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  1. Sad to see a topic like this. Ghosts of T has completely changed my ‘quickly plat the game and move on’ way of things. I got the platinum just as the new update installed and I was just as excited to start again as I was the first time. Yes, it is that good! TLOU 2 and plat 350 will have to wait Fuck the 100%, the MP is class, co op is epic. Me and a friend completed the co op story’s that night as we couldn’t stop. Even if the raid breaks my 100% due to others I don’t care. It’s another reason to play this beautiful game It also shows other Devs how things should be done. Which isn’t a bad thing Buy it
  2. a 1/10 lol ok. Weird flex. how on earth did you complete a 110hr game in 1day17hours? and fortnite in 3 hours? curious
  3. Truth but I’ve hit 2 characters at 150 and another close already. But true none the less! Also good gear in those DNA chests
  4. Really? So me doing daily bosses and opening DNA chests on repeat every damn day has been pointless? Damn
  5. Couldn’t of out it better myself! Picked this up for £30 from eBay (steal) and sunk a few hours into it last night for the first time admittedly I’m not far in but normally with these types of games I’ll just smash out each location straight away and not care much on the side stories. Not with this, it’s beautiful and is seamlessly smooth. Going to take my time with this one
  6. Hives and DNA chests to go and it’s hard to keep going. With Ghost of T and TLOU2 loaded up and ready it’s hard to keep motivated for this crap
  7. Not possible as you only get one power play per player per game Grinding this game solo is soul destroying though
  8. Yep. Completed the game about 5 years ago and only had a few challenges left. using the second video posted I managed to do it in about 10 mins
  9. This is by far the easiest and quickest method i have tried and its got me the plat!! thanks
  10. I did challenge 1-4 solo and 5 in co op with 3 others. I got the trophy no problem and so did another who only needed the fifth. Did just do a elite heroic and got nothing though
  11. Their arguments have been pretty poor. Don’t know who they think they are that they can outright tell people they made a bad choice buying the game and ‘wasted’ their money. I spent £75 on the deluxe edition and have no regrets... my money, my opinion! FFXV was great
  12. Personally I’ve not experienced any problems. Odd glitch here and there but nothing game breaking and I agree the story was amazing. I have to agree with the OP though, the post game is getting boring pretty quickly. Even Destiny/Division would keep me interested for a few months after each update. Just over a week in on this and I’m feeling the chore already. Only two bosses? On repeat? Boring Having said that I’m excited for the games future, the endless directions it could go, all the characters and story arcs they could choose. It’s the start of a much bigger picture and will only get better. I just hope they put their focus into polishing up the game better
  13. Do you have the correct ability where you can pick up 3 separate items at one time using L2? it’s not just hit 3 enemies with one item
  14. Deffo not missable so A very misleading post! Also pointless. would be nice to replay all missions though so nice to know it’s coming
  15. Perfection