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  1. Likes games that are about Demons, Blood and Souls.
  2. I just wanted to thank you guys, you've been helpful I was able to find a GOTY of Fallout 3 and i bought it for 5€, found someone selling it at a used stuff website. Quite honestly, i would have regreted paying 50€ for all of the DLC. Not that it would be worth it, but since it crashed all the time (my biggest complains because of this are Point Lookout and Operation Anchorage). Since i found it for 5€, can't complain that much.
  3. I remember buying The Season Pass and The Consul's Car not being included. I checked out and yes, it's free to download in the EU region
  4. I've been playing Fallout 3 for a while and i'm thinking about buying the DLC. Is it worthy enough to shell out 50€ for the 5 of them?
  5. Here's my list of favorite Dynasty Warriors games: DW3 DW3 DW3 DW3 DW3 DW3 DW4 And of course DW3 Have been thinking about playing them on the PS3 but haven't found any of them on sale. Maybe should just buy any from the PS Store They don't make them like these anymore
  6. Better?
  7. The data i lost wasn't that big of a deal. I lost my MK9 data with all of the Fatalaties, Matches etc. done with all characters, my MKvsDC with all of the KOmbo Challenges but what pisses me off is the Street Fighter x Tekken data with almost everything else done...
  8. My question comes with a story, and it's a sad one ahah. A few days ago, my PS3 was on and my lights went out. When i turned it on, an error message appeared and my PS3 and it had to do a file check. It got (i thought) stuck for awhile at 49% and dumb little old me though "Fuck it, i'll unplugg it and turn it on again, that'll work". Long story short, i had to format it and lost every single thing in it, especially my save files, with alot of work put in them. So my question is this: I know that PS Plus comes with Cloud Save and since there aren't that many games coming into the PS Plus for PS3, is it worth to have it just for the Cloud Save alone? I plan on getting a PS4 (eventually) and i know that if i get PS Plus now i'll get all of the PS4 games that become available in it, but still, is it worth it?
  9. I found it but i didn't take it... and honestly, i regret that decision. But i'm happy so far with the one i got
  10. Loving all of the suggestions. So far, i've bought: Bioshock 1 and 2 Fallout 3 Mafia 2 Soul Calibur 5
  11. Wow we're in 1997 and nobody told me anything! Who really wanted a sequel to the shittiness that was "Bubsy" back then? They have balls, i'll give them that, releasing the game 20 years after the abomination that was "Bubsy 3D". And i 'm still waiting for a sequel to this:
  12. Those 2 are the only ones that stick out. Other than that, the rest seem to be in order. It could have glitched.