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  1. How much money would you estimate you spent on video games with your trophy level? And how many people have played on your account all time?

    1. Hakoom


      i spent nearly nothing...
      i get free games from shops friends and devs
      and other games and equipment i buy using money earned from ads promotions and helping others with trophies.. so basically i havent used my pocket money..
      i play solo but sometimes i do play couch coop with my friends if you consider that "people played on your acc"

    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      You got the hook up 2,700 plus games


      Did you make a go fund me account, but not for money, but for games.





    3. Hakoom


      @Galactic Hyper Balls

      nope the only accs i got are on instagram facebook twitter youtube and i just started patreon

  2. i have had the same situation and i agree its an insult we could turn it to a point and click game
  3. that is true but when it comes to play and earn trophies that is too less of a price and will be laughed at but let me ask you this... who would deny such an offer? if a person pms you now and asks you to plat uncharted 1 for him for 200$ you would reject him? true its usless but like i said " shut up and take my money" lol we both spent alot of money to reach where we are collecting those 240.240 photos playing ourselves ofcourse but still we spent money.. ALOT of it forget about world problems.. they will never be solved
  4. the reason like i mentioned.. i would never understand myself it all comes down to trust at the end of the day i look at it from this angle "shut up and take my money" you will understand more as time passes and thanks toilet hooker
  5. well the prices arent too bad if you look at it from this perspective how much money does an average european/US employee make per hour? for example uncharted is around 200$... each uncharted takes atleast 20~25h to plat.. x3 is 60~80h.. how much money would it costs to work for 80hours regarding rdr2 iam not sure.. i would say around 400~500 makes more sense
  6. you might be laughing guys but some people do pay those prices and even more than that i never understood it myself... seriously
  7. the trophy list looks straight but regarding the gameplay and bosses i hope the style is nice and challenging but not too annoying lol i havent seen anything regarding the game btw
  8. it all depends if it matches the same style as the souls games... and also dont forget ppl shareplay if they cant finish it
  9. Nothing is meaningless in life.. every person has to use his skills which god gave him to unlock his dreams in life.. but at the same time you cannot remove things in life because you suck at it. leaderboards keep gamers active and it gives them a reason to play and compete you think if you removed olympic medals or football cups and ranks.. you think those sportsmen will compete every few years? will they have the same motivation to compete when there is no rank vs when there is rank? people like you prove to me 1 thing.. you dont believe in yourself.. i dont want to destroy the thread so il just stop at this
  10. My ugly setup ;p
  11. aslong as they keep the servers open iam fine with them
  12. nothing beats black ! stock colors FTW
  13. been working on anthem collectible.. my god this has to be the worst collectible trophy i have seen to date... RNG collection in an open world game