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  1. I am currently on the road to platinum and I got rid of "Apple of his eye" pretty early (at my second try, I was lucky ...). I have never played cards game before. In my opinion, this platinum is not particularly hard, it only asks for dedication and to be interested in the game mechanics. It is true that some trophies require a bit of luck or time but none is really hard. Besides, many trophies can be easily boosted. Some advices : - Do not scrap your material points to craft many leader cards since leader cards can be unlocked through the tree of rewards. Craft rather good cards to build a good deck to reach rank 20 (for ranked matches) - Choose a faction and focus on it (so that you build an effective deck for this faction, otherwise you may waste material to craft) - The worst trophy imo concerns the 150 premium cards, it is a complete grind (since premium cards can only be unlocked through the tree of rewards, the subtrees of leader OR the 2 seasonal trees) => do not erase premium cards before you get that annoying trophy. Another way is to spend money to get the green powder, but it is not really an option, isn't it? (Actually it is the only place in the game where micro-transactions really affect trophy hunters) - For Arena, the cards have to be effectively chosen. Sometimes, you will have a competitive deck, sometimes, it will only be a huge mess, in that case just do your best and next time, your deck will be probably good. - Boosting can help even if it is not really necessary (cannot be used for Arena trophies) To conclude, this platinum feels for me like a 4/10 or at worst 5/10. It is only not the type of game to finish in 2 days. On the contrary, if you look for a nice free-to-play game to enjoy for several months with many subtleties, strategies and many diverse trophies to unlock (most of them are pretty easy once you understand the game), this game is perfect.
  2. Trophies jokes from IO : 1. No platinum for Hitman 2013 and Hitman 2 2. They include dlcs for Hitman 2 for each location in the base game and they did the same for the Legacy pack, locations coming from Hitman 2013. In some sense, I would think it would have been a better idea to make a separate List for the Legacy Pack (for instance for players who already did the 100% on Hitman 2013, AND do not like to stack trophies or simply do not want to replay the Legacy Pack just to improve their completion percentage) than doing that now for the expansion pack... 3. Now we have a separate Expansion List coming for the expansion pass (let us say, I understand that for expansions like Typhun Hunter for Prey Arkane Games). But why do they do that now? 4. Hantu port was on the main trophy list even if it belongs to the Expansion Pack (if I am right). So I wonder where IO is going to put the last sniper assassin destination in a few months? 🤔 Anyway, that is definitely crazy and a huge mess 😝
  3. @GooeyChew: thank you very much for the help. You are right, this trophy is based on a little grind on the rewards book tree and I agree with your method: Besides, for other players, please note getting the leaders cards on the 5 factions can also be obtained through the rewards book (another method is to make a leader card but it can be a little expensive sth like 800 points per leader card)
  4. As promised, I checked on my game. Every episode (1 to 6) appears : bought and installed. i know Telltales can have issues if several episodes are downloaded simultaneously, so if the pb persists, just delete eveything and download again one by one the 6 episodes.
  5. Hello, My question is simple: how equip a vanity leader skin? (To unlock « Ready for battle ») - I thought at the beginning I had to equip a card of leader in the « personal menu » to fill a card of leader in the empty place for cards (on the left part of the screen) but it does not seem to be enough (I had also changed the title, maybe I have to change my Geralt as an avatar which is in my case my default avatar). - For the border, I have understood we have to progress through the tree of abilities (with the blue feathers), Anyway, I would be glad to get any help! 🙂
  6. I have fully downloaded all episodes of GoT TellTales like 6 months ago (got it through "free" ps+ games, and dowloaded one by one in the episode order). I will start the game today and if sth wrong happens, I will tell here.
  8. I created the post for U2 and U3 on their respective pages.
  9. Hi, I encountered an annoying bug at the very end of the game concerning Eredin combat. I have the standard edition, not the "yellow" goty and it was my first run on difficulty "Blood and Broken Bones" (not NG+). I am making a topic here since I believe it can be useful for other players who can encounter the same issue. To avoid any incrimination about spoilers, I put here in spoiler section the issue and my indications: It solved the issue for me. Hope it can be useful! 😉
  10. Hey, I finally solved my issue : "Home Comforts" has not popped when it has to be. Here is the sum up of the initial situation: What I did (with the first patch associated to the end of the beta version, date May 14, 2019): 1. I focused on other trophies and saved a lot of money since I wanted to try this strategy: When I try this trophy, I will stay in the menu and buy everything from the cheapest to the more expensive with dollars till the trophy pops. 2. I bought The last 2 flags : no pop A new appearance for my camp "The life of wanderer" or sth like that (in French: La vie de vagabond) and it popped (finally). Yeah so this is really weird, but it worked. I hope it can help other players who could encounter the same issue.
  12. Hitman 2013 is my first Hitman. I can see what you mean. BUT after a little time, you will have big arsenal with hands when starting a mission and you will have a lot of ways to complete a mission (following opportunities, around 6-8 on each map, or not, it is up to you, you are not forced to follow instructions: in general players only do that to get quickly the trophies). Also you have to think of the game with main missions but also the contracts, the escalation modes and the elusive targets. Putting all that together, the player can really take different approchs. My conclusion is I feel your opinion is a bit rigorous and unfair with regards to what the developers have done, in particular with the level-design (Sapienza, Paris, for instance). So play more and tell us if you have still the same opinion after.
  13. I took my time to enjoy this game (I have not read the books or previous games before, so I was definitely a newcomer). The first I saw the game on a store I was like : yeah sounds like one more fantasy game... Oh god how could I be so wrong. This game is amazing, deep story, many intricate choices (nothing is simple as black and white in the TW3 universe), the music is really beautiful, the Gwent. The main drawback for me concerns the inventory (which is incredibly slow to deal with on my ps4). Otherwise the game is a must-have and influenced many game after. My only desire is that CD Projekt can make a similar shock in the industry with Cyberpunk 2077, we’ll see (hopefully) soon.
  14. You should try Dishonored (start by the first and its dlcs since everything is linked). If you like stealth game and adventure, it is a must-have.
  15. AC III on ps3 is in my opinion still the hardest AC to plat' in the series (putting apart all the mps and in particular the mp on Brotherhood). It is going to be a fun platinum! 😀