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  1. Strange one... I couldn't even view the trophy list on my PS5. After re-installing the game and deleting my saves the trophies were viewable and unlocking properly.
  2. I’m having the same issue. Nothing is unlocking… tried the beginning of the game both on normal and hard and nothing
  3. Just done this and thought I’d post to give an idea of how many laps needed to get all the trophies in the endless mode: Gym Maestro: This will come for free as you do the other two. It will unlock after a couple of laps Track star: Unlocked after 30 laps Full Mix: I think this will differ depending on how much you slide but it unlocked for me after 151 laps. My main tip would be to slide into the corners as it gives you a little more time to see what’s coming. Good luck! 😀
  4. Yup sliding massively helped me. Good luck!
  5. It took me an hour and a half to get all three trophies with a few failures on the way. I kept hitting obstacles quite early on (laps 30 to 40) but I then had one good run to 151. As dRoxas88 said this is more of a test of endurance than anything.
  6. Hey there! I’ve collected all the street art (as well as all other collectables and activities) and for some reason Graffer didn’t unlock along with Be The Very Best. The games counter acknowledges that I’ve collected everything and all the cars unlocked. Did anyone else have this problem and a way to resolve it? edit: I just completed a random long jump and be the very best unlocked - which I guess mean I at least don’t have to do everything again! 😁
  7. Ah damn. Yeah I had no issues, not even a frame rate drop
  8. Reading through this thread and after finally completing this BS DLC without experiencing any crashes I think having a PS4 pro mitigates the risk of crashing. I imagine the extra power helps deal with all the body parts (I still used the alt account method with a 4x fire sniper)
  9. Got this early into my second play through, if it is 40/50 drinks then I think it carries across saves
  10. I just bought the game and the first thing I did in the multiplayer was this trophy as I was concerned about frontlines being hard to find. In the end there were always a couple of games full or almost full on the maps I needed so wasn't much of an issue!
  11. I was getting super frustrated with this. I was holding in the left stick but still averaging between 30 and 40. As I am a lefty I switched to holding the right stick in and got it on my second try so thanks for the tip!
  12. Hey! I need a certified item. I have a rare crate to trade! Any help would be super appreciated PSN: dtpiceman Thanks in advance!