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  1. NFS Rivals, doing all 120 speedlists took a good while
  2. D3: Reaper of Souls
  3. might pick up burnout paradise remastered. Nice list!
  4. oh i thought it was a dlc map lol,I play mostly for fun so this is basically impossible. Must have taken the track maker a REALLY long time to make this
  5. Saints row 2, just right mix of stupid and serious moments, and the activities were awesome Burnout paradise, really good fun
  6. oh god there is a harder track than inferno IV? Jesus
  7. Saints row 4 is a good one
  8. inferno V is going to be hellish
  9. fallout 4 benevolent leader, its a nightmare😬
  10. Gunship - The video game champion, these guys are so good!
  11. shaun white snowboarding 🙂
  12. Fuse (the shooter by insomniac games)
  13. Yea, with super fast plats I meant skipping them. Its a different story if you actually play it for the story, I myself am not into them, same with telltale games
  14. Very nice list! I wonder when midnight club 3 dub ed. is being released, I love that game
  15. i dont mind easy games like the lego games, but i try to avoid super fast plats (visual novels or whatnot). I also do not region stack.