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  1. thankfully the third boss in Last Wish, Morgeth, is by far the fastest encounter (or it felt to us when we did a carry)
  2. thank god I did prestige raid, GM nightfalls seem to be insane
  3. Cant recommend anything
  4. Is there any limit to DLC trophy lists on psnp?
  5. @Mr-ttaM @Sword @ZoutjeNL @maiathewinners I can say the same sentiment, was good fun
  6. Only problem ive had is that the characters repeat voice lines and subtitles lag
  7. Payday 2, its intense, fun yet challenging
  8. excels in a large variety of genres
  9. Im down, looks interesting
  10. id say 10-11 hours with double XP, i've mostly been playing shipment 24/7 playlist, domination is good score vise if you play the objective
  11. have done 15 and still hasn't popped
  12. Mysticryan Lawless Llama Nightrusticdawn
  13. Nej, God of War Ps4?
  14. for january: Watch Dogs 2 Metal Gear Survive