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  1. I played about an hour last night, and it's very simple so far, but I like it. Really beautiful game and the town building mechanic is always attractive to me.
  2. Curious if anyone is playing this? I picked it up before realizing that the achievements/trophies are broken on Steam and Xbox, so I am assuming the same will be true of this release. The game itself looks really interesting.
  3. I can't speak to glitched trophies, but nothing is missable. Everything is replayable.
  4. Had a 3-star today but did unlock my first car reward.
  5. Developers noted a patch is coming today, but unfortunately it doesn't mention anything related to the trophies. I've been keeping an eye on their Discord as well, and while they seem to indicate they will look at the issue, I don't have a lot of confidence that it will be fixed anytime soon. Hope I am wrong as I like the game quite a bit.
  6. The new Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is pretty good. It's combat/chain matching where the blocks move both on a slow timer and also when you move on the screen.
  7. There is no online, and purchasing the game gives you access to the PS4 and PS5 versions. Not sure if you can start a save on PS4 and carry over to PS5.
  8. FYI -- I went back and leveled 2 more young animals to 3 hearts and this popped. Not sure how I could have gotten so many mature animals without this, but it worked.
  9. This trophy is: Tier 1 animals reach maximum happiness: 5 I have 8-10 max heart, mature animals positioned around items they like. I have the other animal care trophies except this one. Do these have to be taken from "young" to mature? I can't imagine at least 4 of mine were not. My badge tracker says I only have 3.
  10. I'd say average. It's not really difficult as every round is winnable. The wave based mode takes a little bit of quickness is all as far as finding which cards to uncover from the stacks.
  11. I got the platinum in about 4 hours. The only trophies that are a challenge at all are the wave 10 and 15 trophies. Use your special cards as much as possible to add time to the counter (even if you don't need them) and it shouldn't be too bad. Took me 3-4 attempts. I wish the game was longer -- it's a lot of fun.
  12. Played about 30 minutes and between the art style (which I love) and the music, this game has a really out of place feel to it. Not at all a bad thing -- makes me think of Jet Set Radio. Definitely hits that early to mid-2000s feel.
  13. Any thoughts on number of playthroughs? I see at least one trophy that appears to have two outcomes.
  14. I played the original and am also finding it really easy as a Vanguard. I recall the Matriarch giving me a lot of trouble in the first game, so we'll see, but so far I wouldn't believe it's insanity if I didn't set it myself.
  15. Sorry -- that was really bad and unintentional