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  1. I cant remember I just seen it in the downloads bit and tried it. I was using the guide on trueachievments but obvs the roster he mentions is on xb1.
  2. I got it by downloading a 99 overall Steelers roster and moving a rookie qb to the steelers then edit him to a 99.
  3. Got 14-19. Didn't trophy hunt before Fifa 14 so never tried the others before servers closing.
  4. I think if you learn the ground game this is very easy. I won it on ultimate team with a 67 overall and is probably really easy using real fighters.
  5. Can you link it? Can't seem to find them.
  6. You can play on ea access now btw. Somebody already has the bragging rights trophy on psn.
  7. Managed to get the draft trophy after a few tries. Took me a hour and 15 to find a game though lol. If anyone who's stills needs the online draft wants my coins pm me on here or psn.
  8. Ok thanks. Have either of you done it though?
  9. Do ea ban people for doing it on fifa 16? My brother has coins on his account that he's willing to give so I can get the draft trophies but don't really wanna get banned.
  10. Ok cool.
  11. How hard would this be for someone who isnt very good/hasn't played much of the franchise?
  12. Does anyone know what country would be the quickest. Like if there is a country you can move to, win the league 1st season and be qualified?
  13. Any suggestions for both players to plat. Online not local. Been playing Black ops 3 which is a lot easier with coop. Any other recommendations?
  14. Genius. Thank you I'll try this later.
  15. Did you use good players? Did the goalkeeper fumble it or?