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  1. Same bro. Same.
  2. For the future, I highly recommend using Ion missles to stun the Bomber in if you get in behind it. Get really close before you try and fire it though, stuns the bomber and makes it nigh on defenseless, but easily could be evaded or countered unless you're right up next to them.
  3. It should reward you regardless, the XP might be less. Not too sure about that. I've also noticed that if you do something different, like if your main passion is Play then you start sculpting, animating, or what not, you'll earn xp a little faster. Mostly art based myself, when I switched over to design to start programming a game, started leveling up in what felt like no time at all
  4. I personally think these games look fine... is no platniums the reason you guys hate these games so much? Overcooked is a pretty fun party game, and while Edith Finch is a walking sim, it falls into the more Datura-like game. By that I mean, actually interesting
  5. Transformers WFC superior, Blacklist inferior
  6. -Broforce -Risk of Rain (Pretty sure this can be locally played) -Badland -Foul Play (Personally recommend this one especially) -Resogun (Another I'm pretty sure) -Mecho Tales -Magicka 2 (This is another great one imo) -Enter the Gungeon -Don't Starve Together
  7. What's wrong with more content... Accounting+ is great. Doubt it'll cost anything.
  8. Honestly, you may want to go for the class with the longest grind. Prestige 1 is 2.4 million or so exp... that's a huge time sink. Level 2 with each class won't be difficult, but just to sink time for exp with a goal other than just getting the trophy itself may help you.
  9. I'm beginning to think I'll never attain Foxhound Can't say I've tried much in the last few months (Maybe one or two attempts)... but I'll take another crack at it. Maybe some form of save scumming will work?
  10. HuntingFever is correct, you can't trade codes or anything so you'd only be getting that level 40 boost for the UK account. Just like items in game there's no trading
  11. Happy Transformers day everyone. 34 years ago today the first episode of Transformers was aired for the first time! Funny enough, only 7 days after the first Voltron episode.
  12. @SolarCat02 You could always start setting a manual save that you could go back to in case of crashing. Just plop down a save point and that'll be listed as a manual save rather than an automatic save, which is harder to overwrite on accident
  13. Loves anime, linear(ish) story based games.
  14. Hello all, young and old! I come to you with a fun community... thing, project I guess... that anyone with No Man's Sky could take part in! With the addition of owning bases practically anywhere, that opens a lot of opportunities for players to come together. My idea is, what if we all came together and created a town for PSNP members? I recently discovered an uncharted system which is sadly far from the center, but had a few interesting planets to explore. My personal favorite being a desert planet, which has become my goal to colonize. How do we get there? Right now you'll have to join another player in the system/in town being that players cannot learn new glyphs yet. (Should be fixed in 1.55) Once it's patched I'll gather the coordinates for nearby systems so you just have to warp over to get to the system. Being that it's uncharted, I don't believe the system is accessible by portal. If you're interested, leave a message down here with your psn or send me a friend request saying you'd like to join the town. Two last things, my psn is the same as my PSNP username and anyone who sends me a friend request will be removed after setting up in the town. I don't mean to be rude, but some friends already don't appear on my PS3, I don't want to bog that down further.
  15. It's much easier. I could help you out with it if you'd like. Basically, while in coop you won't earn the trophy but on your own playthrough you can. Join someone and go to their base then go back to your own save and access a terminus and go to "Other player bases" then interact with their base computer. That's the easiest way to do it