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  1. Just hide the game and carry on There were tons of hackers in Black Ops II, most of the Trophy Hunters hide the game and dont care about it anymore.
  2. Yeah same here. I did the trophies with my sorc - happy that the questline isnt that Long and quite funny. They fixed it now - but if you couldnt get it and got everything else for the hero of murkmire title, it wont Count for this summary Achievement and this stupid customer support doesnt help at all.
  3. Oh Sweetheart, I know what you mean. I'll try out FFXIV next year - but it's so much worse than that in Eso - especially the german community. Really
  4. Yomawari: Night alone Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Disney Infinity 2.0/3.0 Dreamfall Chapters Strange Brigade Fe Unravel Croixleur Sigma Bastion Sherlock Holmes
  5. I hated Blitzball too when I first started playing FFX on PS2 back in time. But after I tried it again on PS4 - and afterwards on PSVita too - I focussed on learning it and after a while I really enjoyed this minigame. I really recommend trying to learn the basics instead of focussing on the trophies. If you know what to do, it's a really funny game and you wont get annoyed while focussing on the matches you'll need for platinum FFX has a few trophies that let you want to break your controller. The lightning-trophy in the desert, the chocobo racing (oh god, it was a pain on psvita) - you will love Blitzball when you have to do these ^^
  6. Cant wait to start. I got my steelbook Version today but I am still at work. MHW was my 200th platinum Trophy - I'd like to see MHWIB as my 300th!
  7. Did you got an answer already? The playset is the crystal you can use on the top of the portal. Its the only thing on the portal that isnt circle-shaped on the bottom.
  8. Feel free to add me. I have tons of vita games and I'd really like to plat more mp-ones.
  9. I did. Didnt work.
  10. My game crashed yesterday. I got a message that my savafile cant be loaded. Very frustrating. The only way to fix it was to clear my savefile and start again from the beginning. Sucks hard.
  11. Oh my god you are right. I am totally sorry! Now I understand whats going on Sorry to @jasminsch too, sometimes hard brainlags hit me with full power. I think, this can be lifted ^^
  12. On first Level? What is a first level in Kingdom hearts? ^^ Destiny Islands? Traverse Town? Alice in Wonderland? ^^
  13. Nice Idea - but most of the People I know who Play games like Pic a Pix or Powgi, do this for the fast platinum. Pic a Pix Pieces Needs about more than 7 hours if you use a guide and fill in every Picture square by square. If you Play it legit, without a guide, it will take you much much longer. You really want to say, that all of the others loved to spend many hours of filling squares with a guide - except of using this trick? To me, this sounds unbelievable. And I haven't seen this in pic a pix pieces at all. If I'm wrong, I apologize. But this doesn't sound familiar to me.
  14. You should hide your other games too, that have bad timestamps because of a "bug" like you say - if you want to stay on the leaderboards.