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  1. I can't seem to find any trophy with a "online related" description. The only one that has a vague description is "You really got me", so what is the deal here?
  2. I read here something about server shutdown, ac brotherhood and lots of other games on the list, but there is no specified date, so I would lile to know if the servers still work
  3. Thanks for all the replies, going to boost this game early this year, this game is kinda buggy sometimes and is one of Ubisoft oldest games on ps3 so, not going to take any risks with this since it's in my backlog already.
  4. There is no engine noises using the inside car camera, but when I hold triangle to look back suddenly the sound comes off, but only lasts while I am holding the triangle button, what is the deal here?
  5. Thx for answering, judging by the trophies I think its safe to say this is the hardest gh I've ever seen.
  6. The ultimate edition does come with ounslath mode, what else? Is in-disc content or voucher?
  7. Thank you for the answer.
  8. If I wanted to boost this, how many players does it need to start a match?
  9. I got the trophy just now, me and my friend, so it's possible with 2 players, Unseen map, 5 minutes and 40 kills limit, the trophy popped after the 31st kill.
  10. I'm seeing there are no online trophies also, which is a good thing for me, but does it have those pesky glitches preventing you to get all trophies normally? What is the deal with this game?
  11. Thanks man.
  12. I completed all modes except nymhc 2 months ago, but havent touched this game until last week where I began trying this mode. Bold of me to assume this was going to be "not that hard" only to be killed because I was dumb and didn't practice during this time away from the game. Fail 1: Reached chapter 4, in the chop shop part, a guy from the door on the right surprized me and put my LMS skills to test, succeeded but only to be killed by a second guy, with no painkillers left to LMS.( I kinda knew an enemy came from that spot, but didnt remember, and the game threw 2 of the at me) Fail 2: Chapter 3, 2nd bleachers section, after exiting the elevator alone, enemies decided to go COD World at war at me and throw 2 grenades in a time spam of less than 3 seconds, manage to dodge the first one but not the second. Fail 3: Chapter 14, everything was going flawlessly, well, not that good, I managed to get to the train before Becker, but wasted time at the cemetery because passos glitched out and didn't cover me at all, I waited for 3 minutes there, damaging greatly my run and forced me to rush for the rest of the game, since I was in a hurry, I made mistakes and used way too many PK's, reached the train without them, with barely 1 minute on the clock, wasted time searching for PK's on the train, didnt found them, panicked, timed out. Fail 4: Chapter 5, that open area with the containers and the forklift, before the actual docks, there's this forklift that has a gas tank on it, I was trying to shoot a guy behind a container and shot the gas tank blowing me up instantly. (Seriously, that thing when I was playing the campaing would not blow up when I wanted even shooting an entire clip at it, seemed random). Fail 5: Amazing fail... For Becker and Rodrigo, I DID IT, with 10 minutes on the clock. This run started not that good but at chapter 6 I was a beast and pretty much nailed flawlessly every part beyond that, at Becker' fight, I destroyed one jeep, killed the guys already at the hangar, destroyed the police car before it pulled over, shot the grenades mid-air, the last guy left cover in front of me, I noticed this and started shaking, sweating, adrenaline rushed, it was now or never, I had never felt like this since my playstation 1 days, bullet time, shot him, had to reload, when I reloaded Max went back to cover to reload again, NOW IT'S NOT THE TIME FOR THINGS LIKE THIS TO HAPPEN. I feared another grenade from Becker, tried to be calm, still shaking shot him in small burst instead, then the kill cam kicked in, I was nervous but stopped shaking, shot the last becker grenade obliteraring his ass into oblivion. To make sure I did not screw the last part I used bullet time like hell there, and almost got that trophy where you have to destroy everthing on the runway.
  13. I beat commando playing a capcom shooting classic back on the playstation 1, got lucky and completed in a few tries, but gun smoke has been the bane of my existence, I've never got past the 5th level untill last week, got trophy and quit after dying over and over at the indian boss battle. The itens you lose are one of each category at the time, you die and lose one boot, one gun and one bullet, almost every checkpoint has a few of these power ups, if you die before getting those itens, you lose the others you have in stock, be careful not to lose all your boots in later leves, walking slow past the 3rd level is a death sentence.
  14. It glitched for me too, the last one I got was that at the end of the hall in inverted chapter 3. I got it and waited 10 seconds on the spot, no trophy, so I went to the trophy menu in-game, there it was, no trophy but the menu said all 20 trophies unlocked, I scrolled all the way down to the picture and instantly the trophy popped. I was playing offline, not connected to the psn in case you guys wanna try it.
  15. I read that and thought they meant online, I tested a couple of houra ago, no one was playing tho but no error messages neither server announcements about closure, Going to try with 6 people tho, if ubisoft founds out no one is playing this game they provably shutting down with no warning whatsoever
  16. I heard people saying that using the time advancing exploit only works on the physical version of the game, is that true?
  17. Deathmatch I can't guarantee if juggernaut is there but Team DM is where I did kills with it, and you can select jugg only when the session is locked (the host already hit start and the lobby is on countdown) btw the vehicle you unlock beatting twisted gold is Wathog, not juggernaut, jugg is tier 3 unlock, only possible when u reach level 28
  18. Yes, Play disconnected from the psn, quit and launch the game before you try the "qlock mode" and the autosave logo will stay on the screen way longer actually saving your score, if this still doesnt work for you keep quitting the game and going back in until it registers a time.
  19. I heard rumours about some game modes being disabled, I dont have this have this game but I would lile to play it on the ps4, but I know lots of friends who have this title and would like to know what is the deal and if these rumoura are true or not. Thx
  20. If I play a co-op game and I die but my partner does not during the Death Test of Faith, does he get the trophy?
  21. Save hacking should be used only if you did the requirements for the trophy like 3 or 4 times and still doenst pop for you. All your friends have it, people online have it but it glitched for yOu and you didnt get it. Will you do a fifth time? No obviously, its fucking boring. Specially if its a really grindy and tedious trophy like that "1000 diamonds" one from far cry 2. What you should do? Get all the other trophies legit and save hack the fuck out of that game. Other than that is if you had the save file but ended up corrupting it somehow, you dont want to go through all the game again, just grab a save from a friend, and hack so it can be yours and you can continue where you left of( sorta) Youre not taking advantage that way, you are just geting a fair chance to finish whatever game youre trophy hunting and be happy about it, so you can play different games and dont have to waste your time playing the campaing again. Trophies are just memories like BIOHAZARD R US said, u dont get rewards like xbox live and if my hd goes to shit or my system starts overheating because I left it on overnight to get that stupid "my kung fu is stronger" trophy on MK9, could eventually shut off any game Im playing, nobody is going to pay for the damages but me, so this shouldnt be a reason not to save hack. I guess it fits in the fair use category.
  22. Ok thanks again, but I still need those instruments because I have only a guitar and a mic and there are instruments specific trophies
  23. Can I have a lobby with 8 different players each one owning an instrument or does it need to be 2 players with the full band, also can it be 8 guitars (kinda like Bang Camaro) or repeat the instruments?
  24. Thanks guys, looks like I need to buy a drum kit and another guitar to het this done.
  25. I did about 280 slingshot kills and no trophy, did 250 sword kills and no trophy, way more than 25 wins vs 3 players team and still no trophy, is there a specific mode where the trophies dont pop?