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  1. Silly me. Sry i didnt read the first post. But without new enemies this sounds quite easy.
  2. "When the game is so bugged" I'm sorry, but Rockstar is always doing a great job. GTAV is not bugged.
  3. Only Kingdom Hearts (one not finished until now) and some short games because they were crossbuy for ps4/vita.
  4. Drowning. This was the worst game of all time. I hated Secret of Mana for the grinding Part at the end - it all depended on luck and it took me About 50 Hours to get the last item. One Item. 50 Hours of grinding. It was a real pain. But I hated Drowning with its 20 minutes so hard, i cant tell...
  5. Platinum 200 Monster Hunter World
  6. Your comment is irrelevant to the Topic too. Congratulations.
  7. I cant tell you how much I hate people who use exploits to complete rayman legends.
  8. I liked the following short games... The "GO"-Games Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO Color Guardians Gem Smashers The Order Murdered All Telltale Games Seasons after fall Coffin Dodgers Waking Violet Fullblast All of the artifex-mundi games (like Eventide, Nightmares of the Deep etc) Paranormal Activity VR Volume InkSplosion Devious Dungeon Twin Robots Undertale Deponia Severed Teslagrad N.E.R.O. Yeah! I totally agree! Albedo was a pain. And when I started "One more dungeon" I was so annoyed that i deleted it before the first Trophy popped. The worst ratalaika game I've ever seen. I think I will never play it.
  9. The most beautiful Trophy-Pictures I know, are the dlc-trophies of Gravity Rush on PSVita. They are all awesome!
  10. I agree with you. I'd also like to see such a leaderboard. This would be amazing.
  11. This game is awesome!
  12. Some of the short platinum trophies are great - some are horribly bad. I dont get why so many hunters do 20-second-novels 6 times, without understanding a word. I only have an austrian account - i dont collect multi platinum trophies for each reagion. While I did Monster Hunter World, Persona 4 and stuff like that, I could have gotten about 400 japan novel i-dont-understand-a-word-but-im-godess-of-skipping platinum trophies easily. But for what? Sometimes, when I dont have time to play a big game, I also play short ones. I did the dumb mayo game while watching netflix, some ratalaika games (which i really like!), telltales and little 2-hour-jumpnrun ir arcade platinum games. I also did some of the artifex mundi searching games and some puzzle games which i really like (gem smashers - 2 hours. I also did montezuma - 30 hours. I like the gameplay and its not really about the time it takes) Sometimes they are funny. And sometimes I like to get a platinum trophy without spending 100 hours of time. But my focus is on games I like. I love japan rpgs, mmorpgs and stuff like that - and sometimes I also play games in which I'll never earn the platinum trophy. Elder scrolls online and stuff like that - I also want to try final fantasy online, because I heard that there will be a nier automata raid with the next addon. Its not that important for me, which rank I have on the leaderboard. I like to hunt trophies a lot, but what I really love is to play games that hit me with their beauty.
  13. In KH 1(on ps4 its called 1.5 remix) you can visit Wonderland its one of the first worlds.
  14. Its an JRPG. 80% of the game is based on disney worlds. 20% of the game is based on the own kingsom hearts universe. Real time combat, easy gameplay, many cutscenes, very deep story about friendship. If you skip cutscenes, most of the kh games only have about 10-12 hours of gameplay. With the cutscenes its a masterpiece with about 40 hours of playtime. If you like disney and final fantasy, you will find your new favourite game.
  15. ^^ Maybe I am not the best Person to talk about this. Kingdom Hearts is my favourite game series of all time. I bought a Gameboy Advance in the past, only for Chain of Memories. I bought a Nintendo DS in the past, only for 358/2 days and Recoded. I bought a Nintendo 3DS in the past, only for DDD. I bought a PSP in the past, only for Birth by sleep ^^