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  1. I did. Didnt work.
  2. My game crashed yesterday. I got a message that my savafile cant be loaded. Very frustrating. The only way to fix it was to clear my savefile and start again from the beginning. Sucks hard.
  3. Oh my god you are right. I am totally sorry! Now I understand whats going on Sorry to @jasminsch too, sometimes hard brainlags hit me with full power. I think, this can be lifted ^^
  4. On first Level? What is a first level in Kingdom hearts? ^^ Destiny Islands? Traverse Town? Alice in Wonderland? ^^
  5. Nice Idea - but most of the People I know who Play games like Pic a Pix or Powgi, do this for the fast platinum. Pic a Pix Pieces Needs about more than 7 hours if you use a guide and fill in every Picture square by square. If you Play it legit, without a guide, it will take you much much longer. You really want to say, that all of the others loved to spend many hours of filling squares with a guide - except of using this trick? To me, this sounds unbelievable. And I haven't seen this in pic a pix pieces at all. If I'm wrong, I apologize. But this doesn't sound familiar to me.
  6. You should hide your other games too, that have bad timestamps because of a "bug" like you say - if you want to stay on the leaderboards.
  7. Ouch. Never heard of a bug like this. But yeah, it's impossible to get this at first ^^
  8. Which Trophy unlocked too soon?
  9. I dont get it. This works in every pic a pix game - except Pic a Pix Pieces. I dont get how someone can do this in 50 minutes. Edit: If this would work - why do all the other Players Need 10 Hours min.? Nearly all Players need more than a day to complete this. I dont get it. Really. Edit2: The Dispute is a C+P of the word Sudoku Dispute. In Word Sudoku this might work - but I have never ever seen anyone else doing this in Pic a Pix Pieces.
  10. This game has no trophybugs afaik. There must be a reason why the timestamps look like this
  11. Griaß di! Donkschean wiedermol! Pfiat di! (Translation: Hi - thx - bye)
  12. Really? Then I'm very sorry for that. I know that it is possible to boost your Level in Borderlands2 and Dead Island if you play with a Highrank-Player, but I have never seen someone level up so fast.
  13. The list is a mess. I found another game in his list. His Trophylist of Dead Island looks the same. Maybe he's a timetraveller - or he's faster in leveling then everyone else? Level 10 to 25 in 13 minutes. I report him for DL now. I dont get it at all - the Level 50 Trophy of Dead Island looks legit.
  14. And can someone please look up his Injustice2 Trophylist? On February the 4th he got most of the trophies and only took about 2 minutes for each. I dont own the game - so I dont know if this is normal. Yeah exactly!
  15. Yeah thats what I think too. The Bosstrophys could be legit. Its possible to join a Onlinegame and get carried through the Story. But I dont know if its possible to… kill Terramorphus before everything else? I can look it up in the evening. But the Level-Trophies are not.
  16. Puh... I was not the one who flagged your trophies - but your trophylist is really strange. The Bosstrophies could be earned by using a Maxlevel-Player to kill them - but your Level-Trophies are a Nightmare. At first I thought, the Level 10 Trophy came only 45 Minutes after the Level 5 Trophy, which could only work if someone boosts you. Thats not a Problem, but your Level 50 Trophy came a few seconds after your Level 25 Trophy - and thats impossible. The Characters in B2 are crossplay available. You can switch them to other plattforms if you like (i switched my Sirene from ps4 to vita) - so it could be that some trophies unlock with the Transfer of the character. But you dont have another Version of B2, so this could not be the reason. How do you explain the Level 50 Trophy?
  17. Silly me. Sry i didnt read the first post. But without new enemies this sounds quite easy.
  18. "When the game is so bugged" I'm sorry, but Rockstar is always doing a great job. GTAV is not bugged.
  19. Only Kingdom Hearts (one not finished until now) and some short games because they were crossbuy for ps4/vita.
  20. Drowning. This was the worst game of all time. I hated Secret of Mana for the grinding Part at the end - it all depended on luck and it took me About 50 Hours to get the last item. One Item. 50 Hours of grinding. It was a real pain. But I hated Drowning with its 20 minutes so hard, i cant tell...
  21. Platinum 200 Monster Hunter World
  22. Your comment is irrelevant to the Topic too. Congratulations.
  23. I cant tell you how much I hate people who use exploits to complete rayman legends.
  24. I liked the following short games... The "GO"-Games Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO Color Guardians Gem Smashers The Order Murdered All Telltale Games Seasons after fall Coffin Dodgers Waking Violet Fullblast All of the artifex-mundi games (like Eventide, Nightmares of the Deep etc) Paranormal Activity VR Volume InkSplosion Devious Dungeon Twin Robots Undertale Deponia Severed Teslagrad N.E.R.O. Yeah! I totally agree! Albedo was a pain. And when I started "One more dungeon" I was so annoyed that i deleted it before the first Trophy popped. The worst ratalaika game I've ever seen. I think I will never play it.