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  1. Nice list -- thumbs up for CSD 2 and Graveyard Keeper.
  2. Good info. This is really annoying, and I'm having to replay the ending an additional two times because I didn't realize the memories were not saving.
  3. Thanks -- it helped that it was the 3rd or 4th time I had played it, but I definitely had a couple moments where i had huge sections I couldn't figure out and thought it might be over! This game was a lot of fun, and it also had a lot more content in terms of large puzzles and hours.
  4. FYI - I ended up getting this on the middle puzzle on the last page (BAP113) in 67:17. Turns out you can't use the fix option when unlocking medals.
  5. Does anyone have a recommendation on the best puzzle to try and achieve this? It's the only trophy I have left, and since the puzzles can take an hour or more it's a bit of a pain. This is the one game in the series I have not seen solutions for online.
  6. Are there any missable trophies here? I want to jump into this but am willing to wait a bit if there are due to other games that are out.
  7. I would be interested to hear this broken down further one day. It could also be that additional steps are required to justify getting a platinum, and some developers aren't able or don't want to deal with them.
  8. Somewhat related question -- does it make the most sense from a progression standpoint to focus on completing the free runs first? I am trying some variants, but several of them have resulted in getting to level 99 of 100 and then getting stuck for a while without being able to kill the boss.
  9. I'll be picking this up. Adding mosaic puzzles was one of the things I had asked for in their next release, so I should support it. If anyone is into these types of puzzles, there is also a good site with several similar puzzles that I have been addicted to for the last year: Griddlers.net
  10. I played this on 360 and it is one of my favorite RPGs when it comes to combat and the puzzle building of the world map. I have no idea what the story is though.
  11. Any missables?
  12. Anyone have thoughts on whether this would be more difficult on Vita due to the controls and screen size, or is it irrelevant?
  13. Any tips on entering the mine? I take a torch with me, but it goes out once I'm inside, and I can't seem to find a way to light anything.
  14. I would be interested in adding some different types of puzzles, as long as they were all around the similar picture concept. I picked up a Conceptis book yesterday to have something to do at work when I have breaks. Larger puzzle sizes would be fun. The only other idea I have around a game hook is to have the individual pictures be a part of a broader mosaic that you uncover. Or perhaps scenes that you bring to life and then play out in a story. Not sure how feasible any of that is.
  15. I am really glad to have a picross game on PSN. I agree with some of the others as far as trophies go that speed runs are not the trophies I prefer. Breaking out the trophies by number of puzzles completed as you progress would be fine for me. It is cool that you were able to add a platinum trophy. Beyond that, I'm just looking for more puzzles. It would be cool if someone came up with a game play concept to wrap around picross, in the same way Puzzle Quest did with match-3s, but I am not sure what that would look like or whether it has been done in other games.