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  1. The Guided Fate Paradox (What is that? :D)
  2. Final Fantasy XIV PS5: 9/10 Trails of Cold Steel PSVita: 9/10 Resident Evil Village PS5: 7/10
  3. Dead by Daylight. I started it years ago and I enjoy it - but I am always playing something else. One day I'll find time to play it more
  4. Definitely Worms Rumble!
  5. All of your Trails of Cold Steel Platinum Trophies. I just started with Part 1 on PSVita and I really enjoy it at this point. Cant wait to play the rest!
  6. Never - I never will. I am afraid of trains. Sounds strange, but is just part of an anxiety disorder. Trains are my trigger 😥 Like other people have claustrophobia, I have trainophonbia kinda. Have you ever drunk alcohol in the morning, instead of a cup of coffee?
  7. Most of them are just easy plats - and some of them are really boring, just in case you wanna try them out. But there are also some good ones I actually enjoyed: -Spiral Splatter (is it really for psvita? I played this one on PS4) -Bucket Knight -Explosive Jake -Sigi - A fart for Melusina -Awesome Pea 1 & 2 -Energy Cycle (all three) -Grass Cutter
  8. Mmh... its so long ago... if there is no difficulty setting, you can definitely lower the difficulty by activating plans. Weaker enemies, stronger attacks - even onehit-kills are possible if you activate a plan for it. The only time this doesnt work is at event-bosses, because you cant hit them before the fight starts. But with the one-hit-kills you can just grind your way to maxlvl and kill eventbosses without a problem I played all of them - and all the spin-offs. The easiest one was MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies (that name tho lol) and Superdimension Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls - just in case you wanna pause the series after Rebirth 1 and play funny spinoffs instead. Re;Birth 1-3 are similar if its about the difficulty. And there is a spin-off for Noire (Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart) which is a Strategy game - reminds me of Disgaea a bit. Thats what I play too atm ^^
  9. Oh you think so? I think Neptunia is pretty easy, because there are no difficulty-specific trophies. You can play everything on the lowest difficulty. And grind up your way until you become a one-hit-wonder
  10. I thought RE7 did it better than some RE's before. Especially the whole thing with grandma was pure horror for me. This old lady gave mu goosebumps - even if the rest of the game wasn't that scary. I also liked the birthday game because it was pure madness. RE has never been THAT horror series, but I thought in 7, the balance of action and horror was quite good. I think everyone who played RE before knows that he doesnt buy a real horror game. But I'd like to see it as a little part of the game again if we get a RE9.
  11. Me neither. I dont really like splatter-stuff (and there are many splatter-scenes in REVIII). Poor Hands. I think an open world is not the reason why it isn't scary. Dying Light in the dark, was scary too. Blair Witch, Kholat, ... they were all scary. At one point, you start in the dark forest - move through a house - and suddenly daylight appears. If they'd done this the opposite way, it would've been scary af You play in the light 99% of the time. When I played the first demo of RE8, it was scary, because it took place in the dark basement that changed if you turned around too much. If I think about RE7 - the most frightening part was the moment I saw grandma in her wheelchair down in the processing area. That was so creepy - there was no possibility for her to get there. Also the part when the wheelchare was empty at some point. Or the time you reached a saveroom - and she was just sitting outside the room afterwards, even if she wasnt there just a few seconds before. That's stuff I love in these games The simple stuff. The atmosphere. I dont need violence or jumpscares.
  12. REVIIIage is the first Resident Evil my husband plays with me. Somehow this is great, but to be fair, it's just the best way to explain that there is -nothing- that scares you. It's an awesome game, really, and I'd recommend it to everyone because it isnt boring at all. Its just no horror game in my opinion. Not even a horrorsurvival. Its just an Action-Shooter with a good story. Not the best, but its okay. Doesnt really feel like Resident Evil for me - even if I really enjoyed RE7 and tons of people hated it. I am a bit sad about it because I was looking forward to scream again, like I did in VR with RE7.
  13. Disgaea 5. I cant tell you why exactly. Both are really good. If they would have a PS4/PS5-Port.... would it be.... Zelda Breath of the Wild or Fable?
  14. Brawlhalla! How is this game? I heard lots about it but never tried it out.
  15. Stardew Valley. Everyone who told me about this game said, that it is a game I would totally enjoy. When I wanted to buy it for PSVita, it was removed from the store 😐