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  1. #10yearchallenge xD



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hakoom


      @Nimera or 10k !!! :D need more indie games lol

    3. ee28max


      Going back to finish the incomplete ones wouldn't hurt, right? :D They have plats and could still count and contribute to your total. 

    4. Hakoom



      i do that sometimes but some glitched on me and requires a new playthrough which i dont feel like it lol

  2. ahh ok should of been more clear on the trophy thanks
  3. the overkill trophy didnt pop in a ranked match Overkill Win a multiplayer game by 50 or more points. i had exactly 50
  4. my friend found a glitch in the game that can make the game much easier but i tried mimicing it again and i couldnt my friend came over to try the game out because he wanted to buy it so while he was testing it he got knocked down and reached his body exactly at the count of 10.. what happend is that the AI won yes BUT... the match kept going on lol so i told him to keep hitting the enemy and see if he can get KOed and he did and the enemy went down and the trophies poped lol it was my last fight what a weird glitch but here it is if you can mimic it then it will be an easy win
  5. i only miss the WYVRN for the plat anyone know where it is?
  6. wel i tried the game and i could say wtf is this? the game is pitch black nearly 90% of the time.. i thought my tv is broken graphics are so blurry and pixilated it looks like a ps1 game in HDR i hit a boss over 30~40 times and he didnt die.. while he only needed 1 hit to kill me.. yes everything kills you in 1 hit.. not sure how will i finish this lol @Kyoiceberg_ how many hits to kill bosses?
  7. who are the devs can you pls link me a twiter or email or something
  8. i did exactly that and it doesnt work i keep getting hit by unblockable punches i think rhino is the best player to pick since he has strong defense and offense and at the end only the amount of hits count around 120~130 you wont be able to win with 40 or 50 hits i knocked down 1 guy 4 times and he still stood up and killed me well iam disabled now for the 2nd day i cant move il wait till i heal and try again lol
  9. i havent tried locomotion what does it exactly change?
  10. not millions lol wel iam incapacitated for the next few days ;x anymore and i would be injured irl lol i beat maddog but i cant beat rhino or the last boss which i have left for the rest of trophies i knocked rhino 3 times and then he just knocks me down 4 times in less than a minute no idea how that even happend...
  11. u should of seen my friend.. 1st time VR user he tried creed and when he moved front he actualy moved and crashed in to my cupoard nearly trashed the room lol
  12. i have back pain shoulders are numb and ribs ache me 😂 if the game worked as intended i would of had the plat by now lol
  13. wel i just finsihed the top row on champion botom row left.. the last boss trophy didn pop when i beat him on champion either :(((( so i have to beat him again now iam good at boxing bec i know the rules and watched many boxing matches but this game is flawed look at this image for example i blocked over 80% and had to land 122 hits to win while he only needed 20 hits to ko me 2 times and maybe 2 or 3 more hits and it would of been the 3rd... https://imgur.com/a/8CBttz0