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  1. I can confirm that you don't need Internet to get trophies...I'm still working on the Tank Zapper trophy.I did a one sitting for the 5k kill trophy and it pop at LV 261.Now I was noticing and curious of how many tanks you get every 10 rnds...and it looks like you get 10-12 tanks...I already played 700 rnds meaning that makes it around 750-800 tanks kills atm.
  2. good one PSNProfiles,i like horsies lol
  3. Aalicia Aalicia lol:)
  4. I found out the same way and was wondering for days why my percentage went down? Your right no news yet but it is showing what packs are coming out.
  5. Don't mind giving 5 bucks to the developers...but it is good news for people that are in a tight budget.
  6. Heavy Rain: Stuck trying to get True Endings Trophy Toy Story 3: Couldn't find last capsule lol Fallout 3: Couldn't find Radio Tower in the beginning lol...yes I know I can look on YouTube or buy the guide.Will play it one day again:)
  7. Yes is a Round disc/chip that's how you get trophy.I thought the same but I didn't have a round one so I went to Toys R Us and bought some...yes some...they were or still on sale.Second baggy was 1dollar...and figures were or still buy one get next 50% off.
  8. Wow!!! I like some of the games people are putting up like Harvest Moon and Kingdom Hearts. The one I like to see is Fatal Frame HD Collection!!
  9. Easy money...didn't thought of strawberry milk...thanks.Only thing is you have to watch your RP:)