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  1. Doing it right now and i have not seen any indicator of how many i have done already. Something between 100 and 300 i guess. 😆 Honestly who comes up with such trophies? They feel shallow and like a crazy waste of time. Sure there are a lot of grinding trophies but this one has no real point to it except for the trophy.
  2. I can see how that could be a lot more fun than doing it all alone. But sadly my friends are not into trophy hunting or multiplayergames like this one. It took me 8 days of playing the mp for ~4 hours each day. I skipped a few matches when i saw an opportunity to advance a day or two. The sweet sensation of being done with it...i instantly deleted the game from my PS4.
  3. Absolutely! It is not really hard. It just takes time and you just have to keep going on. I guess it is the Firefly and Hunter trophys after all that stop so many people from getting it done. Everything else is spot on doable. Even collecting a thousand items in Ubisoft games is not as horrible.
  4. I started the game in 2015 but put it down cause i already knew the story and had no motivation playing through. Having just 5% of the trophies became quite annoying and i gave it another go a few weeks ago. Man what a blast i had with the main game and the DLC. But then it came to getting the multiplayer trophies. For those who just play to get the Plat the multiplayer is a huge pain in the ... I'm almost done and have ''only'' 4 Weeks to play for Plat but honsetly even with skipping days it is just tedious and no fun at all. It is beyond me why so many outstanding single player games have ridiculous multiplayermodes in the first place.
  5. It took 3 months and 2 weeks since the plat but the mail finally came today...well kind of. It says i am getting the exclusive theme but the field where the code is supposed to be tells me just ''None Available''. I played it on retail disc, european account.