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  1. There's one room that has four cursed obolite chunks and a broken/random constructor, that one has a cipher.
  2. I think the Crimson Wastes has the most "cells" of any biome in the game. There's so many different rooms that's pretty hard to see them all.
  3. The challenge rooms with 3 waves.
  4. Yes, the room was new so I immediately got excited and looked at the minimap, it was next to a chest.
  5. This was in the temple, in a room where you need both the hookshot and the blue orb to reach this platform. Main room.
  6. I finally found the 19th and the trophy unlocked, it seems the 20th doesn't exist or it isn't needed.
  7. I'm in my 50th run on the Crimson Wastes and I'm still missing 2 ciphers, it's terrible.
  8. Read the emails, those people don't want to be part of the UCA so they don't want to "level up". After a few emails they become more friendly then you can add them to the network. You get new emails just doing orders for other people and stuff.
  9. Yeah I had to dismantle like 1000 pieces of equipment until the trophy unlocked, didn't have problems with the monsters one though.
  10. I can't get the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle trophy for the life of me. I'm close to 1000 equipment taken apart and no luck Am I doing something wrong? Just taking apart cheap shields.
  11. Prototype 2. I liked the first one, I should play the second one
  12. Rayman Origins, great game. I still need to buy it
  13. Your DMC3 one. Great game, but too hard for me!
  14. Your LittleBigPlanet 2 one. I don't have the patience for LBP anymore