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  1. #93 Crash Bandicoot : warped Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 For me it's a real pleasure to play this trilogy again ! The nostalgia is here but without that we hacve a good platform game trilogy and not so hard to plat. I recommand it to all person want to test a platform trilogy for testing this type of games. Next game Titanfall 2
  2. #92 NieR automata Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 3/10 I think i'm in the minority who don't like this game. Maybe i'm waiting a lot in this game because i've love so much NieR on Ps3. The two best points of this game is his OST and is univers/graphism. But the rest is a big deception for me. The character is beautiful (I love 2B 😍) but without charisma. The storyline doesn't be remarkable. The PNJ the same. This game isn't bad but regarding the first masterpiece NieR on Ps3, this game is really underneath !
  3. For me my choice is : - Mass effect trilogie - Heavenly sword - NieR
  4. Hi i buy two games in the christmas prmot : Mutant year zero : road to eden Fear effect sedna
  5. Yeah finally Gris is on PS4. I'm so happy !
  6. Energy cycle for me !
  7. Valkyria chronicle remastered and 4 Batman arkham knight Warframe Overwatch XCOM 2 😍
  8. For me it's God of war series exept the last one in Ps4. Honestly i don't like this sΓ©rie afer the last one in PS4 and for me it's really overatted !
  9. My last platinum Batman arkham Knight Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 9.5/10 Honestly, the platinum is not really hard i think. Just 2 trophy with a little difficulty, one with the 15 fight and gadget technique and one with the R.A. trophy. But do the 247 ridler of mister myster is so long !!! And i recommand a lot this games because he is so cool, the graphism is realy great, the batmobil offert more gameplay fun and all the quality of the predecessor is in this games ! Now go for borderlands 3 and Littlebig planet 3 😌
  10. Hello everybody I need a little help pour my trophy. Mu level name is help trophy 50 player. Let me a message and i do the same for you ! Thx