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  1. can you do this for v hard hard and normal too?
  2. max payne 3 the last of us demonsouls iam proud of those because i played and plated 80% of them without a guide
  3. weird its not working for me i stil get the oops msg
  4. is the site working? http://rewards.sony.com/ i keep getting Oops...Something went wrong
  5. 😂 the change was fast for this one lol
  6. no worries we are humans we make mistakes and our emotions take over but we learn from our mistakes and try to correct them
  7. iam sorry velvet i mean it but i cant control my emotions sometimes because i myself have been through so much shit since 2008 i hope you understand
  8. il put my last post here and i want to clear things up and apologize if someone is offended i was friends with roughdawg for the past years and we left the past to the past and started a clean page we acted like men and helped each other out in many things. i never wanted to be enemies with him and always wanted to make peace with everyone and every trophy hunter... as soon as i apologized to sly after being a big dick to psnp and him i was placed back to psnp and here is when roughdawg lost it and came at me using alt accs to post videos and links about me everywhere.. so what do you expect from me? i have all the rights to defend my self against it and i hope you understand i wanted to show the world what a fake friend roughdawg was and he contradict himself in every post he did specially the twitter he says he doesnt care about trophies and he plays 3h per day and is solo and unlocks 2000 plats... so guys dont be fooled by him many ex members of his site know him pretty well and many who are stil his friends know him but they just hide it so they get what they want from him. people already know who iam i dont need to explain who iam and what i do.. and il take my leave now
  9. 1 day you wil understand just like i did and many ppl from his site whom he booted.. it will hit you 1 day just like it hit me.. and you will remember me for it
  10. its nothing new i explained this for 10 years that i was playing on a friends ps3 back in 2010 or 11 it was and then went back home and continued iam not hiding this and it isnt the 1st time me saying this.. which planet where you on back then? tell your buddy to explain my questions.. he didnt even answer 1 of them i was accused of hacking it and now it turns out not be a hack i think you guys slipped up lol
  11. dont change the subject when i explained for the 100th time what happened you both finally admitted it isnt a hack but my own save file which wasnt intednded to even auto pop trophies nor to be fast or ruin anything the discussion was about the hacks and i didnt hack it like roughdawg used someone elses save file to unlock the twisted metal online trophies just few days before the servers shut down he stil ows the viewers with popcornm an explanation for twisted metal where did you run away man? explain to us how did you earn 80 wins in 15mins...
  12. you didnt explain your twisted metal hack you earned 80 wins in 15 mins.. please explain to us how did that happen dont change the subject now
  13. ye we finaly agree i didnt hack the trophies finally you didnt say i hacked it but used my own save file to continue at my house which isnt a hack but please you didnt answer my question? why where you banned from psnp and explain your twisted metal hack.. why r u running away yes hes right i didnt hack it thanks for clarifying
  14. no no no now its your turn please tell us about your twisted metal hahahaha did everyone just see that why are you gone from psnp explain how you hacked Twisted Metal
  15. i already explained this the 50 trophy poped because i played at a friends house back in 2010 or 2011 and i didnt sync and when i went back home and continued playing they poped.. now you go ahead and explain your twisted metal hack which is an obvious hack