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  1. What’s you Abs, stability and traction control settings? Does that influence your overall speed?
  2. Same for the NA PS4 version. It seems only the vita lists have been submitted to the server so far.
  3. Anyone know what the release date is?
  4. With the new update, I can confirm that you need to get all the upgrade in order to get the trophy, even the one associated to the treasure hunts.
  5. Yes unfortunately you do (I can confirm). The positive thing is that with the new pep signal the heavy weapon masters are clearly faster! I'm really close (10K coins short) and I'm only at 32 hours total game time!
  6. Did anyone have issues with the shanked trophy guy not popping uo? I haven't been able to make him appear.
  7. Currently looking for a Clear Ball, Center Ball, Shot or Win certified item, can be any rarity. I have an ultra rare, 3 rares and 3 keys available to trade. I now have one, thanks
  8. I have 2 rare items I could trade you for a few crates. Add me is you still need some. I'm also looking for uncommons. I'll take you up on that offer if you still need it. Add me on psn
  9. Hey Guys, I was just wondering if any of you had issues with this trophy unlocking. I'm pretty sure I must have hit more than 5. Does it have to be in one life? Is the trophy guide for this accurate? I know some people had issues with this on vita but does it also happen on ps4 and if so, any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks