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  1. Played about 30 minutes and between the art style (which I love) and the music, this game has a really out of place feel to it. Not at all a bad thing -- makes me think of Jet Set Radio. Definitely hits that early to mid-2000s feel.
  2. Any thoughts on number of playthroughs? I see at least one trophy that appears to have two outcomes.
  3. I played the original and am also finding it really easy as a Vanguard. I recall the Matriarch giving me a lot of trouble in the first game, so we'll see, but so far I wouldn't believe it's insanity if I didn't set it myself.
  4. Sorry -- that was really bad and unintentional
  5. I'm interested but waiting to see some impressions. Could be fun or could be fairly dry.
  6. I'm enjoying it. The only thing I would say is it's much more geared around the collection and badge component of AC than it is customizing your home and island. It lines up more with what I like with these games.
  7. You shouldn't need to -- just stating that mine came at the start of the game if that helps with figuring it out. Draw a walk with the first batter of an inning (offline or online).(This trophy is not awarded if completed in a local multiplayer game, franchise mode, MTO, practice mode, using a save file, or by switching teams.)
  8. I've not had any issues, but mine was to start a game. I initially thought that was a requirement, but it shouldn't be.
  9. I'm always incredibly bummed about how bad these games look now but still tempted. I fell off Light of Hope, so I should probably try that again first unless there are significant changes in this one.
  10. I'm following their Discord to see when they start to address some of the issues. Seems like a lot of people still are having problems losing their chips even though the stability is improving. Anyone have thoughts on "Win the PCC Showdown Finale" in terms of difficulty?
  11. Crazy that it is taking this long. Game keeps going on sale, and I want to get it, but not until they fix this.
  12. Interested in more feedback on the stability as well as trophies. This sounds really cool with the haptic feedback, but I'm looking for a relaxing poker game without a lot of online grinding.
  13. I played them all until the very end when I was grinding tournament trophies that I had missed. If you sim it can probably be done a lot quicker, especially once you get some decent players.
  14. Just wanted to say thanks as well. I've had this on the backburner the last 5-6 months, checking in occasionally, and I couldn't come close to 250. Once I used this link for Torn formations, I got my remaining trophies in 2-3 minutes.
  15. FYI -- I am the only plat achiever on this site since almost no one plays this, but believe it or not this might be my favorite game of the year. I think I put around 200 hours into it on hard mode. I had to intentionally relegate myself at the end to get some trophies I missed as I ascended through the leagues, but nothing was too difficult. This is a game that will appeal to less than 1% of people, but I found it really enjoyable. It's more of a strategy game that happens to be about soccer than a soccer game with strategy, so keep that in mind. The trophy mentioned in the first post is the hardest. I tried legitimately twice, replaying a season each time to try again. On the 3rd try, I lost the last tournament on PKs and decided I'd revert to a save...