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  1. Since I started this game the anthem ‘error retrieving pilot data’ issue has been a complete game breaker for me. I constantly have to reload the game, it kicks me out at the end of a mission or at the start of one. The longest I’ve gone without the issue is about 45 minutes! The forge never seems to load well and missions disappear and chop about. It’s a nightmare. my research into this, I’ve found this was a big issue across all platforms years ago back during release but I’ve not seen any new forums or blogs about this error recently. None of my fiends who play this have come across it and it also seems there wasn’t a known fix when it all started. From what I can gather it was EA blaming people’s set ups and gamers playing EA servers ive never had an online issue with any game, destiny, COD, battlefields, soul caliber, injustice etc! I’m playing on ps5 using an external hard drive to store the game. Internet is very good Any anthem veterans got a fix because I’m really enjoying this game but There’s no way I could sink 100 hours like this though
  2. Just noticed on the 100% fastest achiever board that someone’s done it in under 3 hours (2hrs 52) can PS3 be hacked? Their time stamps are pretty irregular on other games too. Impressive to do an entire campaign and achieve nearly 222 kills per minute. If I'm Correct, there’s no cross play between versions either. Meaning the person in second spot achieved the 80k kills across both versions in under 6 days for both! Magical Honestly what is the point
  3. Do the 10k kills cross over?? Because that’s damn crazy talk dude. Well played if you can do it
  4. I disagree completely. Had zero issues in main game and dlc on both ps4 and ps5. The game plays very well compared to some other games on release recently! I get the frustration though, glitched trophies drive me mad. I just used the same character each time, concentrated on collectibles straight away and always waited a second or two after each one before moving on. Zero problems Easy, picked up files and skipped them or exit the screen after it came up effectively ticking them. My character collected all of them, crouching or standing, no bots! I did the first mission then did all side missions, collecting any file I saw around the map in free roam (mainly in restricted Areas) only used Aiden, trophy popped at 64 during a side mission. Did it over multiply sittings, rest mode on the PS5. Don’t think I died before getting it but can’t be sure
  5. I regret starting it already, even for this price! I’ve not even made it out of the ‘tutorial’ and it’s crashing with server issues every 2-5 minutes! With the long loading screens either end and limited progress this is beyond a joke i’m playing on the PS5 with damn good internet
  6. Original it was major bugged after a previous update but this is the first time I’ve heard of any issues since! The trophy support for this game has just been very messy glad you got it
  7. I know you’re saying you used the same character but did you use anything other than the person to collect? The drone or spider bot? Theory is that collecting it this way could glitch the trophy out. So only collect it physically with Aiden. Worked fine on my PS4 and PS5 version it’s deffo not ‘glitched’ buggy and specific maybe
  8. I got mine on collectible 64. Using The first character only! Both polled fine on PS4 and PS5. I don’t think it’s glitched, just use the same character like in the main game
  9. If you have the DLC try and spawn into any of their maps and back again. Worked for me on one of the DLC missions, the mission just wouldn’t spawn until I did it
  10. Have you uploaded the save to the Ubisoft cloud? It’s not the normally PS save on the PS plus cloud. This is done in game, on the menu where continue or new game would be. It says ‘upload save to cloud’ and that’s the one you need All story mission do not auto pop doing this by the way. Or upgrades. I had to do the story again on my PS5 version. The save does however do all your collectibles thank god. You just have to do one of everything again to make them pop (one more audio file, redo a paint job, start the football game, play one round of darts etc)
  11. Thanks dude! It’s the damn admiral I've missed twice
  12. Thanks a bunch! Huge help and I’m pretty sure I got all of them. It’s short so I’ll have to load an earlier save and try again Edit- second play through and I have the first 9. The ones I’m missing are from the tents at main camp during story. Unmissable ones, can’t find them anywhere
  13. Are you 100% sure ‘De Vespe Secret Archives’ is not missable? I’ve completed the story, got all weapons and searched all over the new map and nothing. I got the two random ones in the ‘ruins’ at the bottom left of the new map and all story related ones Only thing I can think of is I missed speaking to the admiral (I think) at one stage before travelling back to search in the camp. Does he give you any files? also nauts are my enemy so I’m not sure if that makes a difference either
  14. Soooo is it fixed 😂 picked up the digital version cheap and looking forward to it but glitches are an instance no no