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  1. Legend! Thanks for this I thought my game glitched 😂
  2. I’ve completed all levels, twice now including the last mission and the arcade mode hasn’t unlocked. I am assuming it pops after you finish home sweet home? I’ve restarted the game a few times with no luck Edit- found on the NA forum that it isn’t a new mode, it’s playing the arcade machine in chapter one. Solved ‘Chapter 1. In the building Major Payne's the Arcade will be to the left. Need to brake the door down in the back and look under the boxes for a quarter’ why the forums don’t all link in between versions is beyond me
  3. Thanks mate! I can also confirm the same as it happened to me when I got mine (eventually)
  4. Just talk to Filbo back in town and he will direct you straight to the mailbox. Claim all your post story platinum letters Then speak to Snorpy
  5. We love a good moan don’t we lol Not a great month but by far not the worst! Would of overlooked Ghostrunner personally so will try that, Ark is just another Conan isn’t it so that’ll be rushed, sonic is a nice change of pace and legends is class if you haven’t played it. However they should of made a separate list for Legends as that may put off some of us @Abby_TheLastofUs cracking post and info. Saves plugging across both site guides for each game! Thanks
  6. I used iron man I think, controlling him was far better than using anybody else! Some of the Lego races suck for sure
  7. Just claimed this in the UK! Nice surprise
  8. Does saving a PK work or does it have to be a survivor? Probably a silly question but they are all I’m getting as I’ve assigned all factions to them so far (one place remaining) I wonder if going fully survivor would change this to mainly them needing to be saved Edit- just read above that they don’t seem to count! That sucks
  9. It’s not broken though, I paid for the ultimate edition and it works perfectly for me. Money well spent in my eyes. I get you’re pissed with your experience but don’t slam the game for it, these glitches are rare compared to fully working games. The way you lot slam games defiantly goes too far lol Log your complaint, wait for a response/fix and get over it i loved Cyperpunk by the way, but waited ages for the updates. Didn’t affect my life a single damn bit having the disc sitting there waiting. The backlash from the game nearly ruined CD project, yet the same moaning fools would of cried if they went bust due to it and couldn’t release more Witcher, just an example
  10. Not exactly a AAA studio though are they? I get that games should come out in a decent shape, for me this game most defiantly has. Nothing major for me, who’s to say most of their play testers had a good experience so how was they to know some of the issues. Developers are under pressure from fans and their own directors to get games out faster for profit, or you know there was a pandemic which didn’t help or the fact they are just people who oh my can make mistakes. The fact games are progressing so far and so fast as they get bigger and better graphically which will increase possible issues. it’s not a perfect release but it’s getting way more hate than it deserves. It’s not cyberpunk, it’s not Battlefield 2042 or a yearly repolish FIFA or COD. Gamers moaning at every little detail is getting pretty boring now, if you don’t like the state of the game on release then don’t pre order. Don’t moan about it. Just shut up and let them fix their issues and then get it later on if you must. Atleast they are acknowledging the issues and addressing them, including trophies which is rare for devs these days I gather all the people moaning have never made mistakes or cut corners in their own jobs to meet demands
  11. I thought the same but it’s not always that, even with weapon out at times it bugs out. Not a huge issue and your theory is the correct form of action sometimes
  12. No, that’s just playing the PS4 version on the PS5. Might have a small patch to up the games ability on the 5 but it’s not the actual version
  13. Nothing personally trophy wise. I made backups before each known one just incase but was fine! There are a few annoying issues though -co-op rarely works -When it does, coming out of it caused my main mission marker to disappear, I appeared in the Hakon tunnel mission alone and unable to progress once too. Random side missions reappeared etc BUT just going back into co-op or dying refreshed it all and it worked out fine -clunky controls/parkour -R3 sense stops working (normally at the worst possible time) Admittedly as much as I stick up for the game (because it is amazing otherwise) the trophies are very much not thought about. I hope they bring in NG+
  14. Easy fix if you plan ahead Got the PS4 plat, after receiving star lords third item I DID NOT speak to Gamora in the room afterwards. Carried on and got the plat. loaded up ps5, all popped apart from Guardian collectible, started chapter 7 and spoke to her in the room and it popped. Easy peasy. Speaking to her seems to trigger the collection
  15. Glad it helped!