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  1. I didn't read the whole thread, and maybe i should have before saying this. But is it hard to whitelist certain games? Or add some sort of an asterix to those that earned the trophies in these games? It probably gives you guys a whole load of work, since you had to do 1 by 1, in a site that has what, over a million people?
  2. I got mine from PT store. It's the PS4 only version though
  3. You don't have platinum for FIFA 09 though. It shut down a few months after FIFA 10 came out, yes? Since he Got the trophy in June 2010 and if the flag mentions it, it checks out.
  4. Yeah, i was looking for it too. If they don't put it in the Store, might as well download from another store. Why do they keep region locks on DLCs is beyond me.
  5. I don't know if i'm posting in the right place, if not, sorry. For some reason i'm not able to log into PSN on my PS3 and on my PC. It started yesterday at around 11pm. Since a lot of people were complaining that they couldn't log in, i figured that something was wrong with PSN so didn't think much of it. I've been trying to log in today in both my PS3 and PC for a while and still nothing. About 30 minutes ago, i decided to turn my phone into a router and suprise suprise i was able to log into PSN in my PC without a problem. So i figure that my IP for some reason got banned. How do i proceed with this? Should i contact Sony or my ISP? Should i wait until Sony unban my IP? Should i try a proxy? PS: If i log in via my mobile network and turn on my WIFI it stays on. But if i log off and try to login with my WIFI i can't log on. Just a "funny" observation. PSS: No, Sony did not send me an email saying that they were banning my IP
  6. If you want a Sony controller for your PS3 you have these choices -Buy an adapter so you can use your PS1 or PS2 Sony controller -Use a PS4 controller -Buy a used PS3 controller You wont find new ones for sale on Ebay, Ali express or any of those websites.They are 99.9% fakes. My controller was giving me problems, i had no choice but to buy one used. I still have it, but the right analog stick sometimes moves on it's own.
  7. PSN ID: juniordrfanatic PS Systems for now, just the PS3 Accepts Blank Friend Requests yes, but i would rather get a reason for why you add me. Like for grinding some online trophies or something. Just love trophy hunting in general.
  8. Even though i like Gundam, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms setting is what i always loved. Is the Empires version the same, but with a little bit of a strategy element like those Romance of the Three Kingdoms games from the SNES?
  9. I've seen that there are some Dynasty Warriors games on sale in the PS Store. Can anybody recomend me which one should i buy? I'm thinking either 7 Xtreme Legends or 8: Empires.
  10. You guys have been helpful and i thank you. I'm still trying to decide if i should buy it or not. I want an old school DW so i can butcher entire armies. Should i just rather pick up DW7 since it's also on sale?
  11. Can anybody explain to me the difference between the "normal" Dynasty Warriors and Empires? I never got around to play an "Empires" and since it's on sale on the EU Store, i',m just curious. Is it the same game, but with a more strategy aproach? Can i still butcher entire armies by myself?
  12. I just ended the Burial at Sea Episode 2 DLC and picked up all 25 Audio Tapes/Voxophones, they show on the list, i counted them, but the trophy just doesn't pop up. I repeated the chapter before the Dr. Suchong clinic part and still nothing. Is this a known glitch?
  13. Likes games that are about Demons, Blood and Souls.
  14. I just wanted to thank you guys, you've been helpful I was able to find a GOTY of Fallout 3 and i bought it for 5€, found someone selling it at a used stuff website. Quite honestly, i would have regreted paying 50€ for all of the DLC. Not that it would be worth it, but since it crashed all the time (my biggest complains because of this are Point Lookout and Operation Anchorage). Since i found it for 5€, can't complain that much.