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  1. Started using Ancient Forest for my Kushala investigations again and got it on the second try. Feels kind of anti-climactic but at least it's done.
  2. Probably a moot point by now but the only thing I was having trouble with at all was the grinding. The eggs you can just barely tilt the sticks until you get the flash, the oil you can just spin L stick until you get the flash, and the chopping is obviously easy. I still haven't figured out the grinder but if you equip the Gourmand Ring, you can get it the way that you think you would: Just hitting the stick right before the ring gets there. Pretty sure it takes three hits for Excellent to pop.
  3. According to my 2018 Playstation roundup email, I have 601 hours and have been missing giant Kushala for what feels like the last 200 . Haven't played it in a few months. Maybe the Appreciation Fest is a good excuse to jump back in.
  4. Hell of a tip. Good stuff
  5. I want to see exactly zero "PS2 on PS4" games but as for total remasters I would have to go with Gungrave/Overdose or The Punisher
  6. Probably Bloodbath because it's easy and even if I still had my PS3, it's EU only.
  7. I haven't noticed any of those issues in general but there were a couple of level specific instances. In Fumbling In The Dark in Crash 1 there is a set of two timed platforms and the second one kills all your momentum. I feel like there's a moving platform in there that's not moving at the right speed as well but that could have been on purpose. I also have only played through the first and am now on Cortex Strikes Back so they could be more prevalent in 2 and 3.
  8. This thread had me worried at first but you guys brought it back and saved it in the end. Rode the D-Pad all the way to the Plat.
  9. Not much that's been confirmed for me, sadly. Red Dead 2 is probably the highest on my list. Horizon comes out in a couple of days, the N. Sane Trilogy and maybe the Kingdom Hearts collections are cool but they're both releases of games I've played. Prey, Tekken 7, Yooka-Laylee, and Toukiden 2 are possibilities.
  10. I had just finished the "Locate the Gravity Stabilizer" objective on the final Deplanetizer level and was back in the room with the two Drek statues. I equipped the Glove of Doom, used it, and it increased to Level 4. When that happened my screen glitched out and my health went to zero. Then the scene started playing from the first Deplanetizer level where Drek gets the jump on Ratchet. I skipped it and it loaded me onto Veldin like it would normally after that scene plays. The problem is that now I can't do anything in the Deplanetizer. If I press Options it says I have no active objective but on my map screen it says "Head to the Core". If I go back to the room with the statues, no enemies spawn and if I return to the room with the Trespasser puzzle, the shield doesn't go down and the Swingshot target doesn't come up. Looking at walkthroughs on YouTube I can see that enemies are supposed to spawn out of the corner doors and then the one side door that you eventually go through to continue. Of course this would happen at the last section of the last level.
  11. Contributing to the quality music posts. I'm not as big on Zepplin, but these should suffice.
  12. It's The Witcher 3, but I don't have a picture of it because I handed it off to my cousin as soon as I got it so I could concentrate on other things, so here's a video of Captain America beating up a bunch of in an elevator.