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  1. thanx man, looks great
  2. what a great bday gift, thanx cmg
  3. grats bladia, well deserved win
  4. Type: IV CARD Name: djunglist420 Size: Theme: Border: Font: doesnt matter to me, if you need more info, you know where to find me
  5. 3 gmv
  6. ello ello...welcome to psnp
  7. shop looks great CM...kiu
  8. 1 gmv good luck everyone
  9. sig 1 gmv
  10. Hello Daz, I'm the first to post on your profile mate :-)

    1. djunglist420


      indeed you are

    2. LEE200


      Just busy at work these next few weeks mate so not around much.

  11. welcome to the forums:D
  12. welcome
  13. ya clapper
  14. hello