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  1. The patch is on and the trophy Favor of the Gods is already fixed! Thank you very much! I really recommend this game, I had a lot of fun with it.
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. Hi NekoRave! Do you have any news about a future update for NA version? I really liked the game, I also bought and got the platinum for EU version. Just wondering about this fix to come.
  4. It seems that only the EU version got the patch yet. The NA version is still 1.00. But I'm sure that it is coming pretty soon then.
  5. How did you get it? Mine seems to be still broken.
  6. Thank you very much! I really appreciate the help!
  7. Nice! Thank you very much for the info! Do you know when they plan to release this patch?
  8. The trophy Favor of the Gods (Level up an amulet to max level) seems to be glitched. I have all of them maxed out and still no trophy.
  9. Thank you very much for these tips! I will try to do all of that. I didn't know about the bomb healing a little shield, that is nice! And I haven't thought about using it or R1 when I can't dash an enemy attack. I am having a hard time with the rank 3 boss. I still haven't managed to beat him. I guess I will try again with these tips. Thank you!!
  10. Very nice!! Thank you very much for posting it! I'm glad to see someone posting something about this game's trophies. I am trying to finish the game but I am totally stuck on the Rank 3 boss.
  11. Hi! I have gotten all missions trophy and visited all places but I can't get the "Dark Days" trophy for entering all undergrounds. I already revisited all areas entering them again. I don't know what to do. Did someone have the same problem? Is there any place I could be forgetting? I would like some help please! Thank you very much! EDIT: I managed to get it. For some reason it popped when I entered the first underground today.
  12. I agree with NathanielJohn. This guide is fantastic and it will get you the platinum easily!
  13. I got this trophy today with Djeheuty! Thank you very much for all the help, Djeheuty! The matches online are quite buggy and laggy but it is doable.
  14. That is a good tip! Thank you! I will try that! I am on a season now playing with max points at Serve & Volley to unlock its cards, it is terrible playing with these stats!!! 😅 Oh, I understand that! There is an ordinary female player named Harris (I don't remember her first name. She's always at rank 10 or 11). I always struggle with her! And I definitly would like to boost the Lightning Reflexes trophy please! Add me when you can please. ID: thiagoam87. But I tried last week to play online with a friend and we couldn't connect for days. I haven't tried these last few days. I hope we manage to do that! Thank you! I thought Federer would be the same as Wozniacki. It's terrible playing against them! You have to play against the CPU and the game itself! 😅 But no giving up until we get this platinum! Thank you for the Lightning Reflexes tip! I will try to do that with Djeheuty. If you can help us too, for sure we will appreciate that a lot! My ID is thiagoam87 please! Thank you very much again!
  15. 1) Thank you very much! Good to know! I thought there was something wrong with my game. 2) Ok, nice! I still miss this russian agent and opening my tennis academy. 3) I managed to beat her and I got to rank #1. But the matches with Wozniacki are terrible! The game has a lot of bugs and flaws but with Wozniacki (I think it must happen the same things with male legend players like Federer) it seems to double these bugs. My player gives up running in a lot of points, the ball passes right through me and my player keeps looking, I aim for one place and many times I can't hit it and so on... I really like this game but it has a lot of flaws and sometimes it seems to have even more of those... but I'm still on and playing! 4) The "Lighning Reflexes" trophy... have you managed to do it with Isner against CPU? What did you do? Thank you very much for all the answers!!