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  1. You should try Dishonored (start by the first and its dlcs since everything is linked). If you like stealth game and adventure, it is a must-have.
  2. AC III on ps3 is in my opinion still the hardest AC to plat' in the series (putting apart all the mps and in particular the mp on Brotherhood). It is going to be a fun platinum! 😀
  3. @DeftonesBand: I wanna see Assassin’s Creed III remastered trophy list too haha!!! 😂 I saw the title on one picture. Anyway, thanks a lot for Days Gone 😎
  4. On races, it is much more about knowing the maps, and strategies and luck of course. The level is not so important (if you play with agressive players spending their time to shoot, it can be crazy of course). For smoke-checkpoints races, I never waste time by shooting other players, I only focus on the checkpoints and imo: - Hard : Blackwater and Tumbleweed : very quick, requires luck not to fall by encountering other horses - Medium : Valentine - Easy : Rhodes and Saint-Denis are really easy if you know the good paths, little probability to encounter players (and a lot of players waste time by roaming on the map) I would say : do not be impressed by high-leveled players with the best horses. Many of them are really bad about races 😂
  5. Have you checked what happened to the online ? (If you played it). I am interested since one trophy is f... buggy for me. I would like to know if we can 1. Restore a online save made on USB to the ps4. ( so that we can temporarily make a new character, take the trophy and then come back to the first save with the advanced character)
  6. There are so many reasons dude: people who want to speedrun the game on their main account so they use another account for their first run, money (I am a bit surprised it is expensive in the UK, probably more than the USA but definitely less than in the Euro zone, in this case the game already costs less than 30€ ) A friend of mine bought HZD through second account and USA store: it worked on both account on his PS4 (Does this help you???). Anyway I was kind just making a joke and so it is pointless and a bit stupid too to use this agressive tone with me ...
  7. Hem, just by curiosity, why don't you want to take this game on your main account? Is Lara Croft a shame or a guilty pleasure for you??😉😅😎
  8. Which trophy requires online according to you? I do not see...
  9. @Deluziion90: I do not think there will be any DLC with trophies. It is not an episode with number (it is similar for me to FC Primal for that) and there was no marketing from Ubi about a potential season pass. So FC New Dawn it is a minor episode, more like an expansion episode imo (even if I expect it to be really nice, like I loved Primal). For the trophies « Host only », it only means that if you play coop with a buddy, only the host will get the concerned trophy. It was already the case for FC5 and its DLCs (yeah it is not cool at all...), which implies 2 runs if you want to help your fellow partner. Otherwise the trophy list seems quite standard for a FC game, quite fun and doable. 😀
  10. Wow!! I have read the results yesterday in the late evening 🙂. Congratulations to all the other winners! I would like to thank first the guide team for all their efforts and how they make this website so awesome to flourish, and then all the guides writers for their high-quality productions 😎. So just keep it this way and we will be fine!
  11. @olliebear66t : You need 1 or 2 different packs (it is only one for Hitman 2 so I do not know what they do currently for Hitman 1, maybe one pack now for the 3 missions bonus OR 2 packs) with « The Icon », « An house built in the sand » and « Landslide. » After downloading one pack for bonus missions, just open it and check the destinations (Sapienza and Marrakesh are concerned: if it is good you should see a specific mission inside these destinations with the titles such as « The icon », also escalation contracts exist for them)
  12. My bad, sorry about that. You are right lol. (The webpage I looked one week ago used the picture of the Goty edition which confused me). Thh only thing which could be missing for Season 1 concerns the bonus missions (Landslide, etc.). Since I bought the physical edition, I had a coupon inside to reclaim them. I have no idea about the digital version. Someone in the conversation said it was not contained.
  13. The Complete First season , aka « the ps+ version February edition » contains everything for the 100%, apart perhaps the 3 bonus missions packs 4 and 8 in the trophy list on psnprofiles I am giving some facts to clear the situation for everyone History of this nightmare edition mess: 0. The initial game with episodes was released in 2013. 1. once all episodes were done, the complete first season of Hitman was released with Square Enix as editor (I bought it physically) and it contains the bonus missions having dlc trophies 2. One year after or so, IO cut its relationship with Square Enix to become independent again. A little bit after, the Goty edition was proposed. In addition to the Complete 1st season, the only new signigicant mission provided was the additional campaign “Patient zero” which has NO trophy. At that moment, Io proposed different packs for the people having the previous editions both physical or digital. It was kind of a repackaging due to the change of editors imo. 3. Finally Io took Warner as editor for next products, and the first one released was Hitman 2 (We do not care for the trophies but here it achieves the full story) Remark: In the Hitman 2 trophy list, they repeat the whole trophy list of Hitman 1.
  14. The complete first season has everything to get the 100% : it contains all the DLC (bonus episode, etc., I have a doubt about « Patient Zero » campaign but it did not count for the 100% anyway). To enjoy the game and understand the game mechanics, I strongly advice to play first as blind (and do not use any guns, make regular manual saves, it is not Call of Duty!!! 😂). After that some trophies are quite unexpected. 60 hours is probably a good rate. (I would say even more like 80 hours, I like to take my time 😂) For stealth players, this game is really nice 😎. Enjoy it and have a good time!
  15. There are so many grievers. For the record, I spawn several times when arriving on the map just close to one or 2 grievers ... (So I got killed without reason and without any opportunity to avoid other players, thanks Rockstar for this lol). Yeah it is much more fun with a buddy, since you can protect each other as a team. It also allows to avoid some situations like being alone VS 3 or 4 other players. Some tips: For the grievers: - avoid missions "kill other player" or "kill other groups" because it encourages grievers or players to go to kill you even after the missions. You will probably have to change your area after that 😅. - For the grievers and naughty players, buy a shotgun 😎. It is the most powerful weapon at short/medium weapon and easy to handle (without aiming for headshots). - Avoid Saint-Denis, Blackwater for the grievers (also Fort Mercer, Tumbleweed can be annoying). For boosting xp and trophies : - Hunt missions are cool since no other players can go against you during the missions. - Delivery mails (not bags) missions are quite rewarding like 600-700 xp. Also the last (current) story mission is good, above all for a team of only 2 players. - The races are perfect for MVP trophy. Quite easy when you understand how it works (also avoid players used to this mode). So just get used to it and give it a try at different times. Good luck everyone with all those grind trophies. 😀