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  1. As in Trackmania turbo, there are some trophies: - You are the Trackmaster (stack with Beginning of a great story) - Daily Trackmaster which require to beat author times. Since these times are hidden, I wonder if someone in the community have made a document giving all required times for each track per season. I assume it is highly probable this exists in the pc community of this game. If someone knows the same thing for daily tracks, it would also be great! πŸ€—
  2. Thanks a lot @xHypermega, this was the way. 😎
  3. Sorry for this awkward question. I have just started the game a few minutes ago and an assistance voice was repeating every line in each menu. Has someone found how to suppress it? (and yep I tried on my own). It was not the case in the beta, so it feels really weird. πŸ˜‹(maybe it is only some usual Ubisoft stuff)
  4. @alien713 Not sure about the new info I could include to improve the guide. I personnally find FAL better, more flexible/ reliable / easier to use than m14 (which is implicit in what you say and we probably agree). About the load-outs, I used the Shorty's and it worked fine. I have not used videos from Tycepticon, I can check all his spots and see if I recommend them. (for instance for Stage 7, I am aware of the spot in the central big building, which is the probable alternative but it can become very tough if the team is overwhelmed).
  5. I have tried the beta of trackmania but so far, I have had the feeling to be more hooked by trackmania turbo (even if I am playing casually, still on blue series haha). I don’t know if I am the only one in this case …
  6. The timing tip is great. Just one more thing: if you think the eel bite you, you can quit the game and replay the last phase. It can save some time by avoiding to replay the puzzles which you would have to do again by using subchapter select. After some tests, I believe it does not void the trophy. It works both for phases 1 and 2.
  7. About auto-pop, some games also allow auto-pop from ps5 version to ps4 version (like Hitman 3). Then I guess it is not Sony fault about the messy β€œonly ps4 to ps5” but rather the devs who are not always aware /careful about it.
  8. Can we still vote? I got confused going for the DLC category to and seeing the stamp for exceptional guide. πŸ™„ Or the blue stamp is for all the nominees? (which is pretty cool πŸ€—) Besides, what is the deadline for voting?(cannot find it, maybe I was too quick) There are a lot of guides to check for each category (which is really good actually ) but require some time to do it (enough) seriously.
  9. I have one additional question: To go further, with the web connection always required to play in normal conditions for the Hitman trilogy reboot, I wonder if it could actually be possible to play both versions at the same time and unlock the same trophies by switching alternatively from ps5 to ps4 or ps4 to ps5... even if it may be safer to do the auto-pop in only one time (what also about sniper trophies, we know there is no transfer from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 for those but maybe it works for Hitman 3 between ps4 and ps5 versions).
  10. Hello agents, I have read that there was a auto-pop from ps5 to ps4 for Hitman 3 (source: Can someone actually confirm it? (I do not see the info on guides here) To go further, with the web connection always required to play in normal conditions for the Hitman trilogy reboot, I even guess (wonder) it could actually be possible to play both versions and unlock the same trophies by switching alternatively from ps5 to ps4 or ps4 to ps5.
  11. What about dlcs? On store, I only see a bundle about Pitt dlc, nothing about Wasterlanders or Steel Reign? (I remember seeing a Wastelanders dlc on store which has disappeared) Are they now free/ already included? (and of course still available to play)
  12. Good luck to everyone! I have written two guides here in the past and I know the dedication and the time needed to write a good one. I am looking forward to vote in January and thanks a lot to the community! πŸ€—
  13. I have bought the disc for vanilla The Witcher 3 on ps4 (Europe) and bought the dic on the ps store. I have seen the digital Goty edition has disappeared and been replaced by the "Complete" edition for ps4-ps5. I have the following questions : 1) On ps5, do I get access to the full complete edition ? (since I have bought vanilla cd and digital dlc) 2) After installing the game, do I still the cd on ps5 to play it? (I suppose) 3) If I buy digitally the complete edition for ps4-ps5, do I get access to the "goty" ps4 trophy list ? (the one with the yellow banner) Thanks for your help
  14. A great guide focusing on gwent cards already exists here on psnprofiles, no need to rewrite it. Here it is : Today December 14 later, there will be also a ps4 TW3 patch. Guess it will allow transfer options in a correct way
  15. @ITALUKE I am convinced the bug is linked to the tow company. If you have not finished this side quest and have not bought the taxi company in a save, I believe you can adapt my method