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  1. Suggestion for the level history, it could be nice to keep some milestones such as for instance 50-100-150...500-750-1000 (sth like that) and similar to the current platinum milestone. It was suggested above by @dcdfan to keep all 10 levels, it sounds relevant to me. @Sly Ripper
  2. Has somebody understand how the level will be computed? i am very confused by the different pictures for bronzes, silvers, golds. Does it suggest there will sub-types of bronzes, silvers and golds ? Or does it concern the global level of hunting? In addition, what is the value of a bronze, a silver, a gold?
  3. @Together_Comic: you can get it through the random chests at 2500 violet unit in game currency. No need to use real money for it but it is a long grind (you can use the daily challenges, set them to survival mode instead of classic mp). If I remember well, there is also a level condition but I am not 100% sure about it.
  4. Hey, I should be veteran: 1) Assassin’s Creed II (PS3) 2) Assassin’s Creed Revelations (PS3) 3) Assassin’s Creed III (PS3) 4) Assassin’s Creed Black Flag (PS4) 5) Assassin’s Creed Unity 6) Assassin’s Creed Syndicate 7) Assassin’s Creed Origins 8) Assassin’s Creed Liberation Remastered (PS4). I also completed Freedom Cry PS4 -100% for the nice additional title. It was already a long (and nice) journey, looking forward to the next games!! 😀
  5. @TurtlePM: I played DuckTales a lot on my gameboy when I was a kid (I did the game so many times) but years after the ps3 version seemed much harder for me. Is that your feeling too? Otherwise, Uncharted 4 DLC would be my answer (done legit, without glitch, and the guide here on psnprofiles is mine, I am so proud of it!)
  6. Thanks for your advices @Taliesin_2943 and @KN_Kirai. I managed to get those optional objectives 😉. For next players: - Usual counter button : O. - After countering, we have to wait that the slow motion ends completely - which is strongly counter-intuitive for me - before unbalancing the enemy with X (if done too quickly before the end of the slow motion, the enemy will slap you) - Reload the last checkpoint in the menu if you fail.
  7. Hi everyone, I am used to AC franchise (let us say, I always protect myself with the "protect" button) but weirdly I got some issues in this particular episode, and more precisely about the 100% synchronisation for optional objectives. In a bunch of missions, the optional objective is "not being touched during fight". If we have smoke bombs, okay I am fine but sometimes these bombs are not available. My issue is the following: Sometimes the enemy attack Aveline and if she counters, she can hit back. Problem: the enemy slaps me before my counter and I have no way to avoid it. I also observed that when Aveline counters, a slow motion happens: I read somewhere that we have to wait that the slow motion ends before attacking the enemy to avoid the attack of the enemy. a. Is that correct? b. Is that the only way to perform the fight? (it seems a bit weird to me)
  8. @Xetnevs : Time is short indeed but the map is not that hard (compared to 8 or 10 for instance. In my opinion, the best way is to have a team of 3 buddies and use Djinn's spirit for the treasure hunt (mainly to gain around 20 seconds between the 2 areas of treasures). Also put mines at the 3 entries the middle one being the center square near the stairs behind the arsenal (imagine when you are in the Siege area, enemies can come from three entries: left, middle and right, put mines there). Use also the guide here (with the video). The ability to see the treasures /enemies on the map is also really useful for this map.
  9. In my opinion, it looks like basically cheating to hack the trophies; I have believed the admins were against it and players doing that could be banned. If you do that for Gwent, why not for other games ? (Which have closed their servers) In my personal case, I think to Top Spin 4 or FFXV comrades DLC for instance or more recently to all the players who missed the mp trophies in Naughty Dog Games on ps3. So if you want to open Pandora’s box... Anyway that is an interesting question.
  10. @JavaNext thanks for the answer. I do not stack trophies but I would have liked to have a plat per season, my friends told me the first season was probably the best. I have no clue but it is weird by thinking for instance to Spyro, Crash Bandicoots or Bioshock (remasters) bundles...
  11. Hi everyone, I bought the Telltale Walking Dead bundle on the store and I was downloading with my slow connexion. When the first part is done, I have just looked the trophy list(s) and I was surprised the several games, like 4 seasons + Michonne had one unique list. Is that true?? This does not feel really nice or even consistent (since all the games have separated trophy list for each season).
  12. Yeah VR is optional. This game is great for people loving tetris (last time for me was on my gameboy lol). Otherwise I warmly recommend to use headphones to get in the right mood. There are a lot of hard trophies, I am thinking to ss ranks in all categories. Also get to level 100 is very long. So yeah if you play it, you will understand quickly why this plat is hard, looks like to me a 9/10 or 10/10. To be honest, I feel it can be compared to games such as Trackmania Turbo.
  13. In addition to what @IDiivil already told, Arena matchmaking - more precisely the brain of the deck building- requires many conditions to fill when proposing cards to build the deck whereas the game has now moved forward a lot (like for instance with the last expansion Merchants of Ofir giving new strong cards like Radeyah, etc or rebalancing a bunch of cards a few weeks ago). In addition there are some theme cards (weather effects, Revenants of Kaedwen, shields) in the kind of cards proposed (I observed that the last weeks). So it would be a pain in the ass for the devs to rebuild a new deck building brain restricted to the old consoles version. So yeah it is 99,99% dead for the Arena - unfortunately.
  14. A guide already exists but it is only in French... I think it is quite a very good start, I put it here for interested players (google translate is your friend) i have still to play the game and I am going to check this guide with my playthrough.
  15. Hi everyone, I have started the game recently and I have realized there is a lot of complete garbage stuff on Youtube about Tetris Effect (in addition to apparently be a serious 10/10 plat' difficulty). Here are some questions and observations I have made until now. I believe if anyone can answer, correct me or fill the thread with useful info, it would be pretty cool (and also lay some basic info for a future guide, not me because I am a complete noob at this game 😅) : Observation 1: Warrior Weekend trophy can only be achieved during week-end challenges happening during Saturdays (so it is online dependent). Furthermore, since these challenges give avatars each week-end, it is connected to Avatar Rockstar trophy (get 100 avatars : there is not enough avatars for offline challenges, so we really have to play on Saturdays) Observation 2: If you do not know it, learn what a t-spin is (as I said, I am a noob ...). Question 1: What is the "Zone" ? There is a trophy named "Enter the Zone" (Activate the Zone mechanic). Is it connected to the story mode ? Question 2 : I have seen in some videos that we can put aside some tetris pieces so that we can insert them later. Is that the zone or sth else ? How can we do that?