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  1. I tried another 2 times with The Lost gang attacks, and nothing, the same result. I tried 3 times with The Professionals gang attacks, and nothing. I tried 3 times with Los Santos Vagos gang attacks and the same, no one message and no bounty on my head from the leader of the gang at the moment of finish the 5th gang attack in each one of the attempts. I even tried with Merryweather Security gang attacks (I know this organization is not listed in GTA Wiki, but i don't lose nothing for trying) but nothing. I didn't try with Marabunta Grande because there are not enough gang attacks from this gang. If other players obtain different results with the gang attacks, share it here (but with proof) Conclusions: nothing changes, the bounties remain completely disabled, and there is no legitimate way to obtain one. Rockstar Games must re-enable the bounties, but probably this never happen.
  2. Hello Aexuz, thanks for share the video, I didn't know that little secret, there is always something new to learn. I tried this method but I didn't get good results, As you can see in the following link (http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Al_Carter) you must complete 5 The Lost Gang Attacks in succession, but Al Carter didn't send me any messages after complete the 5 gang attacks in a row in 3 different attempts. Each one of my attempts were in one session, in less a one in-game day, without dying, in specific The Lost gang attacks (you can see the locations of The Lost gang attacks here http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Gang_Attacks), but without success. Anyway I will continue trying this a few times more, and if I continue to get the same result then Run Like The Wind will continue to be unobtainable by a legit way, unfortunately. EDIT: Probably this is no longer available on PS3, but I will keep trying. Obtain a bounty with the gang attacks method is also possible with other gangs/criminal organizations, like The Professionals, Los Santos Vagos and Marabunta Grande, not only with The Lost. In this page http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Gang_Attacks, in the section "Aftermath" is all the information about this. (EDIT: The position of the information changed on the GTA Wiki page, the information about this topic was previously in the "Trivia" section and is now in the "Aftermath" section)
  3. "unintentionally", sure. It's true that some legit players are "hacked" without them looking for it (and this sucks), but it's also true that some players look for hacked lobbies intentionally for some "hacker" put the bounty on their head and then say the excuse that they were hacked.
  4. Honestly, I already lost the hope that this trophy will be obtainable again by a legitimate way. I have already made many tickets in Rockstar Support and they always answer me the same, "keep informed about this topic in X link", IT'S A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. Rockstar Games is Rockstar Games, they only care about the money, they do not care if a stupid trophy becomes unobtainable and as a consequence, the platinum trophy also becomes unobtainable, they try to prevent cheats in their game, but when they removed the bounties they affected the players that we enjoyed getting trophies (about the legit players), it's unfair. Many players have obtained this trophy because the mod menu users give bounties to the players (this is the only current method to obtain this trophy, but it is not legitimate), I prefer never to obtain this trophy to obtain it with cheats. If there is relevant information about this trophy, I will say it here.
  5. Grand Theft Auto V in PS3 is one of the games with more cheaters, I am not surprised that this trophy (run like the wind) is obtained when it is currently impossible, (As an example only see the list of 100% fastest achievers). There is a chance that those players who have won the trophy recently, already had a bounty for their head since before the option of the bounties were disabled, but knowing how people are, it's hard to believe, it is very difficult to know which player is a cheater and which player is legitimate.
  6. The agents of Rockstar Games say that, because cheaters can modify RP and money , some functions were disabled, (referring to the bounties) (since the cheaters can use the bounties to give illegitimate money to the other players). For now it does not seem that they intend to re-enable the bounties option, when this option is enabled again, I will say it here, but for now this trophy is unobtainable by the legitimate way. I write this to inform players who do not know what happens to this trophy. In any case, the most recent achievers of this trophy are suspicious, honestly. And sorry for my bad english.
  7. This problem was presented to me for the first time on April 17, 2017, and the list of people who have obtained this trophy has been reducing since that day, probably people who obtain this trophy after April 17 already had before a reward for his head. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/2093-grand-theft-auto-v/42-run-like-the-wind I have contacted Rockstar Support, but the agents who provide help are useless who do not know how to do their job. If this problem persists, the platinum trophy could become unobtainable for the new players (including me), at least by the legitimate way. Congrats Bugstar Games, congrats.
  8. I have a big problem with the "Run Like The Wind" trophy. I can not offer a bounty for another player, and the other players can not offer a bounty for me, the other way to get a bounty for my head is stealing cars from NPC's, but this does not work, this option should be unlocked since level 10, but it's locked with the icon of a lock, My friend with rank 391 also has blocked this option, how is this possible if my friend had this option unlocked for a long time? My question is, does anyone else have this same bug? EDIT: When I posted this thread I thought that this problem was a bug, but weeks later I understood that Rockstar Games disabled the bounties in the game, Rockstar Support finally gave me an answer that solved my doubts in May 17, 2017 (the third post in this thread). Rockstar Support posted this article ( https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005592527 ) in April 11, 2017, which makes me think that this day was when the bounties were disabled. EDIT: There is another method to obtain a bounty for your head, related with gang attacks and the leader of each one of the different gangs in Los Santos (The Lost MC, Los Santos Vagos, The Professionals, etc.), which consists on defeat the same gang in 5 different gang attacks in a row in one session, after, the leader of the gang defeated 5 times will send you a message threatening you and finally, placing a bounty on your online character. I can confirm that this was also DISABLED when the bounties were disabled. (Probably this will come back if some day the bounties are re-enabled in PS3. This probably works on PS4, because there the bounties work normally.) Many players have obtained this trophy because the mod menu users can put bounties on players (this is the only current method to obtain this trophy, but it's not 100% legitimate). If there is relevant information about this trophy, I will say it here.