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  1. I have exactly 100 games that are over 50% (the shame) making it 142 under <50 which most are under 20
  2. Mikem192. Let’s get started literally the best first trophy possible IMO
  3. Sorry for the late reply bro. With the vita it has no R2 and L2 buttons making the skills and hoover board trophies difficult. Reading forums I’m not the only one! On a console no doubt it’s a lot easier for sure
  4. I answered a call today, he was down when I arrived. Perfect situation for the trophy description! Nothing... revived them and got nothing it’s broken for sure
  5. Ratchet and clank on the vita is no way easy. It’s a nightmare
  6. I’ve written a guide for this on PlayStationtrophies.org. I have no idea where to even start with it on this site but I’d be happy too until then here’s a link https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/guns-of-icarus-alliance-ps4-edition/333016-guns-icarus-alliance-trophy-guide-roadmap.html the grind is real
  7. Same man, I hate this bf and I’ve played them since bad company. I just need to get the 500k and I’m out
  8. Also the tutorial one should be one of the first, not last trophy to be earnt
  9. Assassins creed 3! Never played it