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  1. Hi guys, I know this is an old post but i just wanna help ppl asking, so i have the game i bought it, and i invited my friend to play with me, at first we thought we both are going to get the trophies but it turns out, the owner of the game or th buyer is the only one getting them, basically im getting trophies and he's not, so keep that in mind guys.
  2. What I really hate is when A high lvl player doesn't use a silencer attachment 🤤
  3. I've finished episode one (all chapters) in one sitting with 2 good randoms and a decent one, we only failed once at th end of chapter 3, bcz th turrents killed all of us, turrents not zombies hahaha ^_^, then we made it in th next try. This is the online good experience i have with randoms. If you wanna play this is my id: iMouaad I play as Lvl30 fixer.