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  1. Hello, TTR players! Getting the Supernova trophy was very hard and frustrating to me. This game got superhard after the patches, I think. First of all, you have to get real good at drifting, once they have removed the donut drift (I used this trick to platinum the game one year ago). About the drift, I realized you have to play unsafe, I mean, never stop your combo. Without the combo you will never get the high scores needed. Also I played 1 to 3 hours per day, while playing other games. Whenever I got tired or stressed, I stopped. If you're struggling with a race (and I'm sure you are!), watch the guides made by Feyitsma. He was a huge help for me and for other players, thats for sure. I would say that seeing his performance even before attempting a race would be a nice idea; I did that a lot on the hardest tracks. Well, cheers to Feyitsma, then! Its a cliche, indeed, but "never give up" and stick to that particular race you are strugling with. I tuned down the game's sound, only played while listenning to Spotify so I cut the repetitive music. God bless Linkin Park and our dear Chester. 😭 I'm still shocked that Supernova isnt ultra rare. I like this game and getting all stars remembered me the time I used to play Burnout 3, when I got all gold medals on that wonderfull game
  2. # 70: Gravity Rush Remastered Once I got used to the controls and camera, it was a blast to play. The game is so unique! You have to play for yourself. At first I thought Kat was boring, because she had no memories and was trying to help everyone, "so cliche"... But then I started realizing how smart and funny she is, and beautiful, and CUTE 😻 Well, I ended up in love with the character and became a fan of the franchise. I will get the sequel as soon as possible. Playing Gravity Rush was more fun than collecting trophies. Now it will be boring staying on the ground.
  3. Injustice, of course! Thats really impressive.
  4. Dishonored 2 Im currently working on Nioh way of the demon and almost said Nioh, but nah, its very close to me... Ah, I really enjoyed the "welcome to my profile"! Very kind approach πŸ™‚ I remember seeing a lot of "not of your bussiness" on other people profiles, what a dumb attitude!
  5. Platinum # 69: Spy Chameleon If you like arcade-type games that are chalenging but not insanely dificult, I guess you will enjoy the short time spent on this title. I would vote a 4 on dificulty, although people tend to say its very easy due to the game being a very fast platinum. My tips are: stick to each stage until you complete all challenges on it and watch the videos on YouTube, especially when you get to World 3 and 4, the hardest ones in my opinion. It was very nice getting to World 5, the last one, and realizing it was one of the easiest! Well, I loved the game, a fine addition to my collection. Go play it if you haven't yet!
  6. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, because I never had a PS3. Everybody would love a remake of those, I guess even a remaster... Praise the sun, buddy!
  7. Hahaha Akumu mode in The Evil Within was less frustrating than Supernova, yeah. So i'm not the only one who thinks that! Akumu took me 23 hours and 332 deaths; Supernova took me weeks and took my sanity as well. (But I dont want to discourage anyone and I was already insane even before Supernova). Bring on Akumu in The Evil Within 2! God, Im so ready 🀘
  8. Me too! I like the game, but I'm still glad this is over. No more dishes and breads on the tracks! I wish good luck to everyone attempting Supernova. Never give up. Praise the sun 😎
  9. Im looking for a build as well. I got the platinum when the game launched and Im coming back to it now. I was playing with the new weapons and got theyre arcanum. I must say I loved the tonfa, Im only sure that my build focus will be the tonfa. Im still level 150! I though that this would be the level cap, or that I was overpowered. Not anymore. I will level up as long as I have amrita to do it.
  10. Congrats! Impressive platinum with an even more impressive score. My results were 23 hours and 332 deaths. Lets plat the next one as well, no matter what!
  11. Thanks, that one was hard! I'm so excited to play the sequel. "The only way out is in" LOL
  12. No point in dying "beat the game with no more than 5 deaths" LIMBO Yesss! Guess how many times I died... 5! And all these deaths before the last scary jump
  13. Killing Floor 2 I delayed this game and the glitch spots were patched. I hope I can win on Hell on Earth mode once for the trophy. I guess I could farm XP on hard. Those never ending zombie games anyway...
  14. I'm jealous of that Gravity Rush Remastered plat. I want the physical retail from Europe, though.
  15. ArtisticGeek: well, because you run a 100% account (🀘), I will say one game that I plat and loved: Super Time Force Ultra. It takes some skill and is an ultra rare one, but its not that hard and was free at PS Plus about 2 years ago. Strider also would be a good call!
  16. Hey dude, you have a very nice account, congrats! Awesome completion rating too ✌️

  17. Dragon Age Inquisition (with all the DLCs completed). The best game for killing dragons.
  18. Like myself, he is from Brazil. He has 68 platinums and so do I. Da hora, mano!
  19. Somehow played but didnt get any trophies on Horizon Zero Dawn. 😱
  20. Shovel Knight Treasure Trove I always wanted to play this game and Im sure I will in the future. I could pick up Dying Light, too; I heard how hard it became to achieve 100% after patches. Loved your collection ArtisticGeek! A very nice 100% account.
  21. Platinum # 68: Strider It was very fun, fast and a little bit challenging on hard mode, especially the last stage and boss. Speedrun on normal was very easy (dificult related trophies doesn't stack). Im surprised this platinum is considered very rare, but I shouldnt be knowing ps plus lowers the completion rate. Im happy
  22. Thank you. It is tough, but I'm 100% sure youre up for the task! Nice and HUGE account, congrats for the high completion!
  23. Congrats, man! And thanks for sharing your experience with the game. I'm thinking about trying it... I will take you advices
  24. Super Meat Boy! I'm sorry for been so predictable... (I would pick up Titan Souls, Rogue Legacy and Limbo too) Congrats!