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  1. Tried this but for some reason none of my homies would cone to help. Thinks it's a glitch with the game.
  2. I managed to get it by getting 4 stars whilst on foot instead of driving and staying on foot. One came after like 30 seconds of anyone else can't find one.
  3. Tried finishing the game so stag disappear and make the lockdown appear again but still nothing. Homies are always busy aswell so I cant call the swat homies.
  4. ? Tried 3 star and 4 star notoriety and no road blocks seem to spawn. Not completed the game yet so stag are still there.
  5. With the specialist kills you can just do survival missions which are needed for the challenges anyway. After you finish the survival you will still have the notoriety.
  6. It downloaded them but I had to pause the game and go to additional content for them to be added.
  7. I personally think base*bonus is better otherwise the bonus makes very little difference.
  8. How have you currently been scoring the points? So is a UR plat worth 84, 72 or just 18? Quite confused myself now.
  9. Yeah its still being used or a few of my scores would be a lot lower. They are not putting in base score just the final score. Also cant view the league table spreadsheet. Says I need permission
  10. Can't seem to find a mission from the voice or donovan for the dlcs. Just bought the season pass but my save game is on the final mission with only burke alive as the under boss. Does this make a difference?
  11. Weird, I could try share play it if you want?
  12. Someone got it recently so I dont think so. Check a video guide.
  13. I'm fine going to waiting list if you want to be in. Don't wanna take somebody else's spot.