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  1. Hi, it's me again :3 After receiving a very kind PM from someone (thanks again mate, it really touched me ;3 ) and chatting with him, he advised me to post again her to clarify things about this dispute. The PM i received : My answer
  2. Yeah, I understand that I unknowingly broke rules, the thing is still wanted to point out is that even if I did use my save, it's not a reason to label me a cheater. Exactly like when someone get into an hacked lobby and got some random trophies then sync them, yeah they broke the rules by not following a strict procedure on how to erase their profiles on their consoles, but are they cheaters ? Nope. I'm with you on your second paragraph, even more with the bolded text. Same, the way those disputes are handled is pretty awful
  3. Giving birth is a factual thing not up to debate. Cheating and morals on the other side are, and will ever be a thing to discuss. Even more when it's about ethic like cheating. You are labelling me as a cheater and yeah it ticks me off because I didn't cheat by my own standards, I simply stopped playing a game and took my save to play it again later. I know some people are really strict-minden about cheating, labelling people who boost their games or get caught in hacked lobbies cheater but come on. As for the "it's not a valid excuse to not know the rules", I ain't even sure those rules existed when I was playing Dark Souls back in 2013. And it's pretty scary to be this dead-serious about an alternate trophy site and it's rules too.
  4. An unfair advantage of just being able to pursue my journey in the game without anything spectacular magically added in my backpack ? I follow what you are saying about the cheater term but you forgot this word has a very negative connotation. Of course being called a cheater would upset most of the gamer on this website, even more when they don't cheat. But you are right with the aggressive nature of the dispute, and to worsen it some user here seems to post only to aggravate the situation
  5. I perfectly understand, but it would be better to have a neutral discussion about it without poeple imOvray aggravating things. Anyway thanks for your answers mate ;3 For Sherlock Holmes I did know he was using drugs but not when. I was also trying to badly replicate a line from Futurama where Fry ask Bender if he has been "drinking too much to function properly" "or not enough, I can't remember how you work"
  6. No you don't need to kill the BoC to get all the pyro, the wiki explains it pretty well. To get Fire Tempest you either have to a) kill BoC b) Kill Quelana It's that simple. further proof : http://darksouls.wiki.fextralife.com/Fire+Tempest Acquired From Quelana gives it to you after finishing her favor. She will also drop it if killed.
  7. Sorry for what dude ? - She give to you if you kill the Bed of Chaos - She drop the spell IF she's killed BEFORE she has the opportunity to give it to you. Meaning you can kill her before BoC and get that sweat fire tempest from her corpse.
  8. I had to research a little on the internet but I found this : Dropped by Quelana of Izalith if she has not given the pyromancy to the player yet. http://darksouls.wikia.com/wiki/Fire_Tempest
  9. You are so full of yourself, it's pathetic. Seriously if all you are gonna do is calling me a cheater with "the only proof I need", stop replying mate. I already explained that I did not sync' my trophies the first time I played and continued the game from the same old (and past lordan and first bell) save. It's not a glitch, it's more like an error of my part to not have played on a fresh save.
  10. Well this explanation is more than possible, it's just the truth. Anyway thanks for quoting the flagging rules, even if I found them a little bit on the strict side. If I understand well, I'll have to hide my Dark Souls' trophies or remain out the leaderboards on PSNP right ? Yeahnah. You are jumping to conclusions without any hints or tangible proofs, like a Sherlock Holmes on crack (or without, I don't remember how he works). And it's not just you, most of you here seem's so stuck up on the "he cheated" mindset, it's really annoying and blaffing. How should I know that mate ? I've never used a modified save and don't even give a damn about that part of the video-game scene. Sure, my mistake.
  11. The thing is I did not use those modified save, I don't even know if it was possible to use them in 2011. You can post all the false accusations you want, add more wink smileys if you feel it, I did all those trophies legit n' I explained it in my previous post.
  12. Yeah Ok, if it's about Lordan I understand why you two thought it was suspicous. I did not you a modified save file from after the tutorial, the only thing that carried me was farming these invisible ennemies in the forest. What I did was the playing the game at release until I reached the first bonfire and ringed the first bell (thus obtaining the bonfire, estus, lordan and bell's trophies). After that I formated my PS3 without syncing my trophies but keeping my save in the cloud (or on my usb stick, i can't remember). When I played Dark Souls again I used the same save and the estus and bonfire trophy popped naturally the first time I booted the game. I got the first bell and Lordan trophies in NG+, after beating the game a first time. That's all, I didn't use modified save, didn't cheat my way in this game (well if you exclude that damn nice bug for infinite souls) and played the legit way. I'll just say it again, but I did not use any saves other than mine to play the game. My PS3 is not on CFW and I've never used those shabby features.
  13. Aka-0 Dark Souls Reason: tons of stuff before arriving in anor londo Seriously ? You can get flagged and get a REALLY vague description like "ton of stuff before X" ? It would have been better to get a flag issue and a message explaining why I got it, not just "hey you did things mate".... As for Dark Souls, I did not cheat or use anything against the rules. If i set my trophies by date i got THREE trophies before reaching Anor Londo. And two of those three are the estus flask and bonfire trophies, which are the first you should get anyway. The third trophy is for beating Queelag, which is possible before reaching Anor Londo, nothing suspicious here. The fourth trophy is "reaching Anor Londo", so yeah so much for "ton of stuff before arriving in Anor Londo" The flag has no reason to be, the only thing you had to do was reading the trophy guide.. https://psnprofiles.com/guide/1656-dark-souls-trophy-guide#2-roadmap Have a nice day. Edited the dispute with a picture of my trophies.