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  1. I met my husband at the animal shelter when I was in an animal rescue team and he was part of an event there. After adding each other on facebook, he saw that I play videogames. Shortly after he asked me if I played Diablo3 already, I agreed, and he asked me if it would be possible to borrow him the disc for ps4 to try it out on console. I said yes and thats when we started to get in touch with each other. About two months later, we had our first kiss and fell in love. After some time, he told me, that he never needed my Diablo-Disc because he already had his own disc at home, but he wanted to meet me again. Well played. I wasn't even searching for a man at this time. We got married last year after 5 years of relationship, built a house in 2019 and we hopefully become amazing parents in the near future.
  2. Hello from Austria. Welcome to the forums of psnprofiles. Have a nice stay!
  3. Same question here. I already downloaded the game, but I wanted to play some other games before. Should I start now?
  4. same here. I wasnt even thinking about lower the difficulty. This game was really easy, even without that
  5. The drop rate of the fishes you need for the MA got incrased a about two years ago. Still a stupid thing to do. Glad to hear that its less than 100h now. Oh normally in times of pvp events, when they add some additional cyrodiil-campaigns, pvp guilds run 24/7 to get about 5-10 emps a day. They push the first person, wait for the other fractions to turn the towers again - meanwhile the 2nd get pushed (repairing walls, turning farms and mines, stuff like that) and the last emperor logs in on a different character to help with the push of the next one. As soon as the towers are turned again, the group starts to turn them back for the next emp. Tadaaa - 10 emps a day. The only reason I dont recommend this is, because 99% of the Trophy Hunters are just grabbing their emp and leaving afterwards, instead of helping others. And thats not how a team should be treatened. But to be fair, the Eso community is by far one of the worst communities in gaming history, so people who act like that fit somehow.
  6. You can do emperor within an hour if you join a pvp guild and help them doing more emps before. The worst part is the master angler. This stupid title alone takes about 250 hours and it just sucks.
  7. Welcome to Eso. This game has performance issues for years now - i have 4000h on my account and my main is broken for more than 2 years now. Instead of fixing it the customer support of ZOS gives me free crowns. Waste of time. Glad I already did the ps4 version on 100%. No way I'll do stuff again on ps5 with these horrible server problems. Glad I moved on to FFXIV.
  8. I was disappointed too. I was fpcussed on collecting everything because thats how it always worked (in Ratchet and Clank, Sly, Jak and Dexter, Spyro,... in all thrse games). When I found out that I only need 5 gold bolts I was really surprised. And there was no race like in the old games, where I struggled multiple times just to scream once I beat it. But - in the same time there are trophy lists I hate more. If you look at the lost of Final Fantasy XIV as an example, you have to grind hundrets of hours without getting any reward (gather 8000 collectibles, craft 5000 collectibles. Thats much worse, really. Or some of the Resident Evil Trophy Lists where you have to beat the game 6 times 😐 Difficulty specific trophies are fine but 6 times is just boring imo. So yeah, the list isnt good but I guess it could be worse
  9. The game is a good one imo. You can compare it to Rayman Legends or something like that. Especially the music levels are really funny (Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, Toxic by Britney Spears,... - the real songs, no cover versions). You can customize your Sackboy with tons of costume parts, gameplay is good and you get different gadgets from time to time - a hook to grab stuff, shoes to fly around with,... The goals in each level can be done from time to time, you dont have to do all goals in one go, that makes the game quite easy and stressless. The only time-based challenges are so short, that you only have to focus on stuff for 10-60 seconds for each of them. Some of the trophies require a second controller - some of them also a second player (you can do it alone, but it doesnt make fun to play with two controllers and its really challenging at some points). You can also join an online game, which works really smooth - but I dont recommend jumping into a random online game, because there are tons of kiddos (real children, you can hear them shout through their ps5 controllers) who are not going to clear the level - they just want to punch your sackboy and throw you from the map.
  10. Yes I know. But is there really a base game ps5 version? I mean, you could buy the ps4 base game and play it on ps5 with the free upgrade - but I thought the ps5 version itself is just available with all the expansions. I'll look it up.
  11. Is there a ps5 version of the main game? I thought the ps5 version is a collection including all addons until shadowbringers?
  12. Until now everything works fine for me. I am not following a guide, I am just playing the game doing everything I can find. I found the bear 4 times for the trophy and I havent even beaten the second boss. I saw him a fifth time afterwards when I was gliding around in the air - when I landed next to him he despawned. I've lost the last two fight against the guys from the past and I still got my Robot-Rewards from the bear. I play on PS5.
  13. Can someone explain me the crafting in ishgard?
  14. Hello! I'll answer in german, because he asks in german. Hallo! Du kannst die Trophäen von der PS4 nicht einfach übertragen, allerdings kannst du sie auf der PS5 recht einfach freischalten. Die Trophäen auf beiden Konsolen sind mit deinem Square Enix Account verbunden - hast du also mit einem Charakter bereits 1400 Dungeons besucht und erledigst im Spiel auf der PS5 einen weiteren Dungeon, werden nach Abschluss die Dungeonerfolge für 100, 300 und 1000 Dungeons automatisch freigeschaltet, die für 2000 ist hierbei noch offen, der Counter steht dann falls wir bei diesem Beispiel bleiben auf 1401. Nachdem du im Spiel das Achievement für 2000 Dungeons erhalten hast, bekommst du dafür ganz normal die Trophäe. Bei den anderen Trophäen verhält es sich genauso. Erledige eine Quest im Spiel - und alle Questtrophäen werden nach Abschluss automatisch freigeschaltet, die du bis dahin erledigt hast. Erledige ein FATE - und alle FATE-Trophäen werden nach Abschluss freigeschaltet, die du bis dahin erledigt hast. Bei den Raid-Trophäen musst du den jeweiligen Part erneut abschließen, allerdings geht das auch unsync Ich hoffe ich konnte helfen. Liebe Grüße, Cat
  15. I dont have the time to write one on my own - but whoever does the "Elder Scrolls Online" guide - just message me whenever you need someone to help. I know everything 😊