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  1. FYI -- I am the only plat achiever on this site since almost no one plays this, but believe it or not this might be my favorite game of the year. I think I put around 200 hours into it on hard mode. I had to intentionally relegate myself at the end to get some trophies I missed as I ascended through the leagues, but nothing was too difficult. This is a game that will appeal to less than 1% of people, but I found it really enjoyable. It's more of a strategy game that happens to be about soccer than a soccer game with strategy, so keep that in mind. The trophy mentioned in the first post is the hardest. I tried legitimately twice, replaying a season each time to try again. On the 3rd try, I lost the last tournament on PKs and decided I'd revert to a save...
  2. Is this standalone or part of the main campaign?
  3. Lots of good ideas here, and I'm just jumping in for a quick opinion, but the site would benefit greatly from some form of tips, whether that be tagged through trophies or some guidelines on forum threads to capture the information. The guides on this site are awesome, but many games don't have, and may never have, a full guide. My process for getting information is: Look for trophy guide If one doesn't exist, use other sites I would much rather stay in one place, but without a good option between "no info" and "fully formed guide" there are a lot of gaps.
  4. I'd like to request a header image for SOCCER: TACTICS & GLORY. PS4 game image located at: Header image NA game page is: Game page EU game page is: Game page
  5. I'm picking it up for support and there are so few Vita games left for me to play, but I wish it was something more complex. Should be fun either way.
  6. I must have played this for 7 hours total yesterday. I'm about 1/3 through my second season. I'm sure I'll start a second career once I figure everything out, maybe on hard mode. I have a passable knowledge of football (played some growing up and enjoy watching the World Cup) but I am a huge fan of tactics games, and this is the right balance of simulation and sport for me. The price is a bit steep for anyone on the fence, so I'd recommend waiting unless you are really certain, and if you are looking for something that is a play-by-play simulation of the real sport, this isn't that. Also, the game starts out extremely easy, so don't base too much on your first games. Once I played teams in my first cup or in the third league, it became more of a challenge. I won a game in the 90th minute by stealing possession and burying a bicycle kick (which I didn't know was in the game) on a cross and it was glorious.
  7. One of the developers looked into it, and it seems the console port has been delayed until February.
  8. Doesn't look like this is coming out this week despite being in the Playstation Drop. It would be a perfect game to mess around with during Thanksgiving.
  9. Thanks for the update. I was keeping an eye on this and didn't know the answer myself.
  10. The idea sounds interesting, but it sure seems like the games would take forever. I have only completed the tutorial so far. I'll probably just look to boost with someone.
  11. Pretty fortunate. I love this game, but the travel time could be improved.
  12. Nice list -- thumbs up for CSD 2 and Graveyard Keeper.
  13. Good info. This is really annoying, and I'm having to replay the ending an additional two times because I didn't realize the memories were not saving.
  14. Thanks -- it helped that it was the 3rd or 4th time I had played it, but I definitely had a couple moments where i had huge sections I couldn't figure out and thought it might be over! This game was a lot of fun, and it also had a lot more content in terms of large puzzles and hours.
  15. FYI - I ended up getting this on the middle puzzle on the last page (BAP113) in 67:17. Turns out you can't use the fix option when unlocking medals.