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  1. You two are right. I was playing yesterday and I tried to play against other people but I couldn't. So I came to this topic to see the list of "confirmed shutdowns" and since Mortal Kombat wasn't listed anywhere and the main thread was updated on June 17... well... that's why I said it.
  2. PS3, of course. There is only one game with that name. Although it is for PS3 and PSV I thought there would be no room for confusion. Here:
  3. I would say Persona 5, although I don’t have much to choose from, since you have almost no PS3 games... It looks like a fun game, though I've never been too drawn to anime-style games.
  4. Sadly, it seems that Mortal Kombat servers died permanently.
  5. Good to know for those who still have work to do with downloadable content.
  6. I was playing for fun yesterday, so I can confirm that CoD: Ghosts servers are running just fine.
  7. Hello everyone! I know you can delete or restore your profile linked to your PSN account (trophies) with the «Delete/Restore Profile» option through which you can delete all your PSN data & stats, among other things... but I am curious if you can delete your forum profile with all your forum stats, comments and whatever else you can do in the forum. I can not see that option when I manage my account settings.
  8. Naughty Dog shut down servers for Uncharted and The Last of Us last year on PS3. What I didn’t know is that you can still play coop according to your profile, since you have that other trophy. I thought that Buddy System was also unobtainable. Nice.
  9. I started the game this afternoon, folks! Whenever you want we can crush them all together! @steel6burgh @Folkenio 😁
  10. I also found useful information in the comments section here: Helldivers - PlayStation Blog It seems that one of the devs was replying to comments and clarifying doubts.
  11. Nice! I will try then. And thanks for letting me know about the community trophies. So... cross-buy, cross-play and cross-save... Cool! Thank you for the info. And maybe I will see you on the battlefield.
  12. Hello everyone! 🙂 How are the servers of this game currently? Is it still possible to get the platinum trophy?
  13. Hello everyone! 🙂 I want to play this game, but I don’t know if I can... I don't have a PS4 yet and the game doesn't appear in the store from my PS3, but it appears in the store from my phone with PS App or even with Safari. So, if I buy the game from my phone, will it appear later to download from the PS3 store? Since almost all the games I have are in physical format, I’m not sure how PS3 downloads work. 🤔 In my country the game has a discount and thanks to that I have discovered it. It seems fun, as it reminds me of games like Diablo or Dead Nation. 😍 Link: On the other hand, it seems that the game has cross-buy and cross-play between PS3, PS Vita and PS4 but, in what way? Does it mean that I can play from my PS3 with other players who play from PS Vita and PS4? Or does it only mean that the game is available on all three Sony platforms but separately? I don't know any PlayStation game that allows you to play from different platforms at the same time within the same game, but it would be great. 😌 I think Dust 514 was the last game I played, in 2012 or so, that could be played from different platforms within the same game. But that was a cross-play between PS3 and PC. Anyway, it doesn’t compare to what seems to happen at Helldivers, fortunately. 😏 Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice day. 😘
  14. Yeah, I already checked that PST is up again. Nice!