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  1. I work nights and live with people that work days, so that means I'm up when they're asleep and I'd rather not wake them.
  2. 1118 items, many of them DLC or Avatars because I'm awesome with money.
  3. 26/Male/The Middle of Nowhere, Iowa, USA
  4. Platinum # 5: Resonance of Fate (aka End of Eternity if you live outside of America) What a fun game.
  5. Knowing me, my next one will be 1337 Trophy.
  6. What a fun little game that I would not have found out about if it weren't for PS+.
  7. I'll let the fact that I'm subbed until July 2016 speak for itself.
  8. December 3 years 5 months, or something like that.
  9. Platinum #4 - inFAMOUS Second Son, what a fun game. The hardest part was beating the final boss on Expert Difficulty.

  10. Platinum #4, inFAMOUS Second Son.
  11. PSN: Detheros2 Systems: PS3, PS4, PSVita Blank Friend Requests: Just let me know you're from here.
  12. From Resogun. Extremely fun and hard.
  13. Platinum #3 - Resogun. =)

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      Congrats! and it's a PS4 plat!

    2. ShadowGandalf


      So, on a scale of 1-10... 1 being "Oh, did i win?" 10 being "kill me now"... how hard was it?

    3. TehCro


      Good stuff. I played a few levels but didn't get into it. Now I'm finally understanding the mechanics and how to save all humans and it's pretty fun. Could probably get the plat for it.

  14. Feel free to add me if you wish. Detheros2
  15. Hey people with a PS4? PLAY Resogun! It's such a good game!

    1. snakebit10


      I got it downloaded but haven't had a chance to play it yet.