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  1. It worked for about 3 grinded weapons and then it stopped accepting my guns Edit: nevermind,you gotta use the same weapon. Either 3 rifles or 3 pistols and itll let you grind them
  2. Platinums should be a guaranteed for every game just like how any xbox game grants 1000G.
  3. This is how we do it,we are just 4 people so we do it at duos. The leaders of each team have to be in the same region , for example : 2 people from U.S as hosts or 2 people from UK. We usually have to try a few times before we are into the same match and IF we get in the same match we gotta pray for the item we need to actually be there. If not we try again,thats how ive done it and im not aware of any other way.
  4. Not sure,we always drown ourselves after the kill to be on the safe side.
  5. True,i can confirm this aswell. I tried yesterday with a guy and it went smoothly,only problem was finding the right weapon but with patience it's much better than running around for hours and get nothing done. If you wanna join our daily boosting session let me know,ill make one in the "sessions" section aswel now that i know its a viable option
  6. Cool,thanks for the encouragement it does seem possible just very tedious cus ppl usually dodge them. Do you know if molotov counts?
  7. So,i just started this game and the trophies arent necessarily impossible just veryyyyy long due to the nature of the game. Matches take TOO long and i know the worst one is prolly gonna be get 50 kills with a grenade,does anybody know of a boosting method? Im thinking of getting some ppl together then try to matchmake in solo FPP and see what happens,if anybody is interested hit me up on psn. I don't make a boosting session because i don't know if its possible to do it consistenly so this is mainly a thread to discuss whether or not its possible.
  8. So, about the new season of gwent. Any beta players who may have an idea of when this should be available? I looked everywhere but I haven't found anything official. I wanna know because i'll be needing that border for the trophy,is the border a guaranteed in the new season rewards tree?
  9. If anyone wants to test this out message me on PSN
  10. Thanks! Exactly what i wanted to know, they do seem very luck based but to be fair,these may happen eventually through all the grind and matches needed for other trophies ^^,im just glad i dont need to do a perfect arena match. My god ! Really appreciate it 👍
  11. So, I don't understand some trophy descriptions because im not entirely into card/witcher games but i did Platinum Hand of the gods a few months back, it was HELL for me because i had to do a flawless arena run (12-0) Is there something as ridiculous as that in this list that im not Catching up to? Id appreciate it if someone with the knowledge answered before i dive into this game, thanks.
  12. This game just came out but i heard the Online is dead, i saw theres mp trophies so im wondering if i can boost this game somehow? Thanks.
  13. From what i see anubis seems to be the easiest one, the other 2 are difficult even on easy. I cant even find matches on hard though. :/
  14. So,we all know that sonyrewards is region blocked for the rest of the world but U.S citizens. i have enough to redeem a 10 dollar gift card but i am not a U.S citizen ,i registered in the website thanks to the help of a friend and i can get her to redeem my code but i am afraid of getting banned because i live in another country. Have you guys redeemed codes even though youre outside of the united states? My playstation account its american btw. If this isnt the right place to post this im sorry,ill delete and post it where its due. Thanks for your replies : D
  15. ive gone 9 and 0 alot of times,same with 11 and 0. i actually had a pass in which i lost the first but won 12 consecutively,lol. i should have the trophy because i was actually on my 12th match and i totally had it set up to win,the guy had 10 hp and next turn i wouldve been able to beat him but the game put me back to the menu and when i checked i had a loss! what the fuck? .______. If you guys wanna boost let me know,rightnow the system is set so you matchmake against anyone regardless of how many wins or losses they have,so its boosteable rightnow.. it really is very annoying as it requires you to get constantly lucky for 12 consecutively matches,not to mention u gotta get lucky each turn with each card you draw too and pray to god the game doesnt disconnect you and give you a L