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  1. Anyone still going for Objective Raid, msg me. I am trying to get it, but its quite impossible..
  2. Is the private network workaround as easy as connecting the ps3 to a desktop computer or do I have to do something else? Also deleting the patch set me back to lvl 1 so I do not reccomend that! Luckily I had a backup save but it still set me back 5 levels..
  3. Hey guys! Going thru and hearting everything in here! Please help me as well!
  4. Oh okay, i just misunderstood what the trophy description said! Thanks Also is there any definite list of ALL of the online trophies that you cant do solo? I see in the guides it doest say anything about online in the overview but then the trophy description says online.
  5. Ah so its save-dependent and not linked to your profile? Then its no big deal! Thanks!
  6. I played this game some when we got it for free on psn but never toutched it again before the server shutdown news. I see now that I have completed one road rule with bikes before completing 10 timed challenges with cars. Will this lock me out of the trophy or do i still have a chance of 100% this game?