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  1. For everyone else interested: They changed the whole trophy-pop-system for the game. As soon as you log in with a character that already achieved something, you'll autopop the trophy for it. If you did everything on your mainchar, just log in with the character and everything will pop.
  2. Dont believe your inner hype. The game got much worse in the last 2 years.
  3. Yes I can confirm that all of the trophies autopopped even the skyshard ones.
  4. Thats not true at all :-) Its an MMO. The only thing you need for emperor are a hand full of people who help you turning 6 keeps and maybe supports you a bit with earning AP. There are more than enough PVP events with additional campaigns within a year and even without them, you can become emperor within a few hours - sometimes within two, sometimes within some more. The -easiest- way to get the emperor achievement is to join a PVP guild and help them for a few weeks. You dont have to be online everyday, it's absolutely okay if you are helping out once or twice a week, when another person is emp or wants to get emp. You will definitely get supported by the group after a while too. I did emperor more than once, the fastest one took just about 1 1/2 hours. My Playtime - because the game is actually quite good if you dont run out of content - counts about 4000 hours. This one is not as hard as people say. It has never been. It has always been just like that I always read horror stories about "I played 3 days without a break" - thats not because the achievment takes so long. Thats just because the player has no idea what he is doing.
  5. I have 100% too and will try it out. The first post is wrong. Dungeon acms will autopop - public dungeon trophies too. The only thing thats not accountwide will be the group-boss achievement of each public dungeon, because it gains a skillpoint. But this one is not needed for a trophy. You dont need mastercrafter for trophies - motifs will not become accountwide because you can buy them in crown store. Not relevant for trophies. Same for the lorebooks - you can buy the skillline of mages guild in crown store so its not accountwide. But you dont need the books for a trophy. The only thing you have to do again is to collect skyshards - because like the rest - you can buy them in crown store. But these will take about .... 5 hours maybe. You only need the skyshards from old tamriel and the only reason it takes a bit is because you have to get the ones from delves too. Use a map, grind it out - take a char you wanna play one day and you'll have a winwin situation If you dont wanna do cyro again, buy it for crowns instead. Its up to you.
  6. Seems official. Yesterday they announced to synch PS4/PS5 trophies due to the achievement-change ingame, where all achievements become account-wide.
  7. All of the Lego Titles - on PSV they took about 10h each. Tons of "Easyplats" like Explosive Jake, Swordbreaker, Task Foce Kampas, Super Destronaut, Legend of Skyfish, ... Ratalaika Games mostly. Tons of POWGI-Titles like Alphaset, Crypto, Wordsweeper,... -- And some really really good ones: Bastion (only one Trophy is difficult) ~10hrs Reality Fighters ~10hrs all Invizimals games ~10hrs Hyperdimension Neptunia games ~40hrs each but easy and great story The Bards Tale ~10hrs Waking Violet ~5hrs Adventure of Mana ~10hrs Secret of Mana ~15hrs Persona Dancing games ~10hrs Sly Trilogy ~12hrs each Odin Sphere ~15hrs Severed ~10hrs Lara Croft & Hitman Go ~5hrs Color Guardians ~5hrs Telltale-Games (TWD/WAU) ~10hrs Pets ~8hrs ...
  8. The biggest problem is, that Microsoft is going for multiplayer-exclusives, while Sony - at the moment - only has awesome singleplayer exclusives. Silent Hill has always been an awesome game, but there is no long-time-motivation. It's just like Resident Evil. It has a huge fanbase, but a few weeks after release noone talks about these games anymore. There are only a few multiplayer games out there that are critical to the whole gaming industry if they become exclusive. COD is one of them - even if I dont play it, I understand that people dont want to miss it if they played it in the last 20 years.
  9. Elder Scrolls VI will become Xbox exclusive - they announced that already. Elder Scrolls Online will stay open for all platforms as far as I heard, but tbh this game went downhill so fast in the last months, I'd always recommend to play FFXIV instead. I am pretty sure that Square Enix will not be for sale at all. They have such an inspiring leadership in this company, they will always deliver high quality games to people on all platforms. They developed the -only- cross-platform MMORPG and it works better than any other of its kind. They will always bring some Nintendo exclusives and some Sony exclusives - and if there will be another Vita-like Handheld Console in the future, they will develop exclusives for this console too. I love them for what they do and how they act. In my opinion, if at any time Square Enix would be sold to anyone - noone can win.
  10. Sony&Nintendo would actually work pretty good. Both are the leading consoles for the whole japanese gaming market. If they cooporate in some way, they could get tons of exclusives. Even if Nintendo would keep the biggest franchises exclusive to Nintendo Consoles.
  11. Rockstar for GTA - EA for Fifa. But I think GTA would be the biggest deal. GTA Exclusive would be much bigger than the whole Activision-Blizzard Deal. Btw - its quite sad that none of them is caring about "what can we do to give our customers the beste experience?". Because of Microsofts turn, its all about "what company should we buy next" now. I hate this.
  12. I had a very short daydream a few minutes ago. Imagine, rich people like Gates would spend this huge amount of money to set a message. Buying Activision Blizzard, just to start a huge investigation in this awful case, destroy the life of everyone involved by spreading all facts in public, give the important jobs to better people (like the old Blizzard ones) to give all the victims some kind of revenge and to give the gaming community the chance to get their quality content back. Just to destroy these dickheads and clear shit up. Not just for more money again... for something bigger instead... God. This world could be so beautiful if it was about making others happy.
  13. Oh thank you for pointing that out. That makes sense!
  14. The worst about Microsofts purchases is... Gaming is a wonderful thing to connect people allover the world. Microsoft seems to part them instead.
  15. Isn't it similar? I mean, I have no idea how this GP works, but my husband paid a small amount of money for a year subscription and he was able to play new released games like the new Forza Horizon for free on Day One. The amount of free games is just insane. Even stuff like "The Medium" was f2p on the first day... how... does... this... work?