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  1. Hi everyone, Before giving my votes, I would like to take the time to thank on one hand all the guide contributors - we all know how much work and time it takes, I wrote my first guide this year so that I really mean what I am saying - and on the other hand the guide team which allows this website to run and to look so great in a friendly setting. Important precision: I will only nominate games that I played or I will play for sure so that I already know enough about these games. I am particularly sensitive on how the contributors dealt with missable trophies. Exceptional Walkthrough guide: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Missable Trophy Walkthrough by onuosfan, Neil_Before_ZOD and simula67 Why this guide ? The concerned game is similar to Dishonored franchise about their trophy list by containing trophies such as : « Complete the game without killing anyone », etc. It is exactly the type of guides which can be really helpful to get through the game and allows players to get the platinum (by avoiding some unnecessary additional run(s)). Exceptional Gameplay Guide: Red Dead Redemption 2 - Gold Medals, Challenges, and 100% Completion Guide by NCSFan001, ManaFear and NL_Sion This gameplay guide concerns the main obstacle (in my opinion) for the platinum in the RDR2 base game. This gameplay guide takes all the needed steps to get the trophy, containing a lot of details, pictures, videos and written explanations, showing serious work from the authors. I will use it for sure. Exceptional Use of Original Content: Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Trophy Walkthrough by optimusmart and Optinooby. Great guide containing a lot of details, the formatting is really awesome in this guide (a lot of tables, smart use of colors and presentation). It provides at several occasions the trophies that we should have obtained at different moment of the story, which is a key thing in the Tomb Raider franchise (I am still missing the platinum for the 2013 reboot because of a few stupid missable trophies!!). When I start Shadow of the TR, I will use this guide for sure and with pleasure! Exceptional Use of Formatting: Detroit: Become Human Trophy Guide by Hollz100 and Red_Dragon_JPN. One more time, the contributors made great efforts by structuring their guide but this time the formatting is used in a smart way so that at each step, we know what we have to do to get one trophy or another. In particular, I appreciate the « Missable trophies playthrough order « section in the guide, which is essential for a narrative game with many choices. Guide of the Year: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Trophy Guide by Laydex Why does this guide draw my attention? To explain my choice, it worths recalling that this game was released extremely buggy at the beginning, it is also not that simple to play, it is very long (more than 100 hours for the platinum) and contains trophies which are buggy and/or missable. Taking all these points in consideration, the author did great efforts by explaining a lot of details (many tables, videos), being careful by inserting many spoiler alerts. I nominate this guide to appreciate all the efforts done by the author. Impressive work!
  2. Hi everyone, I have a simple question which is connected to this post, so I ask here. Are the avatars for the platinums work both for digital and physical versions or only digital? (Still have to play HZD or Spider-man lol but I am very interested in this issue) thanks for the answers 🙂
  3. This post is a warning concerning an exploit trophy on Hokkaido map. Situation: I have apparently done the requirements for the "Flatline" trophy on the Hokkaido map during the elusive target "The surgeons", the challenge unlocked but the trophy did not unlock. I hope it will be good during the main mission (I know from other players that some trophies had the same issue on other maps, see elephants-never-forget-trophy-question). My conclusion is for now: Exploit trophies on the maps are only unlockable through the main missions. I posted it right now since the current elusive target "The fugitive" can be very analogous to the "surgeons". So be careful!
  4. Warning: this topic is not trophy-related. I have only 3 legendary characters (Allistair Tellpenny, Sarah Lyons and Jericho) for now and I wonder how/if the 20 characters can be unlocked in a reasonable time. I know that they can appear lunchboxes and a very few quests. My background is: I have one trophy left before the plat', just waiting for my 20 legendary clothes. I did everything legit, spending no dime in micro-transactions and without time-skipping, so I am around 80-90 hours in the game and my curiosity starts to be really confused about it. (yeah I know, it is a detail) My questions are: Somebody told on a previous psnprofiles topic (see Radio stations and babies topic) that 2 legendary characters can give birth to a legendary characters (with a little probability) having Lvl 50 and SPECIAL at 10 everywhere. I am already with 3 such babies - coming from Allistair and Sarah - and all are stupid as hell, so does sb can confirm this trick? Or is it a complete joke? Are there some daily or weekly quests which are more generous with legendary characters? I say that because some special quests can happen: (only) one time I got a clue inside a quest which unlocked another quest allowing to earn 100 000 caps in a single quest and a lot of good material (this extra and rare quest had a specific violet color). Maybe there are some quests unlocked later which give more characters - what seems possible Idk.... I have done only around 110-120 quests. Is it mainly for micro-transactions? 😓 Thank for any help or discussion,
  5. Without time skeeping, micro-transactions and playing normally /having fun, I am more around 80 hours on a 2.5 months trip 😂 (than a 40 hoursgiven by the guide). Making weapons /clothes is what takes most of the time without micro-transactions.
