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  1. Tomb Raider: Underworld (PS3) 44% > 64% Stray 0% > 79% Dishonored 2 14% Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 9% > 21% > 27% Wasteland 3 9% Kingdom Come: Deliverance 5% Cyberpunk 2077 (PS5) 1% Lamentum 0% > 59% > 100% Hollow Knight 0% > 2% > 100% Mass Effect 0% > 35% > 100% Mass Effect 2 0% > 27% Okami HD 0% > 5% > 8% Going Under 0% > 4% > 47% > 86% > 95% Guardians of the Galaxy 0% > 100% Teslagrad 0% > 100% Total sum of percentages 110/1500 > 326/1500 > 486/1500 > 616/1500 > 829/1500 Update #4 Changes from previous update in Bold, swaps in Purple, completed games in Blue, and additions to the list in Green. I’m going to have to use the last of my swaps (3/3) on Resident Evil 5. I could have sworn I owned an old copy but seem to have misplaced it in my pit of a house, so Stray comes in instead. Some good progress in this update and I’ve now passed halfway for my (as usual) overambitious list. Finished games first: 14. Guardians of the Galaxy 0% > 100% There are two things I dislike while playing games, following a collectibles guide for a game where I’m enjoying the story, and second playthroughs to cleanup collectibles in games where I don’t find the gameplay very fun. For this one I resigned myself early on to having to do the latter as I really didn’t want to interrupt the flow of a surprisingly good story. The devs really nailed the aesthetic and characters, and paired with a decent story that made for a thoroughly enjoyable first playthrough. The gameplay though really started to grate towards the end. Wave after wave of the same enemies, especially in the later chapters, really got quite boring and frustrating. That feeling was trebled when going back for the collectibles run which left a bit of a sour taste. If I had my time again I’d probably avoid the second playthrough at all costs. Solid 8/10 though, if they give a bit more variety in the enemy encounters I’d happily play a sequal. 13. Going Under 0% > 4% > 47% > 86% > 95% Having got the platinum and with only the dlc content to do I think I might be done with Going Under for two reasons. 1. The DLC challenges seem quite difficult and while I have made limited runs in the dlc area all my runs to grind to purchase the skills has left me a bit burnt out. As well as that my save file has 2. Developed a glitch whereby the game gets stuck at the first loading screen, I can get into the game eventually but by now it is taking many restarts and I’m not sure I can be bothered. Might come back in the highly unlikely event I finish everything else, but probably done with this. 4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 9% > 21% > 27% 11. Mass Effect 2 0% > 27% I’ll lump these two together since I’ve talked about them previously and really just plugging away with the story in both cases. Almost finished with the AC odyssey story and continue to be unimpressed but still chipping away slowly. ME2 I’m enjoying so far, found the first one to be a bit better mechanically and have found most of the changes to be things I don’t appreciate but I will give it an extended chance since I seem to have picked up from various sources that this is the best one of the original 3. 2. Stray 0% > 79% Nearly finished with my swap in, just got to get the flawless encounter and the speedrun. It’s well designed, movement feels great which I imagine was very difficult to get right, not sure it will live on in the memory though, story is a bit thin and given the setting they had to work with I feel they could have delved into the mystery a bit further but oh well. 1. Tomb Raider: Underworld (PS3) 44% > 64% On my list at my wife’s insistence, older Tomb raider holds a lot of nostalgic memories for her and if it removes it from my backlog at the same time then so much the better. So far I have knocked out a few miscellaneous trophies and have been following a guide for the collectibles. Don’t mind much with this one though since being an older title very little of the story ever happens within gameplay so it doesn’t feel like I’m interrupting anything. Just have the treasures and relics and to finish on “hard” mode but should be finished relatively soon Plans before next update and to keep plugging away with AC and ME and save Tomb Raider for when my wife is home. I might get into one of the longer games on my list (either cyberpunk or kingdom come) and going to play okami in small spurts just to keep the trophies ticking over.
  2. This game is hilarious. Not good, please understand, not in any way good, but the last chapter made me laugh out loud at how moronically stupid it was. Whole thing goes eight ways bananas, I’m still giggling to myself about it now. Definitely finish it if you stopped midway through, it needs to be seen to be believed.
