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  1. Thank you very much @gteschuh!! I can confirm that this method still works today on patch 1.08.
  2. Imyanub, you are a god! It worked perfectly. Thank you very very much for your helpful effort!
  3. Agreed! I really loved The Surge 1 and 2! I really like the combat and the atmosphere. I'm sure you will enjoy The Surge 2 a lot!
  4. I've figured it out! For those who still have this doubt: I have finished NG+ 100% and still wasn't able to get Divine Umbracites. So what solved the problem from me is just a simple solution. You just have to convert 3x Fabled Umbracites in 1x Divine Umbracite. Than it unlocks the possibility to temper items with it.
  5. Exactly. You don't need to worry, it will definitely will come naturally. There are 10 or more missions with NPCs.
  6. Very nice guide, mate!! Thank you for this work! I always struggle with Karasu Tengu (I also struggled with him in Nioh 1) and Magatsu Warrior.
  7. Yes, I will try. And I will try to do the side missions of the blacksmith first and see if that works too. Thank you very much!
  8. Hi! I'm in the middle of NG+ but I am still not able to temper items with Divine Umbracites. I can temper items with Quality and Fable Umbracites, but not Divine yet. When does it unlock or what should I do please? Thank you in advance!
  9. I definitly agree! My favorite game! Go for it!
  10. Man, you are a god! Thank you! I followed your platinum guide all the way and it was flawless! Very good work! Perfect! Thank you very very much!!
  11. The patch is on and the trophy Favor of the Gods is already fixed! Thank you very much! I really recommend this game, I had a lot of fun with it.
  12. Thank you very much!
  13. Hi NekoRave! Do you have any news about a future update for NA version? I really liked the game, I also bought and got the platinum for EU version. Just wondering about this fix to come.
  14. It seems that only the EU version got the patch yet. The NA version is still 1.00. But I'm sure that it is coming pretty soon then.
  15. How did you get it? Mine seems to be still broken.