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  1. Hi !!! I just want to unlock stage 21 and the unlock conditions are "Mission 05 cleared with conditions met". I keep playing Mission 5 and it says it is a success but the Mission 21 branch does not unlock. What´s going on here? What am I doing wrong? Any ideas? btw. How can I solo a Mission for the trophy "Battlefield Wolf"?
  2. Hi !!! Don´t want to make a new thread but I don´t know what I have to do to get the "Lawful not Awful" Complete the game as the hero of the citizens trophy. Maybe I have to go through the game again without any civilian getting killed? Or maybe I have to use the sin eraser to set back all my sins? I really don´t know. Any ideas? Edit: Got it. Never mind.
  3. Hi !!! There are 2 versions for the PS4 listed. A 100% and a platinum version. Does anybody know which version is acutally available on the EU or/and the US Store. Is it the 100% or the platinum version?
  4. I´m a little bit confused right now. I finished the arcade mode on experienced but did not get the trophy. Does this extra level after beating the architect belong to the arcade mode? I thought this is some kind of an extra world and got nothing to do with the normal arcade mode. So i have to beat the architect and the supreme AI for the trophy "experienced"?
  5. Me too. What I don´t understand is that there are already some guys who have the game. Is that some kind of early access thing? It´s not unusual to have retail earlier but download only titles ? How does that work?