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  1. i cant unlock few trophies no matter what i do i repeated the game over 4 times already and also made back up saves.. testing on the vita now to see if the NA version can be plated or not
  2. i already explained this it has nothing to do with the ping iam searching for my own friends (boosting) and i cant find them i find randoms every 5~10mins with ping 2 but the game is too laggy and not even worth playing and most of the time ppl just rage quit when you are about to win
  3. yup just live streamed the entire game and 3/4 of trophies didnt pop.. restarted and finished it and only got the final boss and less than 200 deaths and 25% poped at end wtf now i have to repeat the entire game lol edit: i have repeated the entire game over 3 times and i cant earn the remaining trophies at all.. even made a backup save before the trophy and reloaded and no use... no idea how ppl plated this version
  4. well like i explained earlier we are 4 ppl from the same country searching at the same time we can never connect to each other... and when it does connect its a random from the same country the search is just too slow thats why i want to boost it and still i cant connect to the guys searching at the same time lol
  5. even if i get him to gold or silver i still cant connect with my main like i mentioned earlier i cant find my friends who are searching with me lounges dont count it has to be ranked match for the 300 win trophy and the guys are all from my country too
  6. i did that already and its the same.. i can never find my friends who are also searching with me.. i mean if 4 ppl are searching at the same time shouldnt it connect in 10~20 seconds? here i think something is wrong when i cant even find my own friends thats what i was wondering too.. but i am at gold rank / super silver so i wont find rookies or bronze i guess?
  7. so returning to this game after 4 years to still see that it takes 10~20mins to find 1 online opponent... i tried searching with 4 other friends to make it go faster and to see if it can connect and i spent 2 hours on the search screen trying to connect to them and i couldnt even once.. we where all close in ranks between silver and gold its not like iam searching for dummy accs.. so playing legit doesnt work and trying to boost it doesnt work.. can anyone give me a solution to the network issue iam facing? every other game works fine except SFV i really want to plat it and i only miss 125 wins but finding 1 opponent in 20mins just doesnt cut it.. i become cold and cant keep my winning rythem.
  8. just like you said its more of an arcade tsubasa fan based game people who only play fifa/pes wont enjoy it.. but anime fans and people looking for this sort of game will enjoy it its just like the anime you wont score from normal shots lol
  9. survival is really buggy.. it lags alot and often crashes for me.. i reached to 18 wins twice and got a blue screen error this game is the worst when it comes to balance.. there is no balance at all in survival.. the concept of "survival" is you going against characters with them increasing difficulty every now and then.. in this game its totally different.. the enemies get more life each time you beat them.. wtf?
  10. i dont know why they are so obsessed with putting these belt trophies in every 1 of there games lol since FNR4 i just hope its not 1 belt or else it will be a mess
  11. tried to play a novel today on my vita and suddenly a game from 2012 poped up on my profile lol
    weird bugs always happen to me xD

    this game has been synced way back in 2012 and no change has been done.. 

    i cant even explain this bug


  12. its an easy plat 20h story mode and 30h side stuff and collection overall 45~55 hours and its a great game too
  13. got a game breaking bug on chapter 4-3 with the elevator.. they stil didnt patch all these even in 2020 !
  14. Finally got this trophy after 10 years of hunting it !
    now for the super delux 0.01 ultra rare platinum 😍



    1. BadRep24


      PSNProfiles is reading your base game trophy percentage as 101% instead of 97%.

    2. Hakoom


      seems like even psnp is amazed then xD 

  15. please dont spread false infromation... i played guitar hero with my friends in my house and i even have a photo of it.. we where in to these types of games back in 2009 since we used to gather every week to chil and play games.. and btw i havent even platinumed HITS.. so there is that and here is my list you can even see i havent even finished the hard trophies and most trophies are coop trophies just to back up what i said above https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/130-guitar-hero-hits/Hakoom?order=rarity please do not accuse me of something which never happened specially me giving out my details to ppl from germany? lol does your friend even have any evidence to back up his claim?