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  1. Update: I got Way and meteorain done! I'm so impressed in myself
  2. Ive played SR 2, 3, IV, and Gat out of hell And from my playing, 3 is my second favorite (none can beat 2). 3 is still a good time, last good one of the series as of now. Gang stuff is fun, so is buying property. plus Oleg
  3. DL is a very good game, I played this mostly in 2 player coop. I dislike how you cant enter the epilogue in multiplayer tho
  4. way of the machine and meteorain are the only extremes ive not done. as far as challenges: speedcuber, anger, and 3 birds 1 stone are really really though
  5. Im almost at the end of the game, collecting seeds to make the cure and while running from portal to portal, I already got stuck several times. This happened with other alien bases as well. Sadly Im running the latest version and I doubt the devs will update this.
  6. this doesnt bother me, Saints Row 2 is one of my fav games and that doesnt have trophy support. On ps2 theres a game called midnight club 3 dub edition remix and it is one of my childhood fav games, maybe all time (RIP Midnight Club)
  7. I was wondering about how you came with your username, well now I know Otherwise very interesting picks, Im not a JRPG fan at all but looking forward to more posts
  8. GRID (2019)


    Now that I've completed every trophy (apart from around the globe) I could talk about this.

    For a racer this is decent, Codies havent taken any risks with this and it shows, it succeedes in what it has to do; keeping the grid name around. The handling is much better than grid 2, you cannot drift faster around corners now lmao


    the main career path has so much to do and the diversity in driving machines is really really good, theres everything from junior formulas, V8 supercars, GT3, DPi, time attack, stock, tuners, various single-make events, even Fernando Alonsos title winning F1 car from 2006!

    DLC adds many fun cars, my fav being the BTCC Volvo and track day GT cars, I just wish they got lambos since DLC3 is literally about track day hypercars (no Sesto Elemento or Reventon cmon)


    Every trophy is fine except Around the globe, such an awful trophy, by the time I got 1st in every career event I was at 10% distance needed for the trophy.

    Codies, What. The. Fuck

  9. car recommendations?
  10. not keen on leaving my ps4 on for nights, so what are some good XP gains? I've used the airfield alot and its decent, but I need some variety, tandem mode any good?
  11. I used the FD RX-7 for my backwards, stock ultimate setup
  12. I get that, Yareli aint the frame I want to hunt for, her kit seems so lackluster and main gimmick being she has her own K-Drive? No thanks. I missed the last nightwave so this new one with rewards reintroduced is fine by me. Thank you so much! Thanks! Theres a welcoming community when you go back I was burned out many times haha, yearly trophy thing is interesting
  13. welcome to the fray!
  14. Its been a long and tedious journey to complete this game. Little backstory; I got my Ps4 in march 2018, but I was eager to play this game maybe a year prior, I played some games that came with my bundle and after, at the end of the month of march I decided to download WF. At first I didnt pay attention to the trophy list and just played normally. The start in this game is not very noob friendly and from yt vids and forums i've read it still isnt better in 2021. The main list is pretty easy: just level up different guns, many of which you can buy from the ingame market with basic currency called credits, additionally you'll get introduced to modding on a veery basic level (again, poor tutorial). Modding is very important later in the game so I encourage to look up yt tutorials. The devs have supported this game for many years, with new trophies coming with major updates like the Plains of Eidolon (my fave update, the first of 3 open spaces in the game). Some DLC trophies are really time consuming (Rank 5 Kuva Liches, theres no point in keeping the lich alive to max of 5), or they can feel like roadblocks at times (looking at you Second Dream). I am going to warn you, THIS GAME IS A TIMESINK, getting to those quests and later grinds require you to know your way around the solar system, so Initial playtime of 10s of hours is recommended. Later on you'll need to build a Railjack; RJ is a giant space vessel in which you can explore the deep space and partake in dogfights. You need a clan dojo to build one and if youre like me and run your clan by yourself, then its going to be a giant recource sink, so keep that in mind. In addition you need to build a dry dock first to house the ship. Worst trophies have to be riding 1 million meters in a K-Drive; its the WF version of a hoverboard and you can ride those in the 3 open spaces (Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna and Gambion drift), completing all K-drive races in Fortuna, theres 20 and only 5 are active each day, and duplicates can occour so you'll be waiting possibly weeks for one race. Having others help benefits you greatly; especially with a Eidolon Teralyst fight, lucky for you the game is really popular. overall I enjoy this game to this day way after getting 100% now that i've returned to the game. I think main thing that helped me to push to the end was that I took many several month breaks. Difficulty 2/10 all things considered
  15. too close for comfort