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  1. Plat 29 Huge spiderman fan loved the game, but the crime trophies are so boring and repetitive. doing the same crime over and over and over again!!!!!! easy way to spawn them is to fast travel to the area you need to finish crimes and move a bit a crime would spawn then repeat fast travel move a crime would pop
  2. Plat 26 Murderd soul suspect the game was kinda ehhh but for buying it for $2 it’s okay I guess but what sucked the most is the the 150 usless collectibles... no chapter select so If you missed one got to restart all over again recommend a guide on the collectibles which the paintings are hard to find
  3. Plat #25 36 fragments of midnight Smart developers seeing a lot of trophy hunters buy their games because easy plats so they make more.... well thats how i see it easy plat people would buy to make their collection big
  4. So many collectables on tomb raider T-T 

  5. Plat #24 pirate something advantures so yep can’t belive I spent $2.00 to get this game and am easy plat trophy... who else spent 2.00$ on this game for and easy plat and were like ummmm. . . What am I playing this or horrible... oh well easy plat not proud but got it
  6. well picked up the uncharted collection never played them at all i was more of a tomb raider fan but lets see how good uncharted is 

    1. Honor_Hand


      They are pretty enjoyable games. They focus most on epic gunfights and memorable set pieces than exploration though. Also, the characters and writing are impeccable. Hope you like it. :)

  7. Plat #22 Bioshock Infinite I love this game its amazing.. also heres a link a good way to beat the last lvl on 1991 pretty smart method to be honest Plat 23 Inksploation Trophy hungry
  8. great got flopped with Agony game blows 

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    2. NERVergoproxy


      The game's a torture itself to play! It is terrible. Very Agonizing!!!

    3. mecharobot


      Smells like a game for a potential UR plat.

    4. ALfheimNilvalen


      hahaha Decay got it right on the mark 

  9. dying light
  10. Plat 21 Bioshock II The Plat pretty easy if you use the infinite life glitched if want to do it legit its a bit challenging but 3/5 bioshock II but ive heard there might be a new one coming out im excited if there is a new bioshock under development
  11. noooooo so close on finishing Bioshock II and my weapons glitched cant used them only my drill and hack dart and the camera :( im in the last levels dont want to restart 

  12. I hope there would be a ps4 pro Spider-Man edition 

  13. its been fix no need to worry
  14. Plat #20 Bioshock Beware of this even tho there’s no trophies for researching the turrets and security cámaras you still need to take pictures of them for the full trophy “full research bouncer” all in all good game I could never harvest a little sister... I just google it and judge the people that harvest one jk :3 easy plat lay if you do the glitch difficulty whitout it
  15. feel free to add me working on the bioshock trilogy after that resident evil trilogy so need coop buddies