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  1. Midnight club Midnight club 2 Midnight club 3 Dub remix Midnight club LA
  2. ratchet: gladiator cuz it's really good game🙂
  3. may like soulsborne titles😂
  4. now i wish sony would copy microsoft and what they have done with gamepass ultimate, one purchase you get ps plus and ps now
  5. Hello, does the veteran exploit work in 1.15?
  6. The crew 1 - wild run Just cause 3 - sky fortress
  7. to my understanding this sale is not forcing you to get plus, you just get double the saving compared to non plus user
  8. Steep 100% because i thought i would never get the last gold medals on hard events
  9. id recommend onrush, it is really, really fun
  10. yea new york seems to be longest sadly, miss those 2+ hours faction missions
  11. Platinum achiever and who likes variety
  12. i absolutely love the music from ratchet and clank series, especially this
  13. Dark Souls, omg have fun
  14. oh this turned into arguing, how surprising