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  1. Steep 100% because i thought i would never get the last gold medals on hard events
  2. id recommend onrush, it is really, really fun
  3. yea new york seems to be longest sadly, miss those 2+ hours faction missions
  4. Platinum achiever and who likes variety
  5. i absolutely love the music from ratchet and clank series, especially this
  6. Dark Souls, omg have fun
  7. oh this turned into arguing, how surprising
  8. Interesting logic, i have somewhat lost the magic of trophies, or atleast the joy i get from trophies has gone down. This is mainly cause i got so many trophies in march that i feel that i should maybe step back a little and consider just seeing the ending to be enough, like you mentioned.
  9. when is this update releasing?
  10. thanks for the heads up, quess i have to fire it back up sometime
  11. NFS Rivals, doing all 120 speedlists took a good while
  12. D3: Reaper of Souls
  13. might pick up burnout paradise remastered. Nice list!
  14. oh i thought it was a dlc map lol,I play mostly for fun so this is basically impossible. Must have taken the track maker a REALLY long time to make this
  15. Saints row 2, just right mix of stupid and serious moments, and the activities were awesome Burnout paradise, really good fun *Edit* I have been playing paradise again and I believe its one of the best racing games ever, I forgot how amazing this game was