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  1. On 15/11/2018 at 2:32 PM, PhoenixIKN said:

    Honestly I can't tell but I just put on some podcasts and zoned out...took me forever but got in the end.
    There is a method for getting double EXP if you have the digital version, I'm going to put it out here just in case someone will need it.

    FYI I found this method when I was at level 45 :( it made the last 5 levels easy but hopefully people will find this before they are in the same position as I was.

    1)Disconnect your ps3 from the internet (either WiFi or Ethernet cable)

    2)Connect an Ethernet cable from you PS3 to your computer, basically making it a private net work.
    3)Launch RDR and go to Single player
    4)Go from single player to LAN in multiplayer

    If done correctly, even if you have the latest patch you will receive double EXP even if the Hideout summary will say differently 
    I.E I went to Azul (best hideout in my opinion) and the summary said I got 1250 EXP but actually I received in the EXP bar 2500.

    NOTE! this is true to the digital standard version, if you have the physical disc you can just uninstall the patch and get TRIPLE EXP. Don't know if it works for GOTY, I heard it does from someone else.

    Happy Hunting and I hope this helps, I'm off to the sunset now!



    Is the private network workaround as easy as connecting the ps3 to a desktop computer or do I have to do something else? 

    Also deleting the patch set me back to lvl 1 so I do not reccomend that! Luckily I had a backup save but it still set me back 5 levels..


  2. I played this game some when we got it for free on psn but never toutched it again before the server shutdown news.


    I see now that I have completed one road rule with bikes before completing 10 timed challenges with cars. 


    Will this lock me out of the trophy or do i still have a chance of 100% this game?