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  1. Yes i dont like repeating unnecessary things... Thats just how i feel 🤷‍♂️
  2. thanks will use them soon
  3. how the hell did you end up on spot 507 😂

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    2. Hakoom


      lol no idea what happened i woke up and ppl telling me i droped to rank 2000 xD

    3. Deluziion90


      @Hakoom First I thought no way he got removed from leaderboards again then I found your profile that's why I wondered hehe. Grats on 2000plats btw! 😁

    4. tjoe1bkhjtqxm



      "lol no idea what happened i woke up and ppl telling me i droped to rank 2000"


      Solution: don't fall asleep anymore and check everytime lol

  4. Congratulations KING! 2000 platinums!


    I knew it you would have completed Anthem (since I'd like too, you were missing only two trophies, but it's too time consuming for me)



    1. Hakoom


      thanks @tjoe1bkhjtqxm:D
      ye i like the name lol !!

    2. tjoe1bkhjtqxm


      And platinum #2001 is Zombi, ultra-rare 👌 😃

    3. ee28max


      Congrats on 2000 platinum trophies, Hakoom! :) 

  5. i hope its not like the ps3 version (3d) .. i still have nightmares from that shitty game
  6. the ones that come with the pro are enough
  7. yes i had a backup save somewhere 40% in to the game and i went from there but the guy who made a walkthrough video and posted it should of told us about this instead of misleading people and saying enjoy the game there are 0 missables
  8. i made a mistake and didnt put it in her finger because the video guide misled me in to enjoying the game and wrote it has 0 missable trophies.. so now i have to repeat the entire game? is there any way to go back to the last part?
  9. why did you say this game has 0 missables? i have missed the last gold trophy because " try to enjoy the game" and 0 missables... seriously now i have to restart the entire game just for the last trophy... this sux next time dont put wrong info in your videos
  10. o shut up really.. i wonder where are those ppl playing daily on my account or ghosts maybe? keep this broken cassette going on about me being a team since 2009 but i wonder where is this virtual team
  11. try your luck and apply ive seen many records for playstation even games have records.. driveclub has its own GWR for having the most trophies (dlc) gta4 has some sort of record too for 1 trophy.. but if you really want your chances to be successful make a video of your speed run and upload it to youtube and attach that along with PSNPs record to gwr application.. goodluck !
  12. gifts from playstation 😍


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    2. Dreggit


      Looking forward to it :)

    3. ee28max


      Nice :yay: 

    4. Dark Layla

      Dark Layla

      That ps1 classic looks tasty, i wish they could include more games!

      congratz btw :D

  13. yes for sure but... need S rank lol and atleast if i get the S out of the way then i can focus on just finishing the rest without worrying about S ranks
  14. can you do this for v hard hard and normal too?
  15. max payne 3 the last of us demonsouls iam proud of those because i played and plated 80% of them without a guide