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  1. Not just "little experience", the other person needs to hold their own not just in racing games but motorcycle games, the 2 riders you need to select to get the trophy are awful, speacially the one who rides the black bike. The track is very technical, is not easy as Le Mans or BRNO, is COTA, and to add salt to injury the 6 CPU riders are the very best, Rossi, Duvizioso, Lorenzo, Perdrosa, etc. Playing on easy is almost as playing on normal. I'm playing with a friend who plays need for speed games only and this game is handing his ass back to him. I pretty much have to ask another friend who I doubt is that much better than the other, the question would be how fast can he learn toplay game so I can get a better chance at this.
  2. Here is a late reply to this but it got me the trophy on the 1st try. Build a new quad but don't select those +1 or +2 parts, also don't select neither enduro or sprint for the sprocket kit, use the stock/standart one, the reason is the game amps up the difficulty when you install upgrades. Build a somewhat fast quad, after that replay the tutorial (press square on the first option preloading) that will cause a glitch to make the AI easier, then select stage 1 Glamis and build up your boost. Stop before the last lap in front of the finish line and let all racers overtake you, after that you just gotta be fast enough and know your way around the track.
  3. I chose williams because ferrari, red bull and mclaren would be battling to get the top places and they would alternate positions and points, I tried racing as red bull and every race Button or Lewis were second and third respectively granting their team 32 points every race in the first 4 tracks, making the constructor championship unobtainable because I will.never catch them at this pace. Alonso was always on top 5, massa never finished above 10th, button and lewis always one of the got a podium finish, vettel as well but webber most of times finished below 5th, that manageable because the points get more distributed and even, not like one top team always finishes second. Also I played career mode as williams, I pretty much knew how the car handled.
  4. Thx man
  5. Just reinstalled the game and switched the copies ps3 A is using copy 2 and ps3 B is using copy 1. Worked fine and I was able to get both drivers and constructor trophues solo, chose williams and made sure vettel and webber didnt finish 2nd and 3rd respectively.
  6. Yeah, this was the hardest f1 on ps3 for me, even harder than 2010, I kept sliding on every track at some point, the curbs mostly make you spin and the brakes still lock even with ABS on. I've heard the coop was glitched if you played in easy mode, I tryed going on intermediate but the difficulty spiked way too much, it was like playing on hard. I did it solo with 2 ps3s and 2 copies on easy, glad it worked.
  7. I have 2 consoles 2 copies of the game, is it manageable to boost this or not?
  8. No but I found out I was having incompatibility issues, now I'm self boosting but when I reach sepang (2nd circuit) it keeps loading infinitely and I always disconects one of the ps3's stoping me from progressing through the online chanpionship, I think its something wrong about my disc because the track doesnt load properly, its just a black void I still can race on it tho.
  9. I can't join anyone, can't find public sessions, can't play online basically, I tryied accepting a friend's invite but the game just sits on the accept invites screen and does nothing. I have the disk blus version.
  10. @helloImDthanks for clearing that up, cheers.
  11. What seems to be the problem with this game? I plan to start this platinum soon enough. Anything related to the online portion of the game?
  12. This game nearly pissed me off, I'm happy to be done with this. It "glitched" on me too but in the end was just my lack of attention to which biker I had already played as. My copy is european, just to clarify things. After racing with all the bikers normally and not getting trophy, I decided to start from scratch and try again. Won all 3 championships, unlocked everyone and decided to go for the split-screen mode since it can be set to 1 lap. SPLIT SCREEN RACES DID NOT COUNT FOR ME. Then I decided to just take a bite of that shit sandwich and go for 3 lap championship/single race on my backed up save and to my surprise by the 4th racer I got the trophy. I wouldn't risk arcade mode because the split screen part is half mp half arcade mode, might not work. Didn't wanna risk it.
  13. I can play single online races just fine but when I'm trying the online championship, it crashes and kicks me out of the game instantly when loading the second race. Once I was able to trigger the loading screen but I think it softlocked. Its the European disc version.
  14. About the multiplayer trophies. No, you can't get them split screen, you only get the split screen trophy (obviously) and the ones about playing a certain mode if you're playing the game for the first time.
  15. I just completed it and can say this game is below average, it's bad, but not trash. pros has some cool levels, using the robot parts feels somewhat fun, kinda like lego games has some coop elements (I played it alone with 2 controllers, even though it lacks a bit more of puzzle solving in coop, its just to get the collectibles, not mandatory to clear the levels) the platinum is easy and short, in case you want to recommend this game to someone who may get into trophy hunting. cons platforms are unclear where you need to jump sometimes (mostly in the beginning, the latter levels are pretty straightforward) the jump controls and the rocket boots are inconsistent, sometimes they work, sometimes you fall off the ledges because it doesn't register you pressing the X button or you don't go higher enough to reach the platforms when using the rocket boots. boring combat, its just mash R2 to shoot everyone and sometimes beat the robots with fists (the red robots and those pesky little spiked purple deviants at the end) it felt to me during some parts (mostly bosses) there is no hint of what to do, the first boss had me spending half an hour to get through about the story, its a kids game. Save the galaxy from evil robots, basic stuff. I would only recommend this for the easy platinum.