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  1. the crew 2, checked to see new update, imho the crew 1 is still superior game
  2. those destiny 2 expansions hmm 🤔
  3. nope, Metro exodus?
  4. PS3: SSX, now that its almost winter time, i like to dive into winter sports games, badges are gonna be hard PS4: Destiny 2, oh man i am addicted to this game, so much stuff to do
  5. spyro aswell, looks fun!
  6. man you have horizon zero dawn on your account? I'd give that a go
  7. last 2 races on boss race series are a bitch, after that i only need to do boss slalom series, which is gonna be fun🙃
  8. brings me back to the old flatout games, but now with even better damage model system, cars can lose wheels, can be squished if you try to fit your reliant supervan inbetween two schoolbuses, body panels and even individual components like brakes or dampers can break. Some tracks have layouts where you have to cross oncoming traffic, adding to the carnage. I love it, especially when you have a limo and want to cause max damage. None of the cars use real car names but you can see what are their real world equivelants. What i found odd was when few cars tried to camicaze me for no reason( they weren't my rival either.
  9. Driveclub, before it closes down
  10. So much yes!
  11. really nice list except one online trophy, few games ive been waiting for
  12. id say im a cross breed. One thing thats been keeping me up at night thinking is why are people playing shitty games(or worse, stacking those same games) just to increase their number, like do you even enjoy games, where has the enjoyment gone? this is kinda hypocritical statement because ive played few shitty games, but nowadays i stay avay from those games, and i play what yhe fuck i want.
  13. lets have a moment of silence to this great game, it gave us so many good memories playing online
  14. good month, ill give a spin to both
  15. linkin park in 2015, my first ever gig, it was super awesome