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  1. same here worked 1 or 2 times then just freezes on loading.. the game is broken online and doesnt work most of the time sadly
  2. my friend wanted to play coop with me and he glitched from lvl 15 to lvl 100 and got 800 million gold sudenly when he killed 1 monster only... no idea wtf happened here... the game is broken and is a big mess online.. alot of loading screens and crashing when playing with a friend which 90% of the time doesnt even work and requires alot of restarts
  3. there is a difference when an expert tries doing things like this and a beginner does it... the beginner will always take the safest and longest path so no fuck ups happen ;p i wana be safe and i only reset when iam done with the acc ofc.. not after every game
  4. same as last year easy but the 3000 team trophy is a chore... rng it scales exactly the same so 2300 is like 3000 this year that is like last year you require atleast 7 or 8 black balls and rest being gold you have to spend real money if you want to speed it up or else just grind coins and gp till you luckily get it the game gives you only 3 blackballs to start with have to wait for an event to show up which guarantees black or gold like last year
  5. What mostly upsets me about easy stackable plats are the imbalance of trophy distribution in the games.. we will soon have more gold than bronze and silver :(


    1. BB-BakkerJ


      There is a solution for that. Stop playing them.

    2. Hakoom


      i have to :D
      i just hope they rebalance the trophies in them

      and your solution is noneffective because 1 person wont make a difference if he stops playing them... \o/ 

  6. thanks guys il try my best if i can win 4 and 5 games iam sure i can win 6 too its not that bad after all since its a drafting system
  7. yes the lag is a killer i tried to boost this and i can just find myself on the 1st match.. quiting out at the loading screen will count as a loss too.. so i guess you have to boost your alts wins with you to be able to find yourself iam good at the game but sometimes it sucks when the other guy just has OP cards in his hands lol i keep losing at 5 wins
  8. the issue with the game is it lags alot sometimes and it costs me the match.... thats why i wana boost it i keep getting to 4 and 5 and losing because of laag or the opponent has some cards that keep wiping your board constantly
  9. is there a specific boosting way in arena?
  10. the game takes 2~3mins to find a match even when you invite your friend through challenge.. the invite option should be instant... no idea why it takes 3 mins to enter 1 match i have unlocked few trophies through challenge so its boostable
  11. i cant 100% the lvl 3 noob i even recorded it and i shot down every single enemy.. none escaped i repeated this lvl 10 times now and i keep getting 97~98 and each time i shoot down every single enemy.. is there a secret enemy here iam not seeing?
  12. noooooooo that will be the nuclear option lol
  13. i remember everything it was all fine until suddenly game stacks came out that was still fine until stacks came out every week.. a cheap plat from time to time is ok but now its every few days the same games over and over