i dont know what is my problem but i dont get the notes where u only have to strum without a button any one got some tips for me ?
  12. I did it with some randoms a minute ago. But boy that was a lot of work 😁
  13. Hey there, I just wanted to buy this game but i cant find it in the EU/German Store. So if i search it on my Laptop i can find it but without a price So does anyone know if i just can get that Game in the NA Store ? Or is the game Removed there too ?
  14. KH is one of my favs so i love to play it often I will also get the PS4 version and im hype for KH3
  15. Hey there Im ATM in my Normal Run on the Ps3 and im right before the second fight against but i cant beat him. Is there a possible grind spot? Or should i just do the Coloseum fights over and over again ?
  16. i did the 100% in the run before So dont have to go to Atalantica again haha Okay ty i give him a try later
  17. im level 46 right know i skipped Atlantica because i dont really get along well with that underwater controlles
  18. King_Shrimpey Mirror's Edge Hey everyone.<br /> <br /> I got flagged for incoherent time-stamps in Mirrors Edge on PS3.<br /> <br /> I have to admit that the time-stamps are weird, but I have an explanation for that.<br /> <br /> So when i started Mirrors Edge, I played the whole story and then began to play the Time Trials where you get trophies for achieving different amounts of stars.<br /> When I got 35 stars, the trophy bugged on me and I didn't get the trophy for it.<br /> <br /> So i paused that project for a while and after months I got to 50 stars and got both trophies. One for 50 stars and one for 35 stars.<br /> <br /> And the same thing happened with at 75 and 90 stars.<br /> <br /> So the 90 Stars trophy came before the one for 75.<br /> <br /> Also I often got disconnected from the Mirrors Edge Server and my time didn't count.
  19. Hey There everyone :D


    Some of my friends made a pool because he dont know what to play next :P

    I hope some of you can help him with your votes :)


    1. Honor_Hand


      Haven't played any of those games but based on videos and opinions from the web, I would choose Fallout 3 from that list.


      Good luck choosing a game to play. :D

  20. I finally get the Plat im so happy Hope u guys will get the plat soon too
  21. I dont know really but the SP is also... mh really low so why they should do antoher Story Mode things... Ace and Ramza arent in the Story either
  22. I didnt think so Im not sure but the arcade game in Japan always gets the Update a month earlier and i think they just do MP Stuff I hope they dont do a get 400 Treasure trophy
  23. I cant find anything about the DLC and new trophys... I hope there dont do new trophys. The only idea what they can do is 3 A++ with the new Char but that would be annoying
  24. I used Ace and played with a friend. Just play as supp and everytime a Mate of u is in a combo just spam Circle After a few evenings the Trophy poped up
  25. Ah Right... Totally forget about that