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  1. People on reddit seems to agree its an error on EU version of the game and it may have something to do with the fact that the base game save is named "COMRADES" but with country language ( for example mine is "Freres d'armes" ) and the standalone save is named COMRADES no matter your country. If its the cause of the problem we have no choice but to wait for a fix from SE :/
  2. Is there something special to transfert data from vanilla comrades ? I still have the save on my ps4 in the FFXV folder but when i launch the standalone comrades i tells me that it can't transfer data. Anyone succeed in doing so ? Do you need to have the base game installed for the transfer to happen ?
  3. I used this one It covers all side quests (at least i didn't found a quest that wasn't in the walkthrough) so you will unlock pretty much all trophies. The only thing is to make a cloud/usb save before the fight on the boat after leaving Fort Joy to do both trophies about Dalis' minions, another one before speaking to the Doctor in Arx to be able to kill him / reload / make the pact, and a finale one just after le last fight of the game of the game in order to unlock all endings. If you want to minimise playthrough, i recommend making an honour mode game playing Fane as a main (for the covenant trophy) and taking at least one companion (for the chosen trophy). And just a little warning on online coop : some trophies don't unlock if you are not the host of the game, i can think of a few one like "Toy story" "Puritan's walk" "Cat person" and there may be others as i already had trophies from the first 2 isles when we started an online game.
  4. From my experience there is enough materials to craft everything the game has to offer for pre-endgame gear (provided you open all chests, find treasure maps...). For endgame gear, materials can be farmed in endgame activities.
  5. Wait, what ? If i kill only one monster (the one i need) and return the quest i'll still get the crown if it has it ? No need to kill the others to validate the quest ?
  6. MjbrdQeXY8aWill be open for the next 10 hours.
  7. xXrCTvWuMny Guild cards exchange. Will be up for a few hours.
  8. Quick question, can i get a crown by capturing the monster or do i need to kill it ?