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  1. It's Ridge Racer 8! Riiiidge R8cer, remember that one? 489 US Dollars.
  2. It popped for me when I joined an online lobby, and went into Showtime on a road with other players, bounced over another player by accident and it counted, no need for any specific ramp that way.
  3. An RPG Time-sinker. Slays dragons.
  4. Normal length, probably longer than usual actually, 20-35 minutes or so each, but they are at least good and enjoyable levels, better than most of the speaking Lego games I've played.
  5. Oh, did the pass never end up in the DLC bundle in the US? I had that problem (Australia) at first obtaining the bundle from the mobile store, had all DLC and no pass, but I searched on the PS3 a few days later and saw that there was another bundle there, updated to include the pass. That was two weeks ago and I've finished the MP now, not sure if you'll have time to do that.
  6. Aww maaan, my completion percentage is way lower! 37.2%! I was in the mid forties but started a whole load of games to encourage me to play them, (TrueTrophies Bean Dive) so getting to 50% in 2021 is the goal.
  7. Just used the offline road rage method and it worked! ! Excellent! Definitely easier than relying on 7 random people, learned that after a few hours in various 8 player lobbies. Now the only thing I need to do before servers close is some cops and robbers, maybe island challenges too if I could be bothered.
  8. For anyone that didn't buy it then, like me, it's now 88% off, or $2.95. In Australia at least, not sure where else.
  9. I'm pretty stoked for this because I've had it on my PS store wish list for many months, waiting for it to not be $30. Now if the same could happen for Mothergunship or DJMAX Respect, which have been there just as long, that'd be grand.
  10. I just remembered that I gave up on, and traded in Terminator Salvation in 2011, so that's my hardest extremely not rare platinum that I don't have. Back then, before $4 indie autoplats, probably the least impressive thing on anybody's list besides NCIS or Hannah Montana.
  11. Hooray for more characters! Not so hooray for the FH4-esque seasonal, connected-only, online-encouraged currency you need to unlock these characters... but still hooray!
  12. Crazy Taxi (PS3 version without the original soundtrack) Crazy Driver For completing the S column of the Crazy Box. Had no idea I could do it, just gave it a try yesterday. Can't centre my text on mobile :-(
  13. World's biggest triangle fan.
  14. Just Cause 2 - 5.35% - is mostly just a massive grind, but then you have to beat the game on hardcore difficulty, suddenly you're not really a bullet sponge and you need to get very good at dealing with multiple helicopters. SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection - 26.31% - That sounds easy, you say; yes, it is, unless, like most people, you are not a PuyoPuyo master, in which case you will spend about half of your time practicing to get fast enough to beat the final level of Mean Bean Machine.
  15. Will complete everything, no matter the insane grind or extreme difficulty.