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  1. I didnt find S1 so difficult, mainly because i played it on PS2. But I'll give you this; Ms. Ruby rhythm section is way harder because it's desynced
  2. Monster hunter World, you've gone fair bit into it already
  3. From the latest Destiny expansion, Deep stone lullaby is so calm yet tells a story. Fan of droning music makes this better
  4. no theres none
  5. Found a YouTube video for all discoveries, followed that and got all discoveries in each environment. Trophy didnt pop, checked my stats in main menu and it says i got all 5 discoveries for each environment (aka 100%) and I even went back and rediscovered some and still no trophy.
  6. thankfully the third boss in Last Wish, Morgeth, is by far the fastest encounter (or it felt to us when we did a carry)
  7. thank god I did prestige raid, GM nightfalls seem to be insane
  8. Cant recommend anything
  9. Is there any limit to DLC trophy lists on psnp?
  10. @Mr-ttaM @Sword @ZoutjeNL @maiathewinners I can say the same sentiment, was good fun
  11. Only problem ive had is that the characters repeat voice lines and subtitles lag
  12. Payday 2, its intense, fun yet challenging
  13. excels in a large variety of genres
  14. Im down, looks interesting