  3. Tomb Raider: Underworld (PS3) 44% Resident Evil 5 (PS3) 28% Dishonored 2 14% Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 9% > 21% Wasteland 3 9% Kingdom Come: Deliverance 5% Cyberpunk 2077 (PS5) 1% Lamentum 0% > 59% > 100% Hollow Knight 0% > 2% > 100% Mass Effect 0% > 35% > 100% Mass Effect 2 0% Okami HD 0% > 5% > 8% Going Under 0% > 4% > 47% > 86% Guardians of the Galaxy 0% Teslagrad 0% > 100% Total sum of percentages 110/1500 > 326/1500 > 486/1500 > 616/1500 Update #3 Changes from previous update in Bold, swaps since previous update in Purple, completed games in Blue, and additions to the list in Green. Progress has been slow the last few weeks and work stuff has got in the way, but with the summer holidays arriving yesterday things should pick up nicely. I’ve made a couple of swaps so will explain those first. Ever since I finished Mass Effect 1 I’ve been looking to swap in the next one, so that comes in for RE Revelations 2. With PS plus changing I was delighted to see Guardians of the Galaxy on the list so swapping that in for Salt and Sacrifice. Salt comes out simply because I’m not really enjoying it at the moment, which is a massive shame as I loved the original so much I platted it twice legitimately, and RER2 simply because I think it will be extremely hard and already being behind with my list means I can’t spend too much time on one game. For the past few weeks I’ve been concentrating on two games only, AC Odyssey and Hollow Knight. 4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 9% > 21% In the last challenge I took part in I finished AC origins and I had an extreme ambivalence towards it. On the one hand the traversal was butter smooth, the revamped combat system in isolation was a major improvement, and it was stunningly pretty. These things were entirely ruined though by a levelling system that is so poorly implemented it became impossible to appreciate any other aspect of the game. I slogged my way through but ended really jaded and mentioned that I already own AC Odyssey having picked it up on sale and if the systems play out in a similar way then that might be where my decade-and-a-half long relationship with AC ends. Sadly, if anything it’s worse than before. The concentration on levels and loot completely ruins the game for me. Stealth is completely pointless either because the enemy level is too high and you can’t stealth kill them and end up in a fight that lasts hours, or because it’s too low and the path of least resistance is to run around like a maniac turning everything in a half mile radius into a fine paste. In an ostensibly realistic setting, it feels really wrong that some swords and daggers should have better numbers than others. If my character sneaks up behind someone and stabs them in the neck, they should not be able to shrug it off just because the blade that is embedded in their windpipe only has 28 dps, it’s absurd. So far so AC origins, but I said it was worse here and that’s for one main reason, the mercenaries system. Basically getting caught committing crimes increases a bounty and you then have random mercenaries tracking you for a while. Sounds fine, but when paired with the horrible level system and the fact that they can interrupt pretty much any mission, I’ve often found myself going up against multiple higher level enemies when they showed up just as I was finishing a story mission. This leads to a ridiculous game of trying to get away from the mercenaries keen on turning my inside bits into outside bits, while also not going too far away from the mission objective lest it automatically fail. It all just feels very gamey. I will persevere, but even with the next one being free with ps plus I have no desire at all to try it. Think this will be the end of the road for Assassin’s creed, which is a shame as it’s a franchise where I played basically all of and I’ve immensely enjoyed over the years. 13. Going Under 0% > 4% > 47% > 86% I explained last time what this one was about so I won’t again. I’m nearly at the platinum, just need to grind out the last few skills. DLC challenge looks like it will be quite tough so might put it on hold for a while after getting the platinum. Also seem to have encountered a glitch where the game sometimes does not start after the first loading screen which is making things more difficult. Have enjoyed it up to now though. 9. Hollow Knight 0% > 2% > 100% I’ve heard many good things about Hollow Knight in the years since it was released and it’s been sitting in my library untouched for a long while. I am so glad this challenge gave me the impetus to finally give it a go. I’ve ended up playing little else for the past week or so and finally got the platinum yesterday. Confessions first, I did use the invincibility glitch a few times, mainly for the pantheons and final bosses. If you want to plat it glitch free prepare for a rough time! Otherwise you have to do the first half of the game legitimately which is not too tough (though it was murder on my 35 year old thumbs!). Everything about the design and art style is just perfect, for a cheap game it is gorgeous. Combat feels fluid and once you unlock the traversal upgrades in the metroid style moving around feels great too. As for the trophy list, only small criticisms are first that it’s a bit too back loaded. There are long stretches where you will unlock nothing, so maybe a few more “beat this boss” trophies could have been more encouraging, and the boss rush trophy would be absolutely ridiculous to do legit. This would easily be an ultra-rare plat if it wasn’t for the glitch. Overall really enjoyed it, and think I’ll be a day one owner of the sequel whenever that comes. So that’s four, nearly 5 down. Going to keep plugging away with AC Odyssey and play bits of all the rest and see if one of them grabs me. With me being on holiday now till September I expect my pace will increase a bit.
  4. This was my experience also. The assists on might be slower for a perfect run, but it gives you a lot more margin for error if all you want is the gold time.
