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  1. Ah damn. Yeah I had no issues, not even a frame rate drop
  2. Reading through this thread and after finally completing this BS DLC without experiencing any crashes I think having a PS4 pro mitigates the risk of crashing. I imagine the extra power helps deal with all the body parts (I still used the alt account method with a 4x fire sniper)
  3. Got this early into my second play through, if it is 40/50 drinks then I think it carries across saves
  4. I just bought the game and the first thing I did in the multiplayer was this trophy as I was concerned about frontlines being hard to find. In the end there were always a couple of games full or almost full on the maps I needed so wasn't much of an issue!
  5. I was getting super frustrated with this. I was holding in the left stick but still averaging between 30 and 40. As I am a lefty I switched to holding the right stick in and got it on my second try so thanks for the tip!
  6. Hey! I need a certified item. I have a rare crate to trade! Any help would be super appreciated PSN: dtpiceman Thanks in advance!