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  1. Not sure if you still need this info but yes it does work I went PS5->PS4 via Ubisoft cloud save and just did one of everything for the collectible trophies to pop etc. Redone one of each specific operative kill for them to pop etc I was only left with the mission and upgrade tech trophies so had to do a new play through for that. Didn’t take long! The biggest win was not having to do any of the paste up or drinks again
  2. Totally agree with you there mate. I have guides on both and i tend to use the PST average to base mine on and not my own experience. I think it's more fair that way. I always check both sites if i'm 50/50 about a game anyway to get a more generalised overlook
  3. Great post dude, i have added it into the guide and credited yourself and the video author. Great little find
  4. i agree with OP. Played this years ago on plus and found it way more difficult than a 3 in places. Its now stuck at 50% odd and a stain to my profile lol I do wish guides on this site did a general difficulty like on playstation trophies, as most can be skill dependent, guides need to be balanced out a bit more to suit all
  5. If you just want to finish off the plat and be done with it then it's easy done and doesn't take long but as a long running battlefield fan with thousands of hours across all of them. I dropped this heap as soon as the last trophy pinged. No replay value at all. Just boost in community games and get rid
  6. I’ve only just started (playing on PS5 with a PS4 disc) and although I do believe the game will be amazing, I’m still seeing the bugs. My weapons don’t load all the time on screen, NCP cars all stop randomly and don’t move, then they just disappear. The open world is empty, and honestly it doesn’t play like you’d expect at all. Doesn’t feel smooth, sluggish movements but maybe I’m just being picky. I don’t normally bother with small things like I’ve mentioned but it does make me wonder just how bad it was at the start if these things are still present. Shocking really. I should of waited for the PS5 release but this sort of game is right up my street. So far I’m not impressed but I still see the potential and will continue, hopefully I will be absorbed into the story enough not to bother about the small things PS are your characters meant to randomly stay naked for a few seconds whilst changing clothes? I also looked in a mirror and had an armless naked chick staring at me for a bit before it loaded in 😂
  7. Why not? The guide is good from what I’ve seen but PSNPs layout is more efficient IMO and more popular. People don’t want to log into here, check this thread and then load into another tab just to get to the guide (unless they favourite it) As a guide writer myself, I have the same ones across multiple sites and can see the benefit
  8. Get it transferred dude, doesn’t take long
  9. Well this is on sale in the spring sale so that kills that
  10. Ah sorry I missed that but the fact it is unavailable for purchase in the store might lean more towards it being possible?
  11. Just seen a leak suggesting this will be part of the April PS plus line up. Checked the PlayStation store via the app and it’s saying it’s not available for purchase! Anybody else have it like that too? If it is in the line up how does it play? Looks like my sort of game but not heard much about it. Any glitches trophies, missable, decent guides? Happy Hunting Edit : Link https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/comicbook.com/gaming/amp/news/playstation-plus-games-free-ps4-ps5-april-2021/ April PS Plus games: https://blog.playstation.com/2021/03/31/playstation-plus-games-for-april-days-gone-oddworld-soulstorm-and-zombie-army-4-dead-war/
  12. Having played tomb raider for most my childhood, I finally jumped into the reboots with Rise and was hooked, I loved everything about it apart from the time trials (stuck at 98% no plat) and had no complaints. Immediately started Shadow and gave up within a few hours. Have picked it up here and there but honestly it’s lacking something! Doesn’t help the story went from 0-100 instantly with a pretty basic already done story arc. Luckily it’s one of the easiest ones but it’ll be a drag to 100%
  13. Auto plat popped for me too no problem at all. Just a suggestion, maybe let the entire game download first just to avoid any mishaps like mentioned! Although personally I thought that would of been a tad obvious but there you go
  14. Damn. That’s a bummer!
  15. It must be surely! Isn’t character progression server based? A bit like destiny (I assume) and I heard they are enabling cross-saves so you can swap and change between your PS consoles. If all the above is true than autopop must be a thing. Fingers crossed. Don’t fancy doing 50 hive again