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  1. I do not know if it is still useful for you, maybe for other people: The Devil's pit is a great location to get this trophy (the same quoted for "Master Marksman" in the trophy guide) and stay outside the camp so that the enemies cannot give you any trouble. I started with the bleeding with the arrow, then the bomb 'Devil puff) and finally cast igni spell (I was level 20, I was lucky the enemies were not dying too quickly).
  2. @shorty2905: Great job, I am using your indications to build my road to these trophies. You should definitely write a guide for this DLC!! I got a question: it seems to me that the QTE are getting harder depending on the difficulty. Do you agree? (so that in crushing, it is good to change the options for the QTE)
  3. In your case, i believe it will be okay. My point is there is only one trophy list worldwide for watch dogs 2 (unlike final fantasy xv for instance). So if you get some trophies for the dlc, it will be put in this (unique) trophy list. More generally, I am also convinced that it is important to buy on the store with the same account you are playing (to match the versions and the dlc). It means you have to choose your country according to your desired psn account. However, I am far from being a master class trophy hunter and I give here my opinion. Anyway here with WD2, i am quite sure it will be fine.
  4. Some advice: I believe a good way to get the “prize catch” is to get offline by shutting down your internet connexion (the missions are still available) and to accomplish alone the submissions which are submitted by the app in order to unlock the final mission (you know the final mission is reached when only one mission is proposed in the app mission). I did it today and it worked. It seems to me that if we try to do it online with random people, unlocking the final mission depends in some way to the progress of each player... and it is a mess
  5. Does sb try "stormy ascent" with Coco? I had big pbs with her in the first stairs (I was even blocked due to the timing with alternate stairs...) while it comes naturally with Crash. So I would assert that Crash is quicker for jumps
  6. You are right, "le prince" is the french translation for this trophy (I am french), which refers to this famous italian philosophy book as you may know. Good choice for a trophy name, indeed? 😉
  7. I advice you to follow the Ezio order by doing ACB on PS4 if you are concerned by the platinum (just be careful with "The prince" trophy). In my opinion MP trophies are boring on Black Flag, not hard as in ACB PS3 just complete grind in the bad sense ("All Rounder up" and Level 55 are quite a pain in the ass, keyword: "Wolfpack"...). So if you want to enjoy your games, play ACB during your "summer break". Otherwise it is sure Black Flag remains a great game, perhaps maybe more a pirate game than an AC game. Have fun!
  8. @ Kyl542: Thank you for the answer, it worked!
  9. Hi, I have a question linked to this issue. I do not manage to see the times required for any of the relic (gold, sapphir, etc.). I precise that I have not yet defeated Cortex so that I do not have the golden shoes. So my question is (obviously): do we see the required times after defeating Cortex or we are always blind about it? (which would be f... annoying)
  10. Yes you are right. I was really surprised when playing on the remaster of CB1 and dying on a bonus sequence (which opens with 3 cards of a character), I was able to try again the bonus sequence. I am pretty sure it was not possible on CB1. Until now, the jumps seem a little bit more complicated than in the original (in my opinion) but it is pretty okay. For old games, when there was a game over, the game had to be started from scratch, good old memories aren't they? I believe the (dumb) reviewer just thought: "die and retry => Dark souls"
  11. #2 is my favorite About the difficulty, in my memories, #1 was hard, #2 normal and #3 (very) easy. Do you agree guys?
  12. Hi everyone, I have a general question: which level do you recommend to get "Crushing"on Survival mode on solo? (to get one or three stars) When I was looking gaming sessions, it seems that levels 8-10 are quite a pain in the ass and a lot of people require help. So does it mean that levels 1-7 are doable solo in crushing and if so which level do I need to be? (and which are the better guns?) Thank for any help or advice.