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  1. The beast has arrived !
    PS5 😍


  2. The best fix for this is to put trophy rarity into play 1 rare plat =1000p 1 common plat =100p Same goes for bronze~gold So you can lose lvls by time and if you want a higher lvl you need to play games with rarity instead of common spam. Sony needs to implement something like thid
  3. so let me get this straight as soon as the patch is out il jump from 100 to 999 and be stuck there until PS6 comes out 😂
  4. i have the latest version and the game is worst.. heavy lag between character transitions in survival.. the balance is so shit in this game i dont know what was the dev thinking when he put survival specialy that character with glasses gieger or whatever hes called.. the more you advance in survival the more hp the enemy has wtf? by the time i got to 40 its like playing CRUEL mode all over again characters with 20hp bars and crazy movements. a balanced fighting game would be starting on easy for 50 survivors and slowly getting harder as you climb up with the SAME HP for everyone and not more per battle.. this game you start 50 survivor directly on insane dificulty and the ai gets more hp per battle... iam glad you found this method and iam trying to finish up now before they patch it
  5. my application keeps crashing at 8~9 cruel wins and 17~18 normal wins... even without this trick this game is just a piece of trash every patch the game becomes shitier and shitier with frame drops ai becoming even stronger and game crashing every few battles.. i cant even reach high enough to continue without the game crashing every single time
  6. some poped on the vita but i couldnt finish the game on the vita because 1 level was just not possible to finish.. so i went back to the ps4 version and just kept trying over and over.. i ended up playing the game 10 times until the trophies poped.. lol
  7. Misleading info on the guide then Said with/without bot So i need an actual real player then Thanks for the info
  8. Tried doing it in private and public lobbies with 1 bot and it didnt work What am i doing wrong?
  9. i cant unlock few trophies no matter what i do i repeated the game over 4 times already and also made back up saves.. testing on the vita now to see if the NA version can be plated or not
  10. i already explained this it has nothing to do with the ping iam searching for my own friends (boosting) and i cant find them i find randoms every 5~10mins with ping 2 but the game is too laggy and not even worth playing and most of the time ppl just rage quit when you are about to win
  11. yup just live streamed the entire game and 3/4 of trophies didnt pop.. restarted and finished it and only got the final boss and less than 200 deaths and 25% poped at end wtf now i have to repeat the entire game lol edit: i have repeated the entire game over 3 times and i cant earn the remaining trophies at all.. even made a backup save before the trophy and reloaded and no use... no idea how ppl plated this version
  12. well like i explained earlier we are 4 ppl from the same country searching at the same time we can never connect to each other... and when it does connect its a random from the same country the search is just too slow thats why i want to boost it and still i cant connect to the guys searching at the same time lol
  13. even if i get him to gold or silver i still cant connect with my main like i mentioned earlier i cant find my friends who are searching with me lounges dont count it has to be ranked match for the 300 win trophy and the guys are all from my country too
  14. i did that already and its the same.. i can never find my friends who are also searching with me.. i mean if 4 ppl are searching at the same time shouldnt it connect in 10~20 seconds? here i think something is wrong when i cant even find my own friends thats what i was wondering too.. but i am at gold rank / super silver so i wont find rookies or bronze i guess?
  15. so returning to this game after 4 years to still see that it takes 10~20mins to find 1 online opponent... i tried searching with 4 other friends to make it go faster and to see if it can connect and i spent 2 hours on the search screen trying to connect to them and i couldnt even once.. we where all close in ranks between silver and gold its not like iam searching for dummy accs.. so playing legit doesnt work and trying to boost it doesnt work.. can anyone give me a solution to the network issue iam facing? every other game works fine except SFV i really want to plat it and i only miss 125 wins but finding 1 opponent in 20mins just doesnt cut it.. i become cold and cant keep my winning rythem.