  5. Tomb Raider: Underworld (PS3) 44% Resident Evil 5 (PS3) 28% Dishonored 2 14% Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 9% > 15% Wasteland 3 9% Kingdom Come: Deliverance 5% Cyberpunk 2077 (PS5) 1% Lamentum 0% > 59% > 100% Hollow Knight 0% > 2% > 4% Mass Effect 0% > 35% > 100% Resident Evil Revelations 2 0% > 4% Okami HD 0% > 5% > 8% Going Under 0% > 4% > 86% Salt and Sacrifice 0% > 7% > 10% Teslagrad 0% > 100% Total sum of percentages 110/1500 > 326/1500 > 528/1500 Update #2 Changes from previous update in Bold, swaps since previous update in Purple, completed games in Blue, and additions to the list in Green. Had a week off work and managed to make some progress since the last update. Felt really good to get a couple off my backlog. Finished games first 10. Mass Effect 0% > 35% > 100% I’m sure there is very little I could say about ME1 that isn’t already widely known. It was however, new to me. Playing through older games (remasters notwithstanding) when you do not have the nostalgia goggles on is always an interesting experience. It’s like playing through a living time capsule, with all the positive and negative connotations that come with that. As I mentioned in the last update, I found it quite refreshing playing without a quest marker to constantly focus on, and I think it genuinely made me pay attention a lot more to the story arc. The quests and plot felt very by the numbers though, and that is where the format is really showing its age. Not its fault obviously, this was just how western style rpgs were designed back then, but I’m glad quest design has improved to the point that they feel much more engaging than any of these did. Overall I enjoyed it though and think I’ll probably be swapping in ME2 soon. Just need to decide which to drop. In terms of the trophy list it was perhaps a touch too simple. I understand this collection is probably more aimed at veterans who don’t want to do everything again, but I do feel a bit like the Plat came before I’d finished most of the content. 8. Lamentum 0% > 59% > 100% A more obscure one now. I first came across this when it was added to a game of the year list on a youtube channel that I now forget, but the premise seemed so interesting I couldn’t resist. Lamentum is a pixel art survival horror, and as a huge fan of both of those things that was pretty much me sold. Let me be clear from the start for anyone wanting to give this a try: There is absolutely nothing new in this game. Nothing that hasn’t already been done elsewhere years ago. Take the mansion and limited save system from original resident evil, the intentionally clunky slow combat from silent hill, most of the plot from Amnesia dark descent and then imagine what it would look like if it released on the SNES and you’re basically there. That might sound like savage criticism but I don’t mean it to be. Over the years I’ve loved all the games it is ripping off and I loved this one too. Just don’t go in expecting a revelatory experience with 2D survival horror, this one is positively wallowing in nostalgia, which is a neat trick for a new IP. Worth a look if you’re a fan of the genre but doubt it will impress those who aren’t. The trophy list itself will require a guide since for one of the endings collecting missable items and giving correct responses to NPCs is needed. I did a blind playthrough and a cleanup one and I would strongly recommend doing things this way. Cleanup playthrough only takes a couple of hours when you know where to go. 13. Going Under 0% > 4% > 86% Are you a 20-something that’s recently graduated and currently stuck in an office job in a tech company you thought you’d like but turns out not? Well do I have some snarky catharsis for you! Ostensibly this is a dungeon crawler roguelite where you go room to room through procedurally generated levels purchasing potential upgrades for later runs while also trying to fill out a job list from your various mentors. Honestly though it feels much more like the writers just want to write some sarcastic lines about big tech and startups and then build the game from there. It’s not bad, but Hades this is not. Also the trophies by the end get a bit grindy and without assists on it can be brutally hard. Will have more to say when I finish and for now all I have left to do is purchase all the original upgrades and then take on the DLC challenges, which at first glance look awfully tough. Might seem close but I think 100% might still be a while away. The rest of the increases are just bits and pieces while I decide what to focus on next. So won’t mention them till a bit further in.
