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  1. #57 Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10 The first hours with this game were simply amazing. Slowly learning the mechanics and working through all the different kind of possibilities was very motivating. i enjoyed building decks with different kind of strategies and while collecting all the trophies the time flew by. Some trophies are very situational and i hated beeing forced to win the last game by 50 points. Most opponents will quit when they realize they have no chance of winning. It took a while to play against a newbie who watched me playing till the end. For it beeing a free game it delivers a lot of content too. The game lost me a bit at the end though. After playing for hours you'll get better. But the diversity of the decks you'll play against will be non existent. At some point i played against 3 different decks. As mentioned above the trophies aren't really difficult. Some are just very situational. By playing the game normally and trying to achieve some of the trophies when i got the chance i was able to obtain all trophies easily.
  2. For a moment i was also wondering how it's possible to have the 1Mil Lums as the final missing trophy but you have the reach lvl 11 awesomness trophy. He is playing a version of the game that doesn't require that trophy to obtain the plat.
  3. I'll take the 100% in Hitman
  4. The Event has ended. I'd like to thank everyone who participated and hope that everyone enjoyed it. Here is the list of the winners: 1# jonykpo97 - Trove (0,17%) 2# Angus1343 - Trackmania Turbo (0,66%) 3# seblegamer - PlayStation VR Worlds (0,67%) 4# Proassassin931 - Friday the 13th (0,83%) 5# NaseemJohn - Starwhal (1,02%)
  5. #56 - Celeste Difficulty: 8/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Beeing a fan of platformers in general i was really looking forward to this game. After all the good critics it obtained i expected a lot tbh. Maybe too much. First of all. I really liked the story, the normal carrier and c mode wasn't too bad. So often i was surprised with new mechanics and i liked the depth of the gameplay. The control though... when i'm playing a platformer i need absolute reliable controls. In this game though... i often ended up with a diagonal dash instead of a vertical or horizontal dash. Even though i was sure i hit it right i often ended up dashing into the spikes. That was really frustrating. I ended up using tbe analogue stick instead of the digipad cause it made it definetely better. In the end it was an enjoyable game. I died 5660 times. The hardest task was to beat c mode chapter 7. I'd rate all the other stages below that. But if they'd expect me to collect every strawberry in the game... this would be a 10/10 when it comes to difficulty.
  6. You've earned that plat last year. For this challenge the plat has to be earned in february this year. Also no games that were released in 2019. Make a new post please. I'll check for older posts but like this i definetely won't overlook it.
  7. Batman Arkham Origins
  8. Normally Metal Slug Anyhology would be a really hard plat. But with the trick mentioned here: it's not difficult at all.
  9. #55 Metal Slug Anthology Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 With the mentioned trick here on this site the plat isn't too hard anymore. Still a cool game that gets a bit dull after every game feels a bit too similar.
  10. Silent Hill 2 HD
  11. COD: Infinite Warfare
  12. I've forgotten to write yesterday. Since yesterday the collected plats count towards this challange - have a look at the rules which plats are countet and which not. Hope to have an interesting competition like last year.
  13. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  14. #54 - Thumper Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 6/10 This was probably the hardest game to rate cause on the one side it has really great mechanics and on the other side the game was very anoying sometimes. The game is really easy to learn but harder to master. There aren't too mamy mechanics but getting the timing right to perform perfect cornering and other moves require some skill. Even after a break over some months i was able to continue were i left without too much trouble. And i was pretty much addicted right away again. After completing 1 stage i always wanted to go further. In the beginning i wasn't able to play this game for too long though. After a while i always felt dizzy and got a real bad headache which led me to drop it first. But after buying a new tv it felt better. I still could only finish one level a day but that was much better than 1 stage a day. The problem i had was the movement of the stages. Having obstacles arrive in the far corner was ok but having the front move at the same time wasn't too easy. The game itself sometimes didn't feel well balanced. Some of the beginning stages of a level were longer and even harder than stages that came much later. Obstacles came out of nowhere so most likely i couldn't react on time and i also missed some beats because the backround had a similar color. I also wasn't a huge fan of the bosses. Still. I would recommend to give this game a chance. There aren't too many similar games and even if i felt annoyed here and there it's still a solid game.
  15. I did a similar challenge to this last year already - maybe the one or other remembers it. I myself wasn't able to plat too many games last year because of personal matters. But i still love playing games and i also like to challenge myself and others. I'll copy the rules from the other thread cause there won't be any changes this year. The challenge will be held in February 2019. So i'll announce the winners on march 1st. For further reference also have a look at the thread from 2018: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1# jonykpo97 - Trove (0,17%) 2# Angus1343 - Trackmania Turbo (0,66%) 3# seblegamer - PlayStation VR Worlds (0,67%) 4# Proassassin931 - Friday the 13th (0,82%) 5# NaseemJohn - Starwhal (1,01%)