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  1. Oh, well... I was thinking about new content or something like that. Good enough to see that developers are still working on their game and maintaining everything running smoothly.
  2. Anybody knows what is included with this new patch?
  3. Thanks for answering me, but are you sure that by playing only the fifth level in co-op mode, the trophies will be unlocked?
  4. Hi all. Today I got back to this game after a two year hiatus. I'm trying to get Nemesis and Veteran at the same time, just like I did two years ago with the other two ships and difficulties. I've made it through the first four levels with relative ease, but I'm stuck at the last level, Mefitis, and it's very frustrating. So, my question is the following: if I try to seek the help of a good samaritan in co-op and we manage to finish the last level, will I get the two trophies I want? Or are the trophies only available playing solo?
  5. Sadly, the challenges are different and you’ll have to redo all of them. I played Diablo III back in 2015 and I completed the challenges at 100% but this days I’m doing the PS3 version of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls with all my exported characters of the vanilla version and I can confirm that only the campaign challenges will update as soon as you load the game with one of your exported characters. No coop challenges will survive either... This:
  6. I think that the 5M gold trophy isn’t that bad. It’s a long way to get that milestone, yes, but Diablo saga always has been a long time consuming RPG and it was made in that way. If you play with all the characters and reach max level with all of them, the gold trophy will pop eventually. I played the original game back in 2012 on PC and years later I get the Diablo III PS3 platinum. This days I’m playing Diablo III: Reaper of Souls PS3 version. If you like playing this kind of games, you know that 5M of gold is a reasonable amount. Don’t try to do a speed-run in this game to get all the trophies. Just enjoy it. Always better with three friends and voice chat. Have a nice hunt buds. =)
  7. This:
  8. Diablo III and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls are two separate games and they have their own trophy lists. You can complete both of them the way you prefer.
  9. Of course you can do that. Look at this:
  10. You two are right. I was playing yesterday and I tried to play against other people but I couldn't. So I came to this topic to see the list of "confirmed shutdowns" and since Mortal Kombat wasn't listed anywhere and the main thread was updated on June 17... well... that's why I said it.
  11. PS3, of course. There is only one game with that name. Although it is for PS3 and PSV I thought there would be no room for confusion. Here:
  12. I would say Persona 5, although I don’t have much to choose from, since you have almost no PS3 games... It looks like a fun game, though I've never been too drawn to anime-style games.
  13. Sadly, it seems that Mortal Kombat servers died permanently.
  14. Good to know for those who still have work to do with downloadable content.
  15. I was playing for fun yesterday, so I can confirm that CoD: Ghosts servers are running just fine.