  6. Tomb Raider: Underworld (PS3) 44% Resident Evil 5 (PS3) 28% Dishonored 2 14% Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 9% Wasteland 3 9% Kingdom Come: Deliverance 5% Cyberpunk 2077 (PS5) 1% Lamentum 0% > 59% Hollow Knight 0% > 2% Mass Effect 0% > 35% Resident Evil Revelations 2 0% > 4% Okami HD 0% > 5% Going Under 0% > 4% Salt and Sacrifice 0% > 7% Teslagrad 0% > 100% Total sum of percentages 110/1500 > 326/1500 Update #1 Changes from previous update in Bold, swaps since previous update in Purple, completed games in Blue, and additions to the list in Green. To start with I’ve mostly been forcing all the 0% games onto my profile so I’m more committed to finishing them at some point. Hoping to raise my total completion percentage to over 70% for the first time by the end of the challenge. I won’t bother talking about the games I have barely started so that leaves the following 3 8. Lamentum 0% > 59% I’m almost finished with my first play through, as it is blind I’m probably going to have to go through a more guided run for the more obtuse trophies afterwards. Think I will have a lot to say but I’m going to wait until properly finished, which I expect to be come update #2. 10. Mass Effect 0% > 35% Despite a long history with the PS3 era and a great reputation Mass Effect is a series that I just never got around to. I picked up the Legendary edition when it went on sale some months ago and from what I’ve seen so far I’m quite impressed. It is clearly dated in its design, though I don’t mean that to be the criticism it sounds like. It is entirely strange to not have a quest marker being constantly present in the mini-map or compass in an RPG these days, and I’ve found that helps a great deal with learning the environments and actually reading the quest log to find out what to do next and (more importantly) why you are doing it. I’d guess I’m roughly halfway through the story, but have been taking my time to do most of the side quests so as not to rush. Might be finished with this by the next update but I guess that depends if I’m estimating correctly how far through I am. 15. Teslagrad 0% > 100% To be perfectly honest this was on my list for an easy win. I had seen it come up in lists of “easiest PS Now Platinums” and was expecting a shoddy cheap game I could slog through for a couple of hours for a quick trophy boost. I’m not above doing so for games that come free with a service I already subscribe to, though I personally draw the line at paying for them outright. Despite that though I was pleasantly surprised. Teslagrad is a puzzle platformer and while it would never give Celeste or Super Meat Boy anything to sweat over it is a perfectly competent effort. Boss design could be better, or just removed entirely (always think bosses in a game where you die in one hit are a bad idea). Each trophy is connected to a hidden scroll and a video guide is basically a necessity if you don’t want to spend hours looking for them. Even then though some of the platforming required to get them is pretty tricky. Be prepared for that if you try this one. Not a game I’ll remember for a long time, but a lot better than I was expecting. By the next update I expect to be finish with Lamentum and Mass Effect and will probably be swapping Mass Effect 2 in for something!
  7. On PS5 you can definitely unlock trophies via the trial. I did not start paying a sub until September last year, and got my first trophy the previous May. You can’t plat it, since some trophies are locked behind expansion content, but the rest should unlock no problem.
  8. I missed the Spring one due to work commitments and new baby, but I’m back for this one, here is my list for now Tomb Raider: Underworld (PS3) 44% Resident Evil 5 (PS3) 28% Dishonored 2 14% Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 9% Wasteland 3 9% Kingdom Come: Deliverance 5% Cyberpunk 2077 (PS5) 1% Lamentum 0% Hollow Knight 0% Mass Effect 0% Resident Evil Revelations 2 0% Okami HD 0% Going Under 0% Salt and Sacrifice 0% Teslagrad 0%
  9. Have just got this one. A-9 took ages until I turned the countersteer assist off and s-10 took even longer until I turned it back on again. S-7 isn’t too bad, you just have to trust the car will corner at a higher speed than you’re used to and try not to clip the speed bumps! Man am I glad I got that out of the way, now just have to wait for the legendary cars to make another appearance.
  10. I really enjoy the circuit experiences. The gold times seem perfectly crafted to my skill level. The amount of times I’m within 0.1s of the gold time and then it takes me another 20 attempts to shave off the last tenth has been amazing. Controller bitingly frustrating in the moment but extra satisfying after. Plus bonus that you now get a ton of cash as well. Just a shame that there aren’t many viable races to earn cash too. There should be some sort of first time clear bonus that would make them worthwhile and also not exploitable.
  11. I had assumed ironman was not necessary unless the description explicitly says so. I unlocked other basic trophies without ironman mode active? EDIT: Couple more unlocks, perhaps ironman is necessary for more than the list implies?
  12. I can’t unlock anything now. Formed Ireland but no trophy. Nothing for fabricating claims or winning wars or even choosing a lifestyle. Game conditions don’t seem to matter and even tried a full reinstall.
  13. Given no one has it I’d guess it’s bugged. Didn’t know about the game needing to be unpaused. Will give that a go, though I swear I should have some more unlocked now regardless.
  14. Has anyone else so far found trophy unlocks to be a bit inconsistent? It took several marriages in a variety of different situations before that unlocked, and I have fabricated claims and won wars in my main game and no trophy. Others have unlocked without issue, even earlier than I expected in one case (Military matters unlocked when I created a unit, and I didn’t need to upgrade it). I’m aware that on PC previous games usually have achievements locked behind Ironman mode, but given half of the descriptions mention it specifically and half don’t I assume that isn’t necessary for all of them. I’ve already unlocked some on very easy difficulty with no Ironman so that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Just buggy do we think? (Yeah, I know, quelle surprise!) EDIT: After some time, it seems that more of the trophy list needs to be done in Ironman mode than the descriptions would suggest. Only trophy that seems to be completely bugged is the hooks one.
  15. I’ve never had this happen while in game, but I have had a couple of hard crashes when bringing it back from rest mode recently. I don’t know if it was GT7 that was suspended but I will now make a note if it happens again.