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  1. Blasphemous F.I.S.T. Forged in Shadow Torch Strider
  2. Hi! I downloaded the patch 1.03 and continued the game, I was about to enter The Sewers or The Arsenal. I chose the Arsenal first and I reached this door. This door lies behind the Grenade Dog miniboss. I'm adding here a screenshot of the door and the map location. The door keeps spinning and it nevers opens. I have already tried to leave the game, download a backup save, switch areas but every time that I reach the door it is the same, it never opens, only spins. Has anyone encountered this issue as well? Any tips on how to solve it? And I'm on PS4, if that counts. Thank you very much in advance for the help! Door in The Arsenal Map location Edit: I inverted and did 100% on The Sewers before coming back to The Arsenal and that did the trick. So if anyone encounters this bug, try doing The Sewers first instead of The Arsenal.
  3. Wonderful, mate! Thank you very much for all this work!!
  4. Sure thing, man! Yes, you can!
  5. Count me in please!
  6. I just wanted to warn you guys... I had this glitch yesterday. One of my Captain America's outfits was locked out of nowhere. The name of the outfit was Experiment or something like that, I already had it unlocked but out of nowhere it was locked again. So I did some research and found that it is an actual problem. They posted about it on their Twitter a few hours ago: "We're aware of the issue where some outfits will be locked even after being unlocked. This may be due to an issue with previewing outfits. We're currently investigating. If you're having this issue, exiting to Main Menu and relaunching should return the missing outfits to your inventory. We suggest refraining from previewing outfits for now." So I definitely recommend you not to preview outfits for now and I also recommend that you save your patterns and credits, don't buy any outfit until they fix it. The method that they suggest didn't work for me and for any one, actually (you can see that on the replies of this post). People got unlocked for outfits that were unlocked by any way possible (story progression, patterns machine, credits in the vendor, real money in the market, it doesn't matter). And there is also a post on reddit about bug reports, there are many people with this complaint and some others.
  7. I did exactly that. I started right away with Initiative and then I had to go to Harm as Iron Man. It popped right on the first part of the tutorial (when you learn how to dodge, I think).
  8. No co-op needed for trophies. I got both these trophies playing solo. 5 stars without taking damage I got from the Harm tutorial with Iron Man like lasthero1993 said. And without being downed you'll get naturally playing the story. I haven't played online yet, so they are achievable solo for sure.
  9. I think so! It is just a matter of time and playing I guess. But the game is fun, I'm enjoying it!
  10. I got "Seeing Stars" on the tutorial in the Harm-Room. It was my first trophy, actually. I started the Avenger's Initiative before the campaign and I went straight to the Harm-Room. I was controlling Iron Man but I don't think it matters. And as soon as I got the 1st objective (execute 3 perfect dodges) done without taking any hit it popped for me. And I also think that getting a Faction to level 25 will take some time.
  11. That's nice of you, mate! I'd like to join, please! Thank you!
  12. Guys do you have any other tips? This trophy seems impossible to me. It is insanely hard. The maximum I got it so far was 30 and one time only. I'm using a diamond Steve Nash. I have tried a lot of things, with sound, muted the sound, vs cpu, vs second controller, rookie difficulty, nba difficulty... nothing really helps. I guess I really don't have good enough reflexes.
  13. Thank you very much @gteschuh!! I can confirm that this method still works today on patch 1.08.
  14. Imyanub, you are a god! It worked perfectly. Thank you very very much for your helpful effort!