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  1. Request to add Korean
  2. You got Bingo! Bingo! first, and got Pro Monkey Bowler. Only 8 seconds. Is this possible?
  3.ラヴアール Request to add Korean
  4. See the video
  5. All obelisk is required (37)
  6. Offline. First update the version. Special ops are unlimited. 100(Jakarta) is the fastest and easiest.
  7. -> PS4 -> PS3 Please add more languages like PS3
  8. I want to download the EU version of PS3. But I don't see the 'Add to Basket' button.
  9. Request Title+Language = Korean
  10. This is Asia. + language
  11. I suggest changing to Asia, not Japan.
  12. Yes. It's possible.Create an account here. >>
  13. It's not perfect. This is something missing because it's random. The trophy is acquired after 11 floors are completed. --------------------------------------------------------------- The Armor Trophy has a glitch. Make a armor one by one. Don't make another CLASS even if you have a lot of crystal. Only 1~2 sets can be made and get it. (not sure)
  14. I found a trick to complete this game easily. You can press the Start button repeatedly. Set L to Shoot, R to Capsules. If you repeat like a video, the game becomes easy.
  15. Is it DLC compatible? No Big city tour in my local.