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  1. @ddracarys and @FaTaLKiLL1: thank you both for your answers. These ruins will not ruin my days anymore...
  2. Hi, I have a question about endurance mode which I found quite fun but harder than the base game. I sometimes got to areas called « ruins » (in my french version). They are some stone towers /buildings with 1 floor. I climb to the floor through trees but I find nothing to do with it. Using special vision, The yellow spot indicates the center of the ground. Anyway I need a little help: what is the role of the ruins?
  3. @PliskinCobra it is the first time I have seen this glitch. In general, I have observed that the game can go crazy when players die (completely), 1 or 2 players, even if more often 2. More precisely, the warlord can stay on a certain part of the map (it occurs to me on stages 4,6 and 8). In your glitch and at first sight, I believe it takes into account: death of the npc + your grenade but it seems pretty random to me. One more remark, for the rope glitch, taking one el dorado could be nice to feel more comfortable (same role as grenades) ps: you got your m14 lvl 5 in this video too!!! 😎
  4. Thank you for the answer (since some challenges can be unlocked through contracts like “escalade”).
  5. Hi, sorry for this very late answer. I saw you got the trophy. Thus what is your answer to your question ?
  6. @DARKB1KE thank you for the answer. It was exactly what I wanted to know.
  7. On the ps store, I saw a ghost war pass. Is it included in the season pass or not?
  8. @Brightblade76 It is only possible to farm long guns, rifles on stages 6,8, 10. Thus stage 6 is clearly the easiest and the quickest stage to farm long guns (around 15 min).
  9. @Rio__HUN: I have played with randoms. For now, I have 19 stars among them 3 stars on stages 1,3,7 and 2 stars on stages 5, 9 while for warlord stages 4,8 and 10, I have one or zero star. On the other hand, I also watched the amazing, even awesome series of videos by shorty2905 (I have no word for that since he did it with a lot of details while staying nice and very humble). My conclusion is that many players are efficient for using m14 custom, can have the good spot for the spawning points BUT in general do not have the good strategies for the warlord, so there is plenty of time which is lost, if your matchmaking is "unlucky". In this perspective and in my opinion, the crucial stages for the 3 stars are 4, 8 and 10. I see 3 ways to get them: a lucky matchmaking, work them solo or make a session. About the health of the warlords, I confirm he is more sensitive to headshots (as said by shorty). Finally, I am going to give a small remark about a glitch on stage 8. During my first try, one player tells us to go hand to hand combat with the warlord at the beginning of the wave (without absolutely no bullet shot), the location being the stairs near the bridge and not the side of the center arsenal. After "many" tries, it worked.
  10. The complete first season fits perfectly the 100%, yes that’s the one. 😎
  11. @DARKB1KE: i know it is better to buy items inside the game rather through the ps store (touch R1 in the main menu). It helped me to buy the bonus campaign “patient zero”. So maybe it could be good for you too
  12. Gold relic times in ps4 remastered versions: hot coco: 30:10 s eggipus rex: 52:03 s
  13. I do not know if it is still useful for you, maybe for other people: The Devil's pit is a great location to get this trophy (the same quoted for "Master Marksman" in the trophy guide) and stay outside the camp so that the enemies cannot give you any trouble. I started with the bleeding with the arrow, then the bomb 'Devil puff) and finally cast igni spell (I was level 20, I was lucky the enemies were not dying too quickly).
  14. @shorty2905: Great job, I am using your indications to build my road to these trophies. You should definitely write a guide for this DLC!! I got a question: it seems to me that the QTE are getting harder depending on the difficulty. Do you agree? (so that in crushing, it is good to change the options for the QTE)
  15. In your case, i believe it will be okay. My point is there is only one trophy list worldwide for watch dogs 2 (unlike final fantasy xv for instance). So if you get some trophies for the dlc, it will be put in this (unique) trophy list. More generally, I am also convinced that it is important to buy on the store with the same account you are playing (to match the versions and the dlc). It means you have to choose your country according to your desired psn account. However, I am far from being a master class trophy hunter and I give here my opinion. Anyway here with WD2, i am quite sure it will be fine.