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  1. nobody should be flagged for late syncing unless proven guilty.. i for example game on multiple consoles and i sometimes forget to sync for few months too because i sometimes just use alt accs on a specific console to boost online and forget about my main there.. happens.. we are humans we forget lol even if i synced a trophy 10 years late.. but in that case you have to show evidence to back up your 10 year sync.. now with the ps4 its super easy.. you got every trophy saved as a photo and its very advanced in a way you can prove it.. with the ps3/vita its a different story and i would suggest anyone forgetting to sync something on the ps3/vita or is actually trying to get the plat before syncing to record it before doing so.. its a rare case BUT.. you have to look at this from both sides.. so its fair for both player and crt.. cant blame crt if you cant prove it too.. these situations happen in real life too.. many innocent people went to jail because they couldnt prove innocence.. and this is my opinion ofcourse
  2. a korean novel worth 75$ but if gaming related over all the ps2 console with a scam price of 1000$
  3. since its region locked its a mess when i wake up and play in the morning people in the states are asleep lol so it takes 3~5 mins to start a game as human but now at night it takes 10~30seconds for example.. i dont know really i just want to get this shit over with
  4. 3 ppl already playing it i guess review copies?
  5. they should change the game name from dont even think to dont even play game is so shit it even has hackers i think.. a guy killed 2 wolves with a rifle alone lol while they where attacking him it took 4 shotgun hits to the head to kill my alt.. i tested it and once it took 1 hit so i dont know how the game mechanics work.. il just be happy to get it over with and delete it
  6. cant find this game on psn did they delist it or something?
  7. sim = telephone chip/internet chip for 3g/4g
  8. with the 1st trick yes with my trick NO with my trick yo download the game from the spare acc and plat it on your main acc
  9. why the 10 min wait then for a match as a wolf? humans get in a game in 10~20 seconds though
  10. they could of just added bots.. problem solved just like other BR games
  11. the game is real horse shit.. its a broken mess if you will play this without boosting i guess 100+hours or more and why the hell does it cost money to play as a wolf lol.. ingame money + purchase after its finished with boosting maybe 20~30h if all goes well
  12. what should i plat as plat 2500? any ideas are welcome :P 

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Makes sense. Sends a message to everyone else "dont even think of going for 2500 plats".


      Still you should do 3d dot game heroes eventually 🙂

    3. Hakoom


      i should of plated that in 2011 sadly my save file corrupted :( thats why i stopped
      i wanted to do 3 stacks of it too lol
      i might go back and finish it up along with rainbow moon

    4. Dr_Mayus


      Oh that sucks :( Also that is the EU version so it is the tougher one. The NA version got nerfed a little (still tough) but you can keep your swords between playthroughs and they lowered the requirements for Dash Circuit B.


      Rainbow moon was fun as well. Funny thing with that game is I was flying home from Ottawa and the plat popped just as the pilot said to turn off all electronic devices. It was just really great timing :D

  13. you can revert back to the animation style from the option i think check options you wil find it
  14. the game is even region locked.. cant play it with my friends from europe lol but i guess they gave us a heads up before shutting down unlike gwent ~_~