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  1. Thanks very good guide
  2. i know nothing more.
  3. scrolls of elros has 4 pages trophy is glitched it popped after i found the second page later in the game one page vanished from my inventory same with the Purify all corrupted bodies popped after the 3 body
  4. all that are still at Zero Percent.
  5. You have to beat the last Arena with both Chars for the Last eir medallions. 3 Trophys are Glitched. You should make extra save before entering the last Tower. i emailed the developers they answered (We will check all the trophys you mention and release a fix patch for this if they doesn't work. ) cafting eye of njord is only possible with the girl when you enter the last tower you should switch directly to the girl and kill the first enemys for the last 2 materials if you get them with the guy it takes forever until you get them again from the enemys
  6. Platin is total easy can be done in 1 h. You can die all monsters are accessible directly at the beginning. Best Tactik is playing tree hugging with the bosses. you can slash with the sword through some of the trees and sometimes the bosses getting stuck in the trees.
  7. Read in a shmup forum how to get tlb. TLB only shows up in Maniac and you have to have at least 12 or 15 billion points and got most technical bonusses. So always keep the kill chain up
  8. for the stage six boss trophy just play original mode until you encounter the stage 6 flying mecha boss (first big boss) now do nothing and wait till the timer for the boss runs out. you just have to evade the bullets. the true boss trophy you have to play original mode with minimum kills and 1cc i have it from the facebook page from the developer they only wrote clear the game with 1 credit (1CC) and reach a minium score. so i dont know if or how this works exactly
  9. To get stage 6 boss trophy you need to get a timeout at the boss 6 (flying mecha clear the game with 1 credit (1CC) and reach a minium score = true Boss dont know if you can do it on novice
  10. To get stage 6 boss trophy you need to get a timeout at the boss 6 (flying mecha
  11. looking at the steam page forum for this game there will never be an update. Lemondo games doesn't respond to anything since months
  12. Die ist bei mir sofort im ersten Level gekommen lösch am besten dein save ziehe beide komplett schwarz an und starte noch mal das erste Level.
  13. So with this Tip the Platin difficulty is really easy 1/10 If you start the race drive in the other direction until you come to the metal fence ca at 40 - 45 sec bump in it then you will see that you are at first or second position doesent matter. Now drive in the normal direction when you are at round 1 you automatically switch to the second round happens sometimes a few seconds later in the round with this its easy to get 3 min.10 s time that makes this trophy a joke. The same work for reverse race trophie. it does not work every try but it works sorry for my english its not my main language.