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  1. The KH1 trophies seem legit to me. It was much easier to get the character entries in the first part of the game. Later on, in KH2, you have to play on proud to meet the last entries you need for the trophy. OT: Its a shame to play KH with a video walkthrough of a speedrunner 😂 what a waste!
  2. So sad, watching the Vita die when she doesnt deserve it. And there was no notification on PSN to tell People about the shutdown. I had about 30 games on my wishlist (it's also gone) for ps vita - i cant find them anymore. I just bought a new import-vita (the lime green one from Japan) because my old one broke - seems like this was a stupid idea. There -are- games in the vita store, but they are never on sale. And I am not willing to pay full prize for old games.
  3. Thanks! Thats a reason for me to try it out on a different Memory Card.
  4. Can someone confirm that it is possible to platinum this game on PSVita? I had the physical copy of X&X-2 back in time, but X-2 was only available as a Download Code. I have a 64GB Memory Card, most of my other games work fine (including Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed, which causes problems for other people on PSVita). I played FFX on PSVita too and did the platinum trophy on it. Now I really wanted to Focus on X-2, but the game just crashes every 10 minutes - I am not even able to save for the first time...
  5. The old Rayman Games, especially the Great Escape. All Disney Interactive Studios Action Games like Hercules, Tarzan or Jungle Book. Sonic Adventures The old Digimon World from Ps1
  6. Reading this topic just makes me sad. I feel so sorry for all the Trophyhunters out there, playing games they dont like and wasting money and months or years of their life, instead of enjoying life, because they are addicted to numbers in some way. Sometimes I just want to take these people on the hand, invite them to dinner, take a long walk in the park while talking about wonderful things and hug them, before they go home. Shame on all the people around you who give you such a bad feeling, that you prefer spending time working on trophies like that for a fake-feeling of success. I really hope, you'll meet awesome people soon who can show you how precious life is.
  7. Looks doable. I dont get why someone flagged you because of this.
  8. I like to see gamer Friends who already passed away on the leaderboard. It feels like they are part of this after all I dont want them to get deleted just because others are just focussed on numbers. -- But what I really wanna see is a leaderboard-option where games count only once. Maybe additional to the actual one.
  9. I am in year 2 atm, playing alone and I really enjoy it like I did in the past. But... I wonder if the intro song is exactly the same? At some point I thought it wasnt as good as back in time. But maybe I just forgot how it sounded ^^ Edit: Oh god I just looked it up and I was totally right. The opening theme is a new one - same song, different vocals. The new one is SO bad if you compare it. The old one gives me goosebumps!! NEW: OLD:
  10. I just ordered Nexomon, because it's already sold out everywhere and it doesnt seem like it will get more copies. It's also not listed in the austrian ps store. I also bought it for Nintendo Switch - just in case it's crap and I dont want to have it in my trophylist. I'll sell it if it is like that
  11. I think you are right. Thats really sad. I cant imagine how hard life has to be if the only force you have is anger.
  12. No. Getting called shit without a reason is nothing someone should have to deal with. To be honest - with stuff like this said, it says nothing about the people you speak about - but it tells much about you. So in the end, the only one who gets blamed is yourself, even if noone talks about you. I dont know why you act like this, and I am not someone who is here to judge others. It's also not about faults here. I dont know where this is coming from. I am not fangirling at all - I dont really like the new Tomb Raider games - my husband loved them. I love Kingdom Hearts and some of the Final Fantasy games, but even if some of them are awesome, there are other JRPGs out there which I like more. Nier Automata was one of the best games I've ever played - I even bought the soundtrack afterwards But you call Square Enix shit for stuff some others really enjoy. For me, Square Enix is like …. a Rockband. They release so many songs - some of them are great, some of them are not. But if theres only one song of them I shouted or danced to - I wouldnt call them shit. Thats because I am a person who is focussed on good stuff in life. It's always up to you how you see things. And this is not just about gaming. If you want to go to a rock festival, there will also be bad bands on the stage - but you can choose to just watch the ones you like, instead of calling the whole festival shit, because you didnt like parts of it. If you want to play a Square Enix game, there will be games you like and games you dislike - but you can choose to play the ones you like, instead of calling the whole company shit, because you didnt like some of it. If you want to get in a better mood, there will also be sad movies on Netflix - but you can choose a comedy instead of calling Netflix shit because there are also movies for every other person out there. And if you dont get that - maybe this will give you another kind of sight: Both is needed - good stuff and bad stuff. Without bad stuff, you wont even appreciate good stuff, because you would take it for granted. So you can always get something good out of something you dont like. If you want it. (oh, and a huge sorry for the tons of editings - but my english is so bad, that I have to read over every sentence three times )
  13. No. Its like saying "just because you dont like one rocksong, dont blame all rockbands out there" Square Enix =/= Square Enix Different teams, developer, directors,... you cant blame all of them because you dont like one work of some of them. This is your personal choice and its totally up to you how to play games. I am not pointing at you. I just dont like it if people spread hate and frustration in this community when its their own failt that they dont have fun. If someone doesnt like a game - there are tons of others out there. Noone really has to play something he doesnt enjoy so there is no need in beeing angry. And if there is one game out there you like of Square Enix, then they deserve more than being called shit. That has never been the point. Different opinions are important that people can talk in a discussion. Noone wants you to change it.
  14. Guys - they gave us the chance to play with gamers of every kind of console. It's not always about getting the most out of less time. I am looking forward to play with my niece - she owns a Nintendo Switch. Never had a chance to do this before. I played the game about 10 times on gamecube when I was a teenage girl. What's wrong with playing it two or three times together with friends? Choose another race and have fun. It's not even a timeconsuming one. Todays community is such a bad one. And I completely disagree here. You are Talking about Square Enix. There are so many different parts of Square Enix - for all the great games they have out there. Even for Final Fantasy there are different people behind the single games. Some love Life is Strange, others play Tomb Raider. Some never tried out Final Fantasy Online, others played FFX ten times in a row. Some can remember Squaresoft, others have no idea what a Moogle is. Please, dont do that.
  15. Its disappointing that they cutted the local coop and i dont need online multiplayer - but the gsme itself is wonderful like it was back in time. I really enjoy it alone, even if i wanted to play it with my best friend.