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  1. You can also make a boosting session to be 4 players. I did it, it worked (since with randoms and doing it legit, I lost my stupid internet connexion during the last necessary victory arghhh). Assuming you have gathered 4 players, here is the process for boosting: Make separately two teams of 2 players. The 2 leaders launch searching for showdown at the same time (by using ps app or even better mics). Ubisoft servers will probably gather your 2 teams. If not repeat the search. Once the 2 teams are gathered, make the 2 series of victories (victories and then lose). Good luck!
  2. Hi, just four things: the guide for gwent here is really good. I followed the instructions. It worked very well. The more important is to make a save before each match. I was a bit worried at the end since almost the NPC were all giving me weather cards and I was loading saves again and again. Just win again everybody and it wll work. Focus on the missable cards, it is the crucial point. Look also the « magic book » for gwent giving the number of cards you do not have in each area. the difficulty for gwent matches can now be different from the global difficulty (« blood and broken bones », « death march », etc.) in the options menu. The guide for the base game here says a bit the contrary (which explains the 2 playthroughs it can propose). I guess there was a patch at some point which splits the diffculty into 2 parts. For the fist fights, it can be tough even on « Blood and broken bones », I agree with Redgrave. Spend also some ability points on fistfights abilities (red menu, like sword) In my case, I have the reverse pb than you. I did « blood and broken bones » difficulty: at the beginning I was not used to controls, magic spells, etc. And now I have 170 hours taking my time in the game and I know there will be one more playthrough (on NG+), which was not clear in my mind at the beginning. In my opinion, all depend how much you like the game: if you’re going only for the plat’, just stop now and make a new playthrough on « Death march ». If you enjoy the game and wish to make a NG+, a 2nd playthrough is a good option.
  3. Having done watch dogs 2, I would say hacking is slightly harder in the first watch dogs than in WD2. The jauge is very slow to be fulfilled, so getting 10 hacking can take a while. Otherwise the game is still crowded at the time I am writing.
  4. I understand that feeling (I had it with Dishonored 2). After that I realized that Bethesda games (Fallout 4, Arkane games or Wolfenstein for instance) have all a big drop in their prices few months after their releases: less than 15 or even 10 € (both physical or digital here in France), which is really low for such games. It has to be a strategy from the editor, which we can use! 😀 (I know it is not very a supporter attitude but it can be nice for trying games we did not think to buy day-one)
  5. Okay, thank you all for your answers. It is official: I have dreamed of it.😅 nevertheless still a bit surprising for such a big game.
  6. I am pretty sure there was a guide for the base game. Does sb know what happened ? (If the author canceled it, modifications of servers, etc.)
  7. Than you all for the answers 🙂 and in particular to @TurtlePM for this site I did not know.
  8. Hi, I have seem some people got the platinum in 30min, 1 hour. It seems particular short, even for a narrative game (telltale, LIS, WROEF, etc.). What is the duration I can expect for a normal playthrough?
  9. Thank you all for your answers. Few days ago, Square Enix announced mp standalone and 4 new dlcs (even a Noctis dlc, 🙄 perhaps a new alternative ending) until summer 2019. Hoping it will be the end of this dlc masquerade.
  10. I confirm there is a level problem with arcade. I was lvl 8 two days ago and I got reinitialized today (I left no match, even a BR test match I would have loved to...). They should set a statistic page to follow modes, kills, solo, pvp, etc. since now it is a complete mess.
  11. I have just started Arcade yesterday. How do we know the map is featured ? I saw a letter A with horizontal coloured bars. Otherwise I did, or rather was forced to play, a “battle royal test” map (small BR) which was marked with the A. I do not know for the rest of us but in my opinion, it was quite boring and probably the worst moment of my gamer’s life for 20 years 😭 (and let us no say how I felt with a stick at the beginning lol). More positively, are there a lot of BR maps to scare players like me ? According to what you say, the solution for the tricky mp trophies is a big boosting session?(with 6 players)
  12. Hypothesis: are you sure you won on featured maps? I mean, it looks like some special maps selected by the community (a bit like what io did with Hitman for instance) but since the game have just been released today... I know it is a bit obvious but maybe it is the reason. I hope there is no glitched trophy.
  13. Hi, I have a question. Until now, a season pass (Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto episodes and mp comrades) and a royal pack (further activities and new bosses) have been released ( I am afraid there will be a new season pass which is not announced yet to sell the other packs and is not covered by royal pack. Will there be a new (additional) Season Pass for 2018-2019 or do you think/ know the content is now fully covered by the season pass and the royal pack?
  14. @ddracarys and @FaTaLKiLL1: thank you both for your answers. These ruins will not ruin my days anymore...
  15. Hi, I have a question about endurance mode which I found quite fun but harder than the base game. I sometimes got to areas called « ruins » (in my french version). They are some stone towers /buildings with 1 floor. I climb to the floor through trees but I find nothing to do with it. Using special vision, The yellow spot indicates the center of the ground. Anyway I need a little help: what is the role of the ruins?