  6. @The High Ground: yes now I agree 🙂, with COLLECTING. I was implicitly referring to your previous post containing "crafting" (which I understand by launching the "making" with the ingredients). To be clear, I should have precisely quoting you. Anyway, we all agree now.
  7. I do not agree with @The High Ground, at least from my experience. I got the trophy when I collected all the items in the same session (using bottles to speed both weapon and clothes, the theme was ready for me at that moment), not when I launched the craft. For me, it is important to collect the items in the same session.
  8. Thank you very much for your answers!! 🙂 Q1. I finally got wastelanders accepting to come in my humble home. (roughly 1 per day now, I was probably unlucky during my first days of radio) Q2. I am improving the parameters of some potential parents (male and female both), I will do it till 10 for all parameters. If a legendary baby happens, I will tell here to confirm (it will take some time for sure without micro-transactions lol) and the writer of the guide at the same time.
  9. Question 1: To attract potential dwellers for my shelter (currently 30 dwellers, 50 rooms), I installed a radio station and put 2 dwellers with good charisma (Allistair Tellpenny and John Snyder), improved it to level 3 and switched on position emitting to the outside (with waves going to the exterior). But nobody comes. I do not understand what I am missing. Does sb have an explanation? Question 2: Is it good to improve parameters SPECIAL of the dwellers so that the babies get the parameters of the parents or it is not working like that? (And the babies get stupid parameters in all cases)
  10. After searching calmly on this awesome website (and getting annoyed inside the game), useful info about cards are furnished here: and inside the guide for DLC Endurance:
  11. Hi everyone, I am writing here since I am looking for explanations too before going deep into Score Attacks and DLC Endurance solo and Coop. How do we know a card can be used several times or not? (It seems it can only takes 2 values: 1 or +infinity) Some cards can be sold, others not. Is there a link with the number of use? (see question 1) Does someone see the difference of colors between black, gold, brown, blue, etc. Thank for anything which can help!
  12. Okay, I am answering to my own question. If you have finished the story and the trophy has not unlocked, here are my conclusions: If sb missed the peepholes located in the center part, stairs of the house (Sven and Edie Snr bedroom, Gregory's bedroom, Calvin & Sam's Bedroom), it is a good idea to 1. replay Barbara's story 2. Go in the chest and turn right, you will arrive in the main stairs. I did not manage to go outside to check the first peephole (before entering in the garage). So I believe this (first) peephole is the only missable item for this gold trophy. Hoping this thread will be useful for others. Cheers!
  13. Hi everyone, during my first "blind" playthrough, I missed the peepholes at the very beginning, before the first character story. My issue is the following: I cannot access these peepholes by replaying a character story (apparently) and if I start a new playthrough, the game told me that it will erase my previous playthrough. Does sb see a solution or do I have to play the game again? Of course, it is okay it is not an huge RPG game 😉 ... I am asking the question here since I believe it can be useful for other players.
  14. Will there be a physical edition for this DLC/standalone? (it looks like the answer is yes according to the end of the trailer which puts xbox, ps4 and pc physical boxes)
  15. @KRIEGLERR: I have just finished ch. 4 (first playthrough, all tokens=> ruby, all 19 treasures in the chapter, 1 conversation missed and a few pictures). If I understood well, you missed the conversation in the temple ? If you miss the picture (and maybe a talk, I am not sure) and the 3 treasures in the temple after the ruby, I am afraid you have to do the tokens again. One obvious remark: go straight to the temple so that you have the locations of the tokens (I did not do it, so I was completely roaming the map at first, good for the treasures but not so much for the Hoysala tokens)