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  1. It's pretty straightforward. Have PS4 remote play running on your PC. Then open PS4 macro. Press touchpad on controller to begin recording, press the button combinations you want to use, press touchpad again to stop recording. Then mouse click on the play button on Macro dashboard to begin your loop. It's as easy as that.
  2. Just use PS4 Macro: Set it up to AFK the 3,000 Minutes on the novice battle simulator overnight.
  3. It's the bit in the middle of the faceplates that needs reworked haha
  4. You can track up to your first 250 hits. You're awarded a background for 50, 100 & 250 hits against a boss. From main menu select Extras then Offline Kombat History then press triangle to edit Kombat Card. Then scroll through to see if you have any, the Skull Rock background is awarded for 50 hits, Hit The Floor for 100 hits and Cold Funeral for 250. Not ideal but, you can gauge how long its gonna take you by how long it took to get any of those. Big thanks to all those who helped in the recent twitter protest, whoever you are. Especially those who made the alts to really rub it in.
  5. Thanks.
  6. On the gennymotion site it says that it costs 5 cents per minute per device. How much did it cost you to get the plat?
  7. I agree. I've mentioned that earlier in this thread that the replies, especially via their web support, seem to lean toward automated responses. If you look at page 5 of this thread it appears that last time the invasion boss was broken the first positive response from WB on September 17th 2019 was a public one on twitter after a combined effort by a small group of players. Within days people then got positive responses via web support before it was eventually fixed at a later date. Unfortunately, far less people seem interested in doing that now. I was actually playing the invasion boss, which was Sub Zero, on the day it stopped working. Hence, I'm going to keep checking myself in the morning, as knowing my luck I'll see someone earned the trophy say 2 hrs ago in the afternoon and log in to find its once again broke. This is WB after all. Here's the tweet that eventually broke the camels back and their response:
  8. I have MKXL disc version, another guy and myself didn't get any update until the 9th. When exactly it dropped in November however is unimportant, the fact it introduced nothing more than glorified ads for MK11 is what is most annoying. They have acknowledged/fixed problems with other games pre/post MKX which I consider to be a slap in the face. Not entirely sure what you mean by they only speak lip service but I agree that its unlikely privately messaging them will get anything fixed as I said in my previous post. A little bit of a combined effort of spamming their frequent MK11 tweets is all I'm proposing. A dozen or so people doing so over a period of time would be way more of a PR problem for them than hundreds of individuals sending in tickets. Even if it just results in them saying they're abandoning the game, at least we would know. Sick of booting up the game every day just to see a full page ad for MK11 and no invasion boss fix.
  9. "but take all feedback and reports such as this into consideration when designing future updates to the game." Haha, that is utter rubbish. They've been aware of the problem since late September. Despite this, they introduced a patch to the game on November 9th that introduced a tower in the online portion of the game called MK11 and a full page ad for MK11 too. Just a slap in the face for MKX owners, certainly ZERO consideration. I've sent in 4 tickets now to their web support, the last 2 have gone unanswered. I was in regular contact too via private message on twitter, they responded at first but have stopped there too since I asked if someone could please just publicly say they are aware of the problem. The last 4 or 5 messages have been read without response. Pretty much every other fighting game they've made on every other platform has had problems since this problem with MKX started. All without fail are immediately at least publicly acknowledged, most have long been fixed. You only have to look at the @WBGamesSupport tweets/replies history to confirm this. Personally, I believe the only way to remedy this is for a small group of dedicated people to spam all their tweets, whether that be WBGames, NetherRealm, Ed Boon, Kommunity managers & devs etc. Then, maybe, out of shear embarrassment, someone will at least publicly acknowledge that they're aware of it. Sending in private tickets/messages to these support people who all seem to have the most unusual christian names who then allegedly pass it on to some mysterious team is a waste of time at this point imo.
  10. Can't find your crew, there are a lot of crews with the 7777 tag. You don't appear to be in any of them. Could you send an invite? Thanks.
  11. Only myself and 1 other guy have tagged Boon in tweets about it on twitter in the last 6 weeks as far as I can tell. If there's some other way to message him directly I'm all ears.
  12. You need to successfully defend Nurnen, Seregost & Gorgoroth to complete the requirements for Stage 3 of shadow wars.
  13. I don't understand how the multiplayer trophies in MKX are all obtainable yet the single player online trophies are not. They should stick to films.
  14. Servers are up tho, all the multiplayer trophies are still obtainable. Surely more people will contact them once PS5 owners realise their promised free game is broken.
  15. You can message WB Games Support on twitter too, you actually get a human reply it seems, unlike when you contact them via their web support.