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  1. I have had it crash once in about 30 hours of play time, so it’s not entirely error free. That’s still amazing though given comparable games in the genre.
  2. 1. If you’ve played any of the PS1 FFs, then it’s that basically but with a job system mixed in. I really liked it, and it’s pretty much the only reason I stuck with the game. 2. Not had any glitches but getting 100% in one play through is fiddly as all hell. If you screw it up like I did just play through a second time up to the point where you have to make a decision about which faction to give a certain object, and pick the other one. If you got close enough to 100% the first time then that should push you over. 3. I found the online prima guide to be pretty good since it gives you exact percentages all the way through. That said I didn’t actually manage it for some reason. Can’t remember if I ever even worked out what I missed. 4. Already covered 5. The story is.....weird. They tried to go for a more upbeat tone, which makes sense given this is a world that has been living with death incarnate for a thousand years and then had it suddenly vanish. It doesn’t really work though, the serious parts come off as needlessly dramatic and the comic parts will make you cringe into oblivion. 6. Sphere break is ok unless you have a number phobia. Gunners guantlet is alright to start with and then just becomes annoying. Thank goodness for the exploit or I’d never have finished it! Blitzball in this is a waste of time and I wouldn’t bother. 7. The mascot spheres are overpowered but that’s the point really, and you don’t get them till near the end anyway. 8. Battle system is a plus for me, and this one has some of the best superbosses in my opinion. Just a shame they hid them in some of the worst dungeons in the history of FF.
  3. Was hoping not to have to resort to that, but after hours of getting no better than 2:16.2 and struggling even to keep up with my own ghost I gave in and did it this way instead. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Wow, did not expect a reply that soon for a game this old. Thanks! Rope point doesn’t translate as far as I know, but I think I understand that you mean the apex? I found on the S4 test that my lap times went down a lot when I starting coasting into corners more instead of getting back on the power too soon and understeering badly. I guess it’s the same principle here, but the margins seem a lot tighter. Guess I’ll just have to keep at it.
  5. Anyone any tips for the Veyron? I’ve got gold on all the first 4 now, but the Bugatti is like driving a tank with a jet engine attached! I’ve done a 2:16.5 but have no idea where there are 2.5 seconds, it feels like you understeer off if you so much as think about pressing the gas pedal.
  6. Yeah, it seemed to me like a twist just for the sake of having a twist. It’s a shame because the rest of the story was quite well thought through.
  7. I haven’t found it much more difficult overall on vita. The screen is a bit more zoomed in so platforming is a bit more frustrating the first time through. It might be my imagination but I find the boss’s AI on vita to be worse. They seem to spam easier moves a bit more.
  8. Avoiding the birds is much, much more important than collecting the balloons. Practice dodging them without trying to collect balloons at all and eventually you’ll get lucky with balloon placement and get it done.
  9. I don’t own the game anymore to check, but I’m sure that’s right. So long as there is something to heal, it will count the full amount of what could be healed, not just what was actually healed. I was playing on hardcore mode, don’t know if that makes any difference.
  10. This trophy was a huge pain until you realise that you get credit for the full amount of healing, even if that’s going to take you to 100% HP (provided you started with less). So the trick is to just use all the food you’re carrying all at once. Buy loads of omelettes from the woman in Primm (whose name I forget) and eat the lot and you can do this in minutes. I think that’s right anyway, I seem to remember this being a huge “A-ha!” moment for me
  11. Blitzball was ok to begin with, but it got too easy very quickly. Brother was especially OP, he was a faster swimmer than everyone else, so you could just kite the other team around, pass to wide open Tidus and Jecht/Sphere shot to easy goals. Have no idea how anyone had the patience to get players to lv 99.
  12. Maybe I just got lucky but it didn't take that long. Maybe an hour? Just went to the Salikawood and tried over and over on the enemies there, and then went back to the crystal afterwards.
  13. I used the niho+remedy strategy, while my other two were busy withering and addling. Most important thing before you try to do any damage is that those that can be diseased are diseased. That way their elixir spam doesn't matter. Once that's done either spam Zodiark, or dark energies if you have any (can be farmed from Cerobi Steppe I think) until only Gabranth and Zargabaath are left. Then put Z to sleep while you wail on G (again to stop the annoying elixir spam). I'm pretty sure that you don't have to wait for the sleep to wear off before you can inflict it again with the Niho. Best of luck.
  14. 1. The tower is all that is in Last Mission, except for the odd cutscene 2. It's pretty much an entirely seperate game. I can't remember if there are any story spoilers, but if you don't care about that you don't need to have even started the main game.
  15. Have just finished, and wow did this guide help. Many thanks. Struggled a bit in the beginning, but once you have a high level dark knight and the necessary accessories it's all plain sailing. One thing that I didn't see mentioned anywhere is that the tonberry treasure trophy has a small glitch. If you happen to create an accessory while in the room, the trophy will not pop until you have picked it up both the treasure AND the accessory you made. So don't leave the room if the trophy hasn't yet triggered. That little quirk cost me nearly 90 mins of quitting and